7-inch commercial lcd: 5 Trending Applications in 2021

What is 7-inch commercial lcd?

7-inch commercial lcd is a modern technology that has received a lot of attention from users who love display technology. What advantages does this monitor line possess that receive such attention? Along with us learn through the article below.

Table of contents of commercial lcd

  • What is lcd Backlit Display?
  • Also, lcd Backlit screen series
  • Edge-Lit. Display
  • Furthermore, RGB lcd Display
  • Moreover, Wlcd
  • In addition, Advantages of lcd Backlit screen
  • Also, Disadvantages of lcd Backlit screen

What is lcd Backlit Display?

lcd Backlit screen is an LCD screen that integrates lcd Backlit technology in its design. Basically, the lcd Backlit LCD screen acts as a backlit screen. But designed so that the light of the backlight lcds can pass through that shield and display with high light quality, giving images with very good resolution.

What is lcd Backlit Display?

  • Backlit lcd screens are often common on products such as TVs, laptops, etc.
  • lcd Backlit screen series
  • Below are some common types of lcd Backlit screenscommon in display products.

1. 7-inch commercial lcd Edge-Lit. Display

7-inch commercial lcd is a light screen that is projected from the back of the screen edge, the light common is white lcd or El-Wlcd. This is the most common form of Backlit screen today. It is popular thanks to the low cost of the material, with the built-in special diffuser, the light will cover the entire screen.

7-inch medical lcd

Instead of having to mount Edge-Lit on all four edges of the screen as traditionally, today's technology only needs to be mounted on one edge to give super-quality projection effect.

2. RGB commercial lcd

Like the Edge-L it screens, however, the lcd common here is the basic 3-color RGB line that replaces the white lcd. Also, the entire liquid crystal panel will be covered by RGB lcds, the light is created from a combination of R - G - B colors. The advantage of this screen line is that it displays more bright colors, more color gamut and much more accurate than 7-inch commercial lcd.

However, the price is an obstacle for the popular development of this screen line. For example, an HP Dream Color LP2490ZX monitor using RGB lcd Backlit technology has an average price of $ 3500 with a thickness of about 2.25 inches. Also, As for the Samsung PX2370 screen using Wlcd, the price is only about $ 300 with a thickness of 0.6 inches.

3. Wlcd 7-inch commercial lcd

The Wlcd Backlit display has the same layout as the RGB lcd display, but the shadows covering the Panel are Wlcd bulbs. Wlcd technology is very popular for use in high-quality HDTV screen TVs.

Advantages of lcd Backlit. screen

Advantages Description
Color display The display color of the lcd Backlit screen is rated with brighter, more beautiful and more stable colors with higher contrast levels than other monitors.
Colors Conventional monitors only display about 72 – 102% of the NTSC color range. Meanwhile, the RGB lcd screen can display with 114%. The display color gamut is higher, the true quality is also improved better.
Quality and price Ultra-thin lcd Backlit screen lines almost all use Wlcd bulbs - Both can meet the requirements of product price reduction while still being able to ensure the best image quality.
Energy saving lcd product lines all possess low power consumption, optimize power consumption and minimize heat generated during use.
Effects when using lcd display products do not contain hazardous substances according to ROHS standards and are completely recyclable.

Disadvantages of 7-inch commercial lcd

lcd backlit screen is 7-inch commercial lcd, and if it is not integrated with lcd technology, the screen will produce a large amount of blue light, affecting the viewer's visual experience.

Just now is some basic information about lcd Backlit screen - The line of LCD screens with lcd technology application brings great advantages when common.

What is portable 7-inch commercial lcd?

Portable lcd screen is a line of lcd screens that can be flexible in installation and move with easy disassembly and installation at any location that customers want. Also, unlike conventional lcd screens, when installed, they will be fixed on the wall or indoor and outdoor locations, the mobile lcd screen will not be constrained by space or mounting position. Also, Customers can choose a very flexible placement in the allowed space.

7-inch medical lcd 2021

Portable commercial lcd series

Currently, we are providing diverse lines of mobile lcd screens with the purposes and needs of customers. Some lines of mobile lcd screens that are receiving a lot of attention can be mentioned below:

What is indoor portable lcd display?

Indoor 7-inch commercial lcd are usually small and medium sized lcd screens, serving basic projection needs in narrow and not too large spaces.

Indoor portable lcd display serves several purposes such as:

  1. Show movies in the family

Indoor portable lcd screens can easily replace conventional TVs and projectors thanks to their high definition and diverse sizes to help customers easily "satisfy" their entertainment needs with "art of art". Saturday afternoon". Experiencing blockbuster 3D movies with epic effects is what indoor lcd screens can easily deliver.

  1. Serving indoor stages and halls

Portable 7-inch commercial lcd can be easily installed in indoor stages and halls. The flexibility of this lcd screen line is very well demonstrated with the fact that it can be arranged at any location in the stage to serve the audience's monitoring needs. Moreover, From the stage wings to the necessary positions in the hall, everyone can become the "focus" position with a portable stage lcd screen.

3. 7-inch commercial lcd Meeting room

One of the most stressful environments for all employees in the company besides the restroom is the meeting room. Shadows, projection size up and down, and problems arising from classic projectors can be completely solved with a portable meeting room lcd screen of the right size.


Different from the purpose of normal image projection with indoor space, outdoor lcd screen mainly serves the following purposes:


The use of a mobile lcd screen will bring much more attention efficiency.

Besides, it is possible to easily arrange mobile lcd screens on mobile vehicles such as cars. In Western countries, moving outdoors with the installation of mobile lcd screens has brought very positive communication effects to businesses.


5 ways to use 10.1-inch industrial lcd in 2021

Introduction of 10.1-inch industrial lcd system

10.1-inch industrial lcd

Nowadays education becomes more and more necessary, 10.1-inch industrial lcd are common to connect faculty and students in many ways. Thanks to the easy access and multifunctionality of this technology, more and more educational institutes have installed online meeting systems to meet their needs. Here are some ways video conferencing aids learning.

