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Why should we use 5-inch POS lcd in retail business?

Introduction of 5-inch POS lcd

5-inch POS lcd: more forms and ways to reach customers with different forms of display. Among them, it is impossible not to mention display on pos.

Although it is small, it is martial – when the screens are not too large, it is possible to make the most of the time when customers sit in the car watching ads and focus more on the content being displayed on the screen.

If your business is looking to change the form of display and want to reach more customers. Then do not miss our article below!

What is a 5-inch POS lcd?

This is like other forms of display, using eye-catching content to reach closer to viewers and customers. The pos lcd screen is a small LCD screen, usually installed right behind the front row.

5-inch POS lcd

They are able to help people behind to observe and view content during travel. Businesses have taken advantage of this to advertise on vehicles such as taxis, display in spaces on buses...

The main features of the 5-inch POS lcd

With this new form of display, it has indispensable features such as:

  • The screens are installed right behind the front row so viewers can easily observe
  • Compact and delicate design should be suitable for all car models.
  • Create a very modern car overall
  • The player can advertise TVC segments in different forms: images, videos, games or music
  • Thanks to technology and artificial intelligence AI, cloud power technology,
  • the installed screen can identify passengers and broadcast useful information, according to interests and needs.
  • The principle of operation of the 5-inch POS lcdis the same as that of other types of Lcd and LED screens. It is broadcast on a specific frequency/day.
  • Interactive display with Lcd screens on pos, taxis

Why should you use pos lcd screens?

Since appearing on the market until now, pos lcd screens have quickly dominated and are chosen by many businesses and highly appreciated. With the outstanding features mentioned above, this type of display screen has enhanced the customer experience more enjoyable than ever.

reasons for you to feel secure in choosing to use pos lcd screens:

The time while on the move is the "golden time" for businesses to reach the best customers with attractive display content on the screen.

When using display screens on 5-inch POS lcd, businesses can easily measure the effectiveness of the campaign

Can change display content flexibly, quickly avoid boredom and right at the right time with the display campaign content that businesses want.

The number of screens that can be installed is very large, so the brand coverage is extremely strong.

Competition in the market

The competitive pressure in the market is so great that businesses must always find new solutions. Any industry in today's market is inevitably exposed to the risk of being fired if you do not create an image of yourself in the minds of customers. That is also the reason why we often see ads everywhere.

Display is considered as an important method to maintain the life of an organization, people can easily see ads such as: on roads, buildings, shops, on media sites. e-commerce, to the open fields we can still see them. It can be affirmed that if you want to have a successful business, you cannot separate display.

What is 5-inch POS lcd display screen?

The device has many outstanding features compared to ordinary screens. There are two popular types on the market today: vertical and wall-mounted.

  1. High quality LCD display screen

Why do we say that 5-inch POS lcd are a tool to help businesses improve their competitive position?

Eye-catching 5-inch POS lcd

Display content is very important, whether customers really pay attention to you or not depends on all that you show. It will be more attractive between a display screen with many colors, lights, alternating video and a large passive poster.

It is because of this that the message you convey through the dedicated digital screen will make an impression on the customers. They will follow longer and inadvertently remember your brand image in their mind. Thereby can evaluate you have been successful in your communication problem.

Display quality of 5-inch POS lcd

Relying on technological advancements helps us to ensure high quality presented content. The image displayed on the high-definition optical screen is evaluated to be quite good, clear, and the color is according to the original standard. Compared to some other display technologies, the image of this device will not be distorted at many different viewing angles. This feature is very suitable when applied to outdoor display. Viewers can clearly see the content at many different intersections while still maintaining the quality of the projected image.


2. high quality LCD display screen of 5-inch POS lcd

Slideshow content

Just pre-installed, the displayed content will be as you expect. This technology helps businesses feel simpler when there are many changes in current and future communication campaigns.

Outstanding display screen projects of 5-inch POS lcd

Differentiate from the competition
5-inch LCD manufacturing

Between a dedicated screen and a regular screen or a large poster hanging on the street, there will be many differences, and if your business is willing to invest in a modern technology digital screen system, it will bring many highlights, setting you apart from the competition.

Just imagine, if you are faced with the above display style, which one will you be attracted to? That is also the reason why your business needs to invest in this issue.


Up to the present time, the number of businesses using 5-inch POS lcd is not much. However, this form of display in the world has been favored by many businesses and has positive reviews. As a business, you need to grasp the trend and lead, bring something new and different, which is success.

It is the best time to bring modern small lcd small screens in your business. Let your customers enjoy the taste of modern technology.

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