What is 10.1-inch vehicle LCD RGB interface High Resolution?

Bus 10.1-inch vehicle LCD Advertising: Is It Possible?

10.1-inch vehicle LCD

Advertising the 10.1-inch vehicle LCD screen on the bus-bar is easy. Not outside the market's development trend, the bus system is deploying to advertise LCD screens with high definition. This is a form that is reflected to have a lot of potential for development shortly that every business should pay attention to and learn about.

Bus Media is a unit specializing in the construction of advertising campaigns on buses in Vietnam, ready to become a companion with businesses throughout the implementation process.

10.1-inch vehicle LCD Article summary

  1. Learn about the form of advertising LCD screens on buses
  2. Advantages of the form of advertising LCD screens on buses
  3. Bus Media provides the leading bus 10.1-inch vehicle LCDadvertising service
  4. Learn about the form of advertising LCD screens on buses

Advertising on the bus LCD screen is a relatively new form of communication, conducted in the form of installing an LCD screen inside the vehicle, which is hung close to the ceiling in the middle of the aisle for anyone to sit in. Vehicles can also observe. This form is the goal of the audience of all passengers inside the bus.

Advertising the 10.1-inch vehicle LCD screen on the bus

LCD screens are often common 22 inches, place in a horizontal rectangular shape like a normal TV to be most convenient for passengers' eyes. This is a type of digital screen with high definition, helping the clip to play smoothly, picture quality, vivid and brilliant sound, attracting the attention of viewers.

10.1-inch vehicle LCD install in a reasonable position so that all passengers can see it.


10.1-inch vehicle LCD advertising unit

Businesses wishing to book ads for LCD screens on buses need to prepare a TVC clip (15-30s long) showing the messages and images of the campaign and that clip is put up and played on the LCD screen. within a pre-specified period.

The entire implementation process is carry out by the advertising unit so that the campaign achieves the most positive communication effects.

2. Advantages of the form of advertising LCD screens on buses

Advertising on the bus 10.1-inch vehicle LCD is a new form of advertising because it has not been applied on many bus routes, but it possesses a lot of potential for development shortly.

Every day, the bus will pick up/drop off many passengers. (especially the routes running in the inner city), the bus stops at all waiting houses on the route of operation. So, the number of passengers on the bus will change. change frequently, so each time the bus stops.

advertising the LCD screen on the bus

The number of viewers exposed to advertising clips every day is very large. Image source: Internet

The LCD screen shows alternating TVC clips during the time that the bus runs (from 5 am to 10 pm). On average, a TVC clip will have a length of 15 - 30 seconds. And it is played and replay more than 100 times a day, too convenient and accessible to many people.

On average, a passenger will spend at least 5 minutes or more in the car. So, they will see the promotional clip more than once, helping the brand to imprint in the mind.

10.1-inch vehicle LCD becomes entertainment tool

The TVC clip advertising a 10.1-inch vehicle LCD in the bus. It has also become an entertainment tool for passengers on the bus during the journey. Mostly listen to music, sleep, talk, etc. They will have nothing to do, it's easy to feel windbag.

An advertisement clip with interesting content will surely become a timely pastime for them, paying full attention to watching what is playing on the LCD screen will make the distance seem to be much shorter.

Advertising the LCD screen on the bus

The cost of advertising the LCD screen on the bus is very suitable for the budget. It is because it has just been put into use, partly because the cost of outdoor advertising is always lower than that of traditional forms such as television, newspapers. radio.

Consider the budget to book the number of screen’s

Therefore, businesses should consider the budget to book the number of screens, the running time for the campaign to achieve the best results.

Equipping a car with an Android 10.1-inch vehicle LCD device in the car can greatly improve the enjoyment of the in-car entertainment system most easily and conveniently.

The following guides from Saigon Auto Interiors will help car lovers begin their search for a portable DVD entertainment screen in their car.

Reasons to upgrade your car's Android 10.1-inch vehicle LCD

With the increasing demand for car entertainment systems. However, many car manufacturers have associated with manufacturers to put a new system in cars. Multi-tasking entertainment system, good quality.
10.1-inch vehicle LCD 2022

The rest of the popular cars have limitations on car DVD player entertainment equipment. And that is also the reason that many people want to upgrade the car’s 10.1-inch vehicle LCD on their car.

Must Everyday care for the 10.1-inch vehicle LCD

We have a car, we move work on that car every day. A lot of people spend a lot of money to upgrade their car from the exterior to the interior of the car to make the car more beautiful and comfortable.

Advantages of upgrading car DVD to Android

  1. When upgrading the Android car’s 1-inch vehicle LCD system. It