1. Distance learning through video conferencing technology

Distance learning seems to be quite difficult, but with online meeting solution, everything becomes easier. Also, Students who are far away can study together as if they were right next to each other and discuss various topics. With proper instruction, this technology can be easily learned and set up in the classroom.

5 ways to use 10.1-inch industrial lcd system in the classroom 1

Using 10.1-inch industrial lcd, it offers more benefits than using whiteboards in teaching. Instructors can use images, lectures and other things from the internet to increase the level of interaction with students, allowing them to have real experiences.

2. Using AV technology to replace conventional boards

The transformation of the digital era has greatly contributed to improving work efficiency, upgrading the accuracy of communication systems, reducing risks and enhancing the user experience. Also, this writing is patient.

However, the methods of exchanging information between patients and doctors are still mainly based on manual updating through bulletin boards and information cards stuck on the door of the ward, which leads to overcrowding. Moreover, in the work of doctors and nurses, further increasing the risk of information errors or delays is minimal.

Digital paper technology 10.1-inch industrial lcd system lcd

This is a new solution that has just been launched in the US market, allowing to bring electronic boards to many hospitals without worrying about light pollution in this 21st century.

Furthermore, the characters that easy to display on the screen technology are called "E-Ink digital paper" instead of the typical LCD screen technology commonly found in TVs.

Unlike LCD, this screen is based on digital paper technology. This does not emit light on its own. Hence, it makes the patient unaffected during sleep.

2/ Notice in front of the patient's door

The 10.1-inch industrial lcd comes in front of the ward can connect wirelessly to the hospital system or connect to the equipment of the Industrial lcd system, thus making the update accurate and timely. real time. These bulletin boards can be configured arbitrarily to provide reminders for patients.

Such as restricting access to visiting patients, causing allergic sensitization or medical prevention, thereby creating Nurses and doctors know the condition before visiting. However, On the other hand, it makes it easier for doctors to confirm and exchange information with their caregivers.

Outstanding advantages of industrial lcd system:

  • Easy to install – as simple as mounting a picture on the wall
  • Also, Energy common – no wiring required
  • Moreover, Information is always visible and easy to read, even during power outages.
  • However, Long battery life
  • In addition, No light pollution
  • Also, 3/ Notice right next to the hospital bed

Data analysis process of 10.1-inch industrial lcd


In addition, a push button to call for help from the nurse and response time easy to integrate into this device to optimize the data analysis process later.

  1. Easy to install – as simple as mounting a picture on the wall
  2. Also, Energy common – no wiring required
  3. Moreover, Information is always visible and easy to read, even during power outages.
  4. However, Long battery life
  5. In addition, No light pollution
  6. 4/ Patient communication board

 Follow up care with 10.1-inch industrial lcd system lcd

Like the two models above, the patient-specific communication board can connect to the hospital or the device of the Industrial lcd system.

Moreover, it makes the update quick and true in real time. The device easy to locate inside the patient's room and intends to be a portal of communication between the patient and the care team.

The communication board is responsible for showing the patient's daily schedule and will quickly update the schedule if there is a change. This allows the patient and their loved ones to stay informed and at the same time the care team can confirm the patient's follow-up care.

The 10.1 inch industrial lcd supports multiple languages: patients can choose their native language for improved communication and medical safety.

Additional options of 10.1-inch industrial lcd system lcd:

  • always Collect patient feedback on pain severity.
  • Displays date, time, weather and related information to help patients feel connected to the outside world, avoiding negative emotions and boredom.
  • Provide information about the patient's discharge schedule so that the patient and their family know to have the best preparation.
  • Display information about prescriptions and treatment regimens that the patient is receiving.
  • Patients can receive messages from their family by logging into the Industrial lcd system.
  • In the event of an emergency, the device switches to displaying important messages

Useful information about industrial lcd system:

The digital paper does not emit any light on its own which means that the patient will not be disturbed at rest and at bedtime.
10.1-inch industrial lcd 2021

Once the board connects to the Industrial lcd system, caregivers don't need to manually update them multiple times a day. Moreover, it improves both productivity and allowing the care team to focus on patients rather than administrative tasks.

The navigation panel of 10.1-inch industrial lcd is not complex. Moreover, it always works even when the power is out and can be easily read from any angle.

10.1-inch industrial lcd system is Light weight

This board consumes significantly less power than LCD devices and moreover it is suitable where sustainability is concerned.

The device allows updating in unclean environments and is easy to disinfect.

5/ Compose documents in a digital way

Editing documents on a digital platform provides writers with the same real-life experiences as on regular paper with the convenience of a digital document manager.

The 10.1-inch industrial lcd application is easy to connect to the hospital's Industrial lcd system in real time. This helps to two-way update patient information and medical forms or notes.

Side information of industrial lcd system:

Like the experience of writing on traditional paper.

The screen does not emit light on its own which means that the device is pleasant to look at.

Very light and sturdy, unlike traditional tablets, these devices won't get damaged if you accidentally drop them.

Long battery life

The rugged design makes the product capable of long-term use in the medical industry and moreover easy to clean and disinfect periodically.


Why should we use 5-inch POS lcd in retail business?

Introduction of 5-inch POS lcd

5-inch POS lcd: more forms and ways to reach customers with different forms of display. Among them, it is impossible not to mention display on pos.

Although it is small, it is martial – when the screens are not too large, it is possible to make the most of the time when customers sit in the car watching ads and focus more on the content being displayed on the screen.

If your business is looking to change the form of display and want to reach more customers. Then do not miss our article below!

What is a 5-inch POS lcd?

This is like other forms of display, using eye-catching content to reach closer to viewers and customers. The pos lcd screen is a small LCD screen, usually installed right behind the front row.

5-inch POS lcd

They are able to help people behind to observe and view content during travel. Businesses have taken advantage of this to advertise on vehicles such as taxis, display in spaces on buses...

The main features of the 5-inch POS lcd

With this new form of display, it has indispensable features such as:

  • The screens are installed right behind the front row so viewers can easily observe
  • Compact and delicate design should be suitable for all car models.
  • Create a very modern car overall
  • The player can advertise TVC segments in different forms: images, videos, games or music
  • Thanks to technology and artificial intelligence AI, cloud power technology,
  • the installed screen can identify passengers and broadcast useful information, according to interests and needs.
  • The principle of operation of the 5-inch POS lcdis the same as that of other types of Lcd and LED screens. It is broadcast on a specific frequency/day.
  • Interactive display with Lcd screens on pos, taxis

Why should you use pos lcd screens?

Since appearing on the market until now, pos lcd screens have quickly dominated and are chosen by many businesses and highly appreciated. With the outstanding features mentioned above, this type of display screen has enhanced the customer experience more enjoyable than ever.

reasons for you to feel secure in choosing to use pos lcd screens:

The time while on the move is the "golden time" for businesses to reach the best customers with attractive display content on the screen.

When using display screens on 5-inch POS lcd, businesses can easily measure the effectiveness of the campaign

Can change display content flexibly, quickly avoid boredom and right at the right time with the display campaign content that businesses want.

The number of screens that can be installed is very large, so the brand coverage is extremely strong.

Competition in the market

The competitive pressure in the market is so great that businesses must always find new solutions. Any industry in today's market is inevitably exposed to the risk of being fired if you do not create an image of yourself in the minds of customers. That is also the reason why we often see ads everywhere.

Display is considered as an important method to maintain the life of an organization, people can easily see ads such as: on roads, buildings, shops, on media sites. e-commerce, to the open fields we can still see them. It can be affirmed that if you want to have a successful business, you cannot separate display.

What is 5-inch POS lcd display screen?

The device has many outstanding features compared to ordinary screens. There are two popular types on the market today: vertical and wall-mounted.

  1. High quality LCD display screen

Why do we say that 5-inch POS lcd are a tool to help businesses improve their competitive position?

Eye-catching 5-inch POS lcd

Display content is very important, whether customers really pay attention to you or not depends on all that you show. It will be more attractive between a display screen with many colors, lights, alternating video and a large passive poster.

It is because of this that the message you convey through the dedicated digital screen will make an impression on the customers. They will follow longer and inadvertently remember your brand image in their mind. Thereby can evaluate you have been successful in your communication problem.

Display quality of 5-inch POS lcd

Relying on technological advancements helps us to ensure high quality presented content. The image displayed on the high-definition optical screen is evaluated to be quite good, clear, and the color is according to the original standard. Compared to some other display technologies, the image of this device will not be distorted at many different viewing angles. This feature is very suitable when applied to outdoor display. Viewers can clearly see the content at many different intersections while still maintaining the quality of the projected image.


2. high quality LCD display screen of 5-inch POS lcd

Slideshow content

Just pre-installed, the displayed content will be as you expect. This technology helps businesses feel simpler when there are many changes in current and future communication campaigns.

Outstanding display screen projects of 5-inch POS lcd

Differentiate from the competition
5-inch LCD manufacturing

Between a dedicated screen and a regular screen or a large poster hanging on the street, there will be many differences, and if your business is willing to invest in a modern technology digital screen system, it will bring many highlights, setting you apart from the competition.

Just imagine, if you are faced with the above display style, which one will you be attracted to? That is also the reason why your business needs to invest in this issue.


Up to the present time, the number of businesses using 5-inch POS lcd is not much. However, this form of display in the world has been favored by many businesses and has positive reviews. As a business, you need to grasp the trend and lead, bring something new and different, which is success.

It is the best time to bring modern small lcd small screens in your business. Let your customers enjoy the taste of modern technology.


7-inch medical lcd: How to operate user-interface easily?

10.1-inch industrial lcd
Instructions on how to use the following 7-inch medical lcd properly to get accurate measurement results, health status, control blood pressure diseases.

How to use a blood pressure lcd?

There are two types of blood pressure lcds: electronic sphygmomanometers and mechanical sphygmomanometers (hand pump). With the line of electronic blood pressure lcds, it is divided into blood pressure display in the upper arm and wrist blood pressure display. Here's how to use each type of machine.

How to use a blood pressure lcd?

Using a mechanical sphygmomanometer is not as easy as an electronic sphygmomanometer, when using it requires some manual pumping.

Instructions on how to use the following 7-inch medical lcd properly to get accurate measurement results, lcd health status, control blood pressure diseases.

How to use a blood pressure 7-inch medical lcd?

There are two types of blood pressure display: electronic sphygmomanometers and mechanical sphygmomanometers (hand pump). With the line of electronic blood pressure display, it is divided into blood pressure display in the upper arm and wrist blood pressure lcds. Here's how to use each type of machine.

How to use a blood pressure lcd?

Using a mechanical sphygmomanometer is not as easy as an electronic sphygmomanometer, when using it requires some manual pumping.

How to use a home blood pressure lcd

Before measuring: You must sit comfortably, place your hand at the level of your heart, and sit comfortably. Place the cuff around the arm, the cuff is not too tight, not too loose.

Place the side of the stethoscope under the cuff, on the edge of the arm. Use the combined stethoscope bell to detect the sound clearly.

Take the measurement, inject air into the cuff by squeezing the bulb. Make sure the air regulator valve is closed.

Open the air regulator valve to release air or release cuff pressure gradually Record the readings on the dial.

End of measurement: Based on measurement results or completion, open the air regulator valve to release all remaining air and pressure in the air bag. Remove the cuff from the arm.

See more articles: How to accurately measure blood pressure at home

How to use an electronic blood pressure lcd?

7-inch medical lcd is manufactured by advanced and modern technology, so blood pressure measurement is completely automatic, simple and easy blood pressure measurement operation.

Even an arm or wrist electronic blood pressure lcd can also be common according to the basic steps below

How to measure with an electronic blood pressure 7-inch medical lcd at home

Answer the question Drinking sugar water is good for people with low blood pressure?

Preparing to measure: Users need to check the battery, check the cuff, sit comfortably, relax... For wrist blood pressure lcds, wear the cuff on the wrist, and the type in the upper arm position, wear it on the corn hand.

10.1-inch industrial lcd 2021

Start measuring: Press the STAR button on the meter, the machine starts to inflate the cuff, the display starts to show the numbers, when the machine is inflated enough the meter will automatically turn off and the cuff will start to deflate. Measurement results will be displayed on the 7-inch medical lcd.

2. Standing 7-inch medical lcd

For large chain stores, with many medical screens to manage, LG and Samsung both have suitable solutions, helping to manage medical screens remotely, from controlling the screen on and off, setting show schedule, create content...

Usually hotels, spas and supermarkets will choose a stand screen to place in the lobby or outside the door. The screen has wheels for convenient movement. Easy to use, can be managed via wifi or use USB to push content to the screen.

5 ways to help 7-inch medical lcd attract customers.

Today, not difficult to see the system 7-inch medical lcd graft in the business center. However, the retail industry is not the only industry that uses their benefits, but other industries such as education, health care, airports, finance, transportation, etc. also apply this solution.

This type of digital medical screen helps create an impressive big screen experience in the eyes of viewers. They are easy to update and use the various information presented to the user.

So, how do you use video walls to deliver impactful messages to your customers and get the most out of your investment? Here are five ways to help you get the most out of them.

Choose the right place to install 7-inch medical lcd

What is the square scene you need to fill? How much ambient light is there? Will it be recessed or straight on the wall? These are the factors that will influence the choice of where to deploy a lcd display system and ensure that this display technology is the right choice.

Collaboration with system integrators

System integrators will make sure your 7-inch medical lcd properly deployed and you can get the most out of it. From conceptualization to final implementation, a good integrator provides end-to-end support.

Define and understand your goals

Using a lcd display solution simply because your competitors have one is not a good idea. Instead, base your decision on the tactics you want to use to market your brand and how adding a display system this will maximize the effect.

  • The first question to ask before you invest money is: Why do you need to use it?
  • Also, It is very important to consider the following factors before deciding to invest:
  • Furthermore, Location
  • Moreover, Marketing goals
  • In addition, Budget
  • Also, Content Genre
  • Moreover, 5 ways to help video walls attract customers
  • Understand what type of content will perform best

When creating 7-inch medical lcd, it is important to maintain proper formatting. Your images and copy should be convincing enough to attract maximum attention. Testing the campaign is also important to see how it appears in the real world to the end audience. You can then tweak it to perfection.


If you only show the same content day after day with a video wall, it will create boredom and inefficiency. Also, focusing on updating the content for this dedicated medical display regularly with beautiful design and useful content will serve its purpose: Capture customers' attention.

Old content will lose viewers. Also, be sure to provide a balanced mix of medical and informative content to better engage your target audience. Weather forecasts, random quotes, quizzes, and events can be fun additions.


What is 10.1-inch LCD manufacturing? Pros & Cons of LCD screen

LCD screen is one of the screen technologies that are closely relevant to LCD screens. Therefore, sometimes confusion occurs between these two screen lines.

LCD screen - Thin Film Transistor is a line of application technology integrated in 10.1-inch LCD manufacturing. Therefore, LCD is also common as LCD screen. It uses the main matrix as active matrix LCD. In addition, a series of passive matrix LCD monitors also appear but are less common.

10.1-inch LCD manufacturing

What are the characteristics of 10.1-inch LCD manufacturing?

The LCD screen composes of an array of liquid crystals and illuminates in the form of LED backlit to create image visibility. This design will help the screen to save power and consume more power compared to other lines of screen technology and LED technology.

Devices such as mobile phones and tablets are product lines. These are suitable for the application of LCD screens. With nature as technology applications such as on flat-screen LCDs, and screen, referring to the LCD screen, we can understand this is a 10.1-inch LCD manufacturing.

Features of 10.1-inch LCD manufacturing

Many websites make the concept of LCD screen incorrect, because LCD is essentially a technology applied to flat screens like LCD and AMOLED. When it comes to LCD, you can understand that you are referring to LCD-LCD.

LCD screens tend to perform extremely well in sunlight because of their good contrast and brightness, delivering sharp images in outdoor lighting conditions. The minus point of this screen line is that the view is not wide enough, making the viewer have to look directly at the screen to bring the best user experience.

To overcome this minus point, the LCD LCD screen has been upgraded to a version called 10.1-inch LCD manufacturing with better contrast, brighter colors and a larger display area.

Structure of 10.1-inch LCD manufacturing

The pixels on the LCD 10.1-inch LCD manufacturing are designed and arranged in columns and rows. With each pixel will attach to a silicon transistor and fixed directly at the top of the glass panel. Besides, each pixel will also attach with a sustainably maintained energy source, helping the pixel to always be in the best state.

The pixels are also designed with the ability to control the displayed image and signal information in the most optimal way thanks to the active matrix. This helps users have a better experience of quality, vivid images.

Advantages and disadvantages of LCD screen

Advantages Cons
Low power consumption thanks to small semiconductor ring design

The image displayed is sharp, good quality

No eye strain when using

Narrow, limited viewing angle

The best view is when viewing directly on the screen

Just now is some basic information about 10.1-inch LCD manufacturing - Popular LCD screen series with good display image quality, high efficiency and popular in price range.

When the LED screen market   is growing, choosing a supplier and installing LED screen becomes very easy, but to find a reputable and quality unit, putting the interests of customers first. First, not everyone can find it.

10.1-inch LCD manufacturing allows for greater interactivity

Summary, the Touch-Screen or Touch-Panel is a touch-sensitive panel, that is, in addition to viewing on the screen, the user can interact by touching the screen itself. Furthermore, it will respond to the command according to where it was touched.

In other words, the Touch-Screen allows for greater interactivity. Moreover, it depends on the project. It is possible to create a more intuitive product when compared to screens without the Touch-Screen.

It is a technology that integrates not only sensors on the screen, but also specific programs and interfaces. There are two types of screens that are easily common on 10.1-inch LCD manufacturing market, get to know:

10.1-inch LCD manufacturing Resistive Touch-Screen

They are the most common for industrial equipment and the simplest when dealing with the Touch-Screen system. The resistive Touch-Screen comes of several layers and, between these layers, two layers of electrically conductive material. As we press the screen, these materials make contact.

Thus, working through pressure on the screen, which comes as a specific command? This technology is most common, for example, in the commercial automation segment, industrial automation, agricultural sector, medical-hospital sector, and physiotherapy and aesthetics segment.

10.1-inch LCD manufacturing 2021

10.1-inch LCD manufacturing Capacitive Touch-Screen

They are mostly common for equipment intended for the final consumer. Typically the capacitive Touch-Screen material is a weak oxide. Similarly, it comes with a small voltage in order to accumulate energy (an effect common as capacitance). It works from an electrically charged layer, popular as a capacitive layer, placed on top of the monitor panel.

When you touch the screen, part of these electrons transmits to your finger, as if it were a small shock, but very light to the point of notice.

The computer then understands this small discharge of electricity at that point and calculates the coordinates. Here, we can translate as a command to the screen. It is the technology common in cell phones and tablets.

10.1-inch LCD manufacturing main differences

The main difference between the resistive and capacitive Touch-Screen is that the resistive works with a mechanical stimulus (you must press the screen) and the capacitive doesn't. Regarding touch accuracy, currently the two technologies are very similar, with great accuracy. The choice of one technology or the other will depend on the application.

Currently, the 10.1-inch LCD manufacturing market has many varieties of display models, which are common in several different projects and applications, and when these displays are common they are normally common to developing new products.


And thinking about this universe of new product development, it is important to have display options that make these creations possible. To serve this public, AGT developed the HMI (Human Machine Interface). This is a complete display with the factory embedded HMI application.

There are a lot of instances where many people do not get quality lcd manufacturing. It is the reason that they do not find reliable products and video results. Only a professional lcd manufacturer can guarantee the best result.


3 Best 4.3-inch LCD manufacturing Techniques in 2021

What is 4.3-inch LCD manufacturing?

4.3-inch LCD manufacturing is one of the modern technology devices, helping users to increase convenience and user experience, so it is very popular and common by businesses in approaching customers.

4.3-inch LCD manufacturing screen is a liquid crystal display with touch capability on the screen surface. This can replace mouse and keyboard with touch buttons displayed on screen. At the same time, it also helps businesses increase the interaction and friendliness of the brand with passersby, creating a good impression for customers.

Structure of the 4.3-inch LCD manufacturing

For an impressive customer reach, the liquid crystal touch screen has the following configurations:

  • Touch sensor system: is a transparent glass or acrylic screen, designed with surface sensing capabilities and the ability to respond to human gestures when acting on the screen.
  • Controller: Is an electronic circuit that connects the touch sensor part with the device and software that controls the touch screen.
  • Control software:

4.3-inch LCD

Classification of What is 4.3-inch LCD manufacturing?


To meet the convenience and flexibility in communication and advertising, touch LCD screens are divided into 3 types:

  • LCD display stand.
  • Wall mounted 3-inch LCD manufacturing.
  • Kneeling LCD display.

Thanks to the diversity in the available nature of touch screens, in these 03 types of screens, businesses can flexibly use with the ability to quickly attract and approach customers in large numbers, while taking your brand to the next level.

Advantages of LCD What is 4.3-inch LCD manufacturing?

As a high-tech display with integrated touch capabilities, touch screens possess impressive advantages:

Vivid, realistic picture quality

The liquid crystal touch screen has HD or full HD resolution, allowing viewers to have a vivid and eye-catching visual experience, easily attracting the attention of passersby, approaching customers easily.

The ability to create the ultimate color

Displayed colors are reproduced across the spectrum for impressive color gamuts. Furthermore, this allows viewers to perceive clearly with the display device of the 4.3-inch LCD manufacturing.

Energy saving

Integrated with power consumption, allowing businesses to widely communicate and advertise with a large number of screens without worrying about consuming a lot of electricity costs.

Flexible to use in many places

With touch screen LCD screen, you can install or place it anywhere, including wall-mounted or standing, kneeling depending on how businesses want to advertise and communicate.

Quotation for wall-mounted 4.3-inch LCD manufacturing

The price of LCD advertising screen depends on each model and type of product. LCD advertising products is quite diverse but different prices will fluctuate as: an LCD sensor, LCD display wall, LCD monitor stands. Within each category, there are different models.

To receive the best, most accurate 4.3-inch LCD manufacturing quote or related information, please contact us

For the most in-depth advice, you need to provide installation location, installation size, installation location. We will bring the best presentation solutions when you cooperate with our company.

Where to buy prestigious LCD touch screen advertising screen?

When the LCD screen market is growing and becoming more and more popular, choosing a supplier and installing touch screen LCD screen becomes very easy, but to find a reputable, quality unit, take advantage Customer benefit comes first, not everyone can find it.

With criteria: Prestige - Quality - Competition

We will bring customers comprehensive projection solutions, raising the quality level for your space at the best price.

In order to best serve the requirements of Customers, we are committed to selling only genuine, high-quality 4.3-inch LCD manufacturing products with a full range of certifications. We say no to poor quality products, unclear origin and guarantee to satisfy the most demanding customers.

All 4.3-inch LCD manufacturing products with warranty for a period of 18 - 36 months and maintained for life. We accept to exchange defective products within the warranty period.


Reasons to buy LCD screen from professional LCD manufacturers

  • Goods have clear, genuine and transparent origins.
  • 100% warranty after-sales service.
  • Professional, enthusiastic and dynamic team of technical and sales consultants.
  • Commitment to always ensure the interests of customers.

What is your regular use purpose?

If using 4.3-inch LCD manufacturing with the needs of presenting graphics, videos, explaining drawings, analyzing the market, etc., it is necessary to use a high-definition LED screen so that the details and colors can be displayed. clearly and precisely.

You choose to serve mainly for activities such as:

  • introductory videos
  • Entertainment such as karaoke, soccer, etc.

Just consider the average meeting room screen, don't need too high quality to avoid wasting money.

Whether to serve work such as training, teaching slides without too many small details, you can choose a device with average visibility, not too excellent.

What is your budget for 4.3-inch LCD manufacturing?

On the market, there are many projector lines. Furthermore, these can meet the projection needs for meeting rooms and offices from many different suppliers. Similarly,  the prices are also very different. However, the image quality of the projector is not as sharp and exciting as the LED screen.

Therefore, owning a cheap 4.3-inch LCD manufacturing is also quite interested by many people. LED screen is a specialized presentation device. Each type of pixel difference is only 1mm, which is a different technology, so the price difference from a few tens of millions to a few hundred million between different types of LED modules is very normal.
4.3-inch LCD 2021

How large is your meeting room and how many people?

This is the factor that can determine the size of the LED screen that should be installed, so that all people sitting in the room can see the most realistic and sharpest. As the room size increases, the LED screen size also needs to increase so that everyone in the room can see it clearly.


You consider installing a meeting room LED screen but do not know which type and price to choose because on the market today there are many different models, types and specifications as well as many different units. Supply and installation of LED screens, but choosing a reputable unit and durable product quality is very important.


5-inch LCD manufacturing: 6 Most Popular Questions

How 5-inch LCD manufacturing Works?

5-inch LCD manufacturing is one of the screen lines that are commonly popular in many display fields such as display manufacturing, laptop screens, computer monitors, etc. So, what are the advantages of liquid crystal displays? worth using? Along with us learn through the following article.

LCD manufacturing Table of Contents

  • What is a liquid crystal display?
  • Structure of liquid crystal display
  • Physical characteristics of liquid crystal display
  • How do liquid crystal display work?
  • How do liquid crystal displays show colors?
  • What is a liquid crystal display?

5-inch LCD manufacturing

What is 5-inch LCD manufacturing?

LCD display is easy to understand as a miniature LCD screen, but it does not come up of LCD modules like conventional LCD screens, but it applies LCD technology in production in combination with many other factors.

Basically, LCD displays are like liquid crystal LCD displays. The difference is that instead of using LCD technology, LCD displays use LCD - Light Emitting Diode to reflect the transmitted image to replace CCFL fluorescent bulbs.

Difference of the liquid crystal display

The difference of the liquid crystal display is that it has low power consumption, comparable to the 5-inch LCD manufacturing line. This makes the liquid crystal display compatible with the MOS integrated logic circuit, for low production costs, high contrast.

A liquid crystal display is an LCD display also popular as a Liquid Crystal Display. This is a display line that combines two states of matter, Liquid - Solid. These two states maintain in balance with a combination of additional technological elements to give the image displayed on the screen at a very good quality level.

Need for an additional light source

However, the disadvantage of this screen line is the need for an additional light source – From there we have the appearance of the LCD Backlit LCD screen line. Besides, the operating range limits at viewing angles from 0° to 60°, affecting the viewer's experience.

Structure of liquid crystal display

The liquid crystal display has a compact structure, including:

  • The 5-inch LCD manufacturinglayer is about 10um. thin
  • Two glass plates – Transmitter cell
  • Also, Some other electronic components

Liquid crystal displays are constructed with thin layer

Liquid crystal displays are constructed with a thin layer of liquid crystal, placed between two glass plates with transparent electrodes, deposited on their inner faces. These transparent glass panels are LCD transmission cells, one side is transparent and the other side is coated with a reflective layer.

In fact, the liquid crystal display does not emit light on its own, but must depend on illumination from another light source built into it.

Physical characteristics of liquid crystal display

The basic construction of a liquid crystal display is control 5-inch LCD manufacturing by interacting with the current popular.

  • Light popular on 5-inch LCD manufacturingcan be polarized
  • Liquid crystals can transmit and change polarized light
  • Also, there are transparent substances that can conduct electricity.

How do liquid crystal display work?

A complete liquid crystal display requires two pieces of polarized glass. Glass without a polarizing film will rub with a special polymer. This will create microscopic grooves on their surface, which will be in the same direction as the polarizing film and cause the molecular layers to align with the direction of the filter.

Liquid crystal coatings will apply to one of the filters. When light comes in contact with the liquid crystal, it vibrates along with the angle of the final molecular layer. Light only allows in and out when the second polarizing glass filter changes to the same as the last layer.

How does the dragon screen work?

How do 5-inch LCD manufacturing work?

The characteristic of the liquid crystal screen structure is that the liquid crystal molecules, when passed through an electric current, will tend to resist twisting, causing a change in the direction of the light passing and causing the angle of the leading polarizing filter. change. This will create a contrast in the light and dark parts when the image is rendered in the end.

5-inch LCD manufacturing 2021

The screen's reflector will place at the back, followed by a polarizing plane made of Tin Oxide - Indium placed above and below a polarizing film. The remaining parts will cover by a common electrode and they will cover with an additional layer of liquid crystals. The other glass films with the rectangular electrode face at the bottom and the top corner is another polarizing film.

How do liquid crystal displays show colors?

The liquid crystal display displays colors thanks to interactive pixels with RGB color filters. The screen will connect with a large number of Transistors to help create pixels with mixed colors of color filters with pixels. From there, images with bright colors will display reflected on the screen.

Just now is some basic information about liquid crystal display – The display line with simple structure but luxurious design with high quality image presentation effect.

LED technology thanks to its versatility should gradually become the production direction of many companies. Therefore, the selection of types and models of 5-inch LCD manufacturing will limit in terms of size, price and product line.

Compact and convenient design

Compared to traditional displays, LED displays have a much more compact and slimmer design. Besides, the luxurious and modern design of LED display lines is also very suitable for room spaces.

Easy to upgrade

LED display with good color display, high resolution. Also, this comes from the daily improvement of manufacturers, from equipping IPS panels with high durability to the application of many technologies such as features: Smart display, 3D display.

No doubt, lcd manufacturing require modern skills. For this, you need a reliable manufacturer. You can save cost, if you order in bulk.


Ignoring the disadvantages that are not too much to mention, LED screens are a product line that offers great power savings thanks to LED technology. However, Besides, the price is suitable, the variety of models is suitable for many needs of consumers. If only for normal entertainment, this is a 5-inch LCD manufacturing line to buy.


15 Types of 7-inch industrial LCD you can Try in 2021

What is the screen resolution? What resolutions are there?

Resolution is one of the concepts that show the ability to display images of product lines and electronic devices. To evaluate the quality and performance of the 7-inch industrial LCD, the resolution is the first factor to pay attention to. Join us to learn more about the screen's resolution through the following article.

Application of LED display resolution

  1. LED display
  2. Video wall
  3. 7-inch industrial LCD

What is the resolution?

Resolution (DPG) is simply the number of horizontal and vertical pixels of the display screen. The larger the number of pixels, the higher the resolution, the sharper, more vivid and realistic the image quality will be.

7-inch industrial LCD

What resolutions are there 7-inch industrial LCD?

Phrases like 7-inch industrial LCD, Full HD are among the popular resolutions today. However, in addition, there are many other smaller and larger resolutions. Let's look at the most popular and easiest-to-see resolutions on today's devices besides standard definition SDTV.

  1. QQVGA

QQVGA, also known as Quater - QVGA is the lowest DP today. Usually just keyboard phones, cheap feature phones with screen sizes of 160×120 and 120×160 pixels.

due to phase qqvga

QVG is the lowest resolution currently available

  1. QVGA

QVGA is a low DP, commonly known as Quad - VGA. With pixels 320×240 pixels. With a low pixel density, QVGA is only commonly found on low-cost feature phones.

  1. WQVGA

WQVGA is also known as Wide - QVGA, this is a popular 7-inch industrial LCD on low-priced feature phones with screen ratios such as:

360×240 Pixels – 3:2. aspect ratio

400×240 Pixels – 5:3. Ratio

428×240 and 432×240 Pixels – 16:9. Ratio

WQVGA is currently only used on low-cost feature phones.

  1. VGA

VGA, also known as Video Graphics Array, has been the standard for many types of displays on many display devices for quite some time. However, technology does not stand still, from the standard position, today VGA is just a low resolution with an aspect ratio of 4:3 – 640×480 Pixels.

Current popular resolutions

  1. WVGA

WVGA is a mid-range 7-inch industrial LCD with popular sizes of 768×480 Pixels – 3:2 aspect ratio and 800×480 – 5:3 aspect ratio. Usually used on low-cost smartphone screens.

FWVGA 7-inch industrial LCD FWVGA

is an abbreviation of the phrase Full Wide Video Graphics Array, which is a DPG with better visibility in screen width? The common size is 854×480 Pixel – 16:9 aspect ratio.

  1. SVGA

SVGA – Super Video Graphics Array, also known as UVGA – Ultra Video Graphics Array is a resolution with size 800×600 – 4:3 aspect ratio. Besides, the screen with the size of 832×624 is also a variant of SVGA to fit some specific devices.


  1. DVGA

DVG A is a resolution that stands for Double-size-VGA with a screen size of 960×640 Pixels – 3:2 aspect ratio, twice the resolution of VGA, 7-inch industrial LCD widely used on phones. like iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

due to the power factor on the phone

Popular resolutions on phones 7-inch industrial LCD

  1. qHD

The screen with qHD resolution is often found with the size of 960×540 Pixels, which is a mid-range resolution, widely used in low-cost smartphones.

  1. HD and HD+

DP HD with a screen size of 1280×720 Pixels with a frame rate of 60 FPS and 4:3 ratio with a definition that is 3 times higher than VGA resolution.

Standard with many 7-inch industrial LCD variations such as:

  • 1440×720 Pixels
  • 1480×720 Pixels
  • Also, 1520×720 Pixels

HD and HD+ from 2018 to now support very effectively for edge-to-edge screens with 18:9, 18.5:9 ratios, etc. and low and mid-range phones.

  1. XGA

XGA is an improvement of resolution with a screen size of 1024×768 with an aspect ratio of 4:3.

  1. WXGA

WXGA is a variant of HD 7-inch industrial LCD resolution, but with the pixel density expansion from 1280x720 to 1366x768 Pixels, the aspect ratio is close to 16:9 – Widely used in tablets by Google.

Besides, WXGA is also developed in many forms such as:

  1. 1,360 x 768 Pixels
  2. 1,280 x 800 Pixels
  3. Also, 1,280 x 768 Pixels
  4. Full HD and Full HD+

Full HD is a screen resolution with a general size of 1920×1080 Pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9. This resolution is often seen on laptops and computer monitors.

As for Smartphones, edge-to-edge screens are gradually becoming popular with 18: 9 and 19: 9 ratios, which has led to the introduction of Full HD + resolution. With dimensions with a height of 1080 as standard.

Full HD+ comes in popular variants such as:

2160×1080 Pixels

Also, 2280×1080 Pixels

2340×1080 Pixels

Full HD + is also the most popular resolution today, widely applied on mid-range smartphones and above.

  1. 2K and 2K+

2K resolution with a screen size of 2560×1440 Pixels, the pixel density is greater, the quality of details displayed on the screen is also clearer and more realistic. However, many people think that applying 2K resolution on smartphones is superfluous and unnecessary.

2k+ resolution is an upscaled variant of 2K and is popular in sizes like:

3200×1800 Pixels

2960×1440 Pixels

Also, 3120×1440 Pixels

  1. 4K. Resolution

4K resolution , also known as Ultra HD, with a size of 3840×2160 Pixels – Nearly four times higher than Full HD 7-inch industrial LCD resolution. Also, this resolution is currently only applied on smart TVs and high-end display screens to meet the entertainment needs in large spaces. Applying it on mobile devices is still quite difficult and not necessary.
7-inch industrial LCD 2021

There are also some super high resolutions that are still under research, such as:

4K+ – 5120×2880 Pixels

8K resolution – FUHD 7680×4320 Pixels with 4 times more pixels than 4K

QUHD – 15360×8640 Pixels with 4 times more pixels than 8K

  1. Video wall

Video wall is a line of screens assembled from many small screens with a resolution of up to 4K. With the final product is a large-sized video wall, constant resolution, often applied in specialized environments such as control rooms, command centers or used as an advertising screen in commercial centers.

  1. LCD screen

We provide LCD screen products with a variety of categories such as:

  1. Stand-up LCD monitor
  2. Wall-mounted LCD monitor
  3. LCD touch screen

The screen lines all possess a minimum resolution of HD, meeting all the needs of customers.


And in response to this opinion, manufacturers have "gently" upgraded in terms of panels and display technology. From there, users can easily distinguish Full HD and 2K resolutions based on pixels and display colors, increasing the user experience significantly.


Why should you invest in 7 inch lcd manufacturing?

Dedicated lcd benefits in the field 

7 inch lcd manufacturing

Following the article about ideas for applying specialized 7 inch lcd manufacturing information in the previous period, this article will continue to offer ideas for using displays in the fields of:

  • Fashion
  • banking
  • Finance
  • Administration
  • public services
  • Galleries
  • Exhibitions, showrooms, museums,...

6.  Use of 7 inch lcd manufacturing displays in Fashion field

The fashion sector is, of course, one of the areas. This uses 7 inch lcd manufacturing specialized displays the most. This comes right from the workshop, when the designs were delivered to the tailors. It is to perform each stage, the lcd were utilized to display the information to each stage.

Then, the finished product arrives at each store. Moreover, the mannequins can only help the store advertise a few of the most unique sets. Similarly, the quantity is not much and it takes up space.

Which Companies can use 7 inch lcd?

7 inch lcd manufacturing can help fashion companies bring the whole fashion show into the store. This makes it easy for customers to choose different styles of clothing among the many designs. Hence, the company launches hanging in the store.

This greatly increases the probability and number of sales. For dedicated touch lcd, companies can also develop their own drag-and-drop applications. Customers can freely try out different product combinations on their own simulations. This is a fairly new idea and promises that customers will enjoy this idea.

7 inch lcd manufacturing display used in fashion stores

  1. Banking and finance sector

We can use 7 inch lcd manufacturing services in the field of:

  • Banking
  • Finance
  • exchange rates
  • trading sessions need to be continuous

Conventional TVs cannot perform these functions or can run continuously for such a long time without power failure and reduced lifespan.

At this point, a dedicated screen or 7 inch lcd manufacturing display is a wise choice.

It can be the:

  • latest exchange rates
  • the ups and downs of the indexes
  • Moreover, the time, the information of the preferential programs, etc.

The lcd displays information and instructions. The form has a standing foot placed in the area near the entrance to orient customers when coming to the transaction.

Why should you invest in 7 inch lcd manufacturing?

On this screen, investors can split 1/3 of the screen to display the services provided, 1/3 for the featured program such as:

  • upcoming events
  • the most special offers of the month
  • the remaining 1/2 (the largest part) for the map of trading areas

All of this information is easy to display on one screen at the same time. This makes it easy to look up information and advertise.

8. 7 inch lcd manufacturing in Administrative field – public service

The administrative-public service sector has a common feature, which is that the places to receive people to do the procedures are very crowded. The instructions on registration information for the check-in counters for each type of application take place continuously.


The specialized information display on the 7 inch lcd manufacturing system will of course help agencies to reduce the effort for these stages. The rest of the screen is easy to use to display the reception time frame, a short film about the organization.

9. Use of 7 inch lcd in Exhibition areas, galleries, museums

Specialized displays of 7 inch lcd manufacturing are used in museums, art galleries, and galleries as lcd displaying information about paintings, authors, running reviews of all the works on display. Displays or lcd themselves become art when set to play content that is animated art.

With the advantage of creating smooth and clear moving images, creating maximum visual effects, these works will bring a more impressive and professional look to the museum or gallery space.

Dedicated 7 inch lcd for museums, galleries

Specialized lcd is easy to apply to a wide range of industries, not limited to advertising purposes only. For each specific industry, these lcd are valuable to use but also help save a large amount of money when calculating long distances in the future.

In foreign countries, the use of dedicated 7 inch lcd manufacturing  has become popular, especially in developed countries such as the US, Korea, Singapore, China, etc., bringing affirmation of the benefits it brings. . In the present and in the future, digital signage displays will be used more and more widely, leading to a new era of digital audiovisual.

10. Use of Displays in Education field

The strong development of digital communication has forced educational institutions to equip specialized 7 inch lcd manufacturing screen systems. In addition, interacting with practitioners is becoming increasingly difficult to access with traditional methods.

And as a result, the use of advertising in the education industry is becoming more and more popular and it is currently in the top 10 fastest growing markets for the deployment of screen networks. The development of digital representations has always been influenced by digital information.

Therefore, without a dedicated advertising screen system, the risks of academies will appear, unable to compete with rivals. In the end, they will face a loss of interaction with potential students. 

Why do we need interactive touch screens?

Our interactive screen is a product very popular in the markets of Europe, America, Asia, etc.

Jwslcd interactive 7 inch lcd manufacturing gives users not only a normal interactive display product, but also a better-than-expected experience with the application of many modern technologies to the product such as: Resolution 4K, smart eye protection, smooth quality touch, multi-touch capability up to 20 touch points, etc. and many more amazing technologies.
7 inch lcd manufacturing 2021

Where we can use small lcd screens?

If in the past, meeting rooms of businesses only had projectors and screens to display basic content, but with the modern trend of 4.0, it is necessary to have more products that are more responsive than just normal presentations. Usually, but also have to be more responsive and modern, and the PKLNS smart interactive screen is a product that does that role very well.

State-of-the-art touch technology 

PKLNS smart touch screen is currently considered a product with the most modern touch technology and applications for fields such as business, education, health, ... because this technology is like a modern smartphone, tablet computer.

With multi-touch technology on the interactive screen, the smart touch screen offers an experience of writing, drawing, touching, etc. very smooth control with almost zero latency.

Optimal design of 7 inch lcd manufacturing

Since the design criteria are based on observing user psychology and behavior, shortcuts and I/O ports are placed where you can easily see them.

These features are very useful to you during work because they make your presentation more seamless and smooth, limiting interruptions to the meeting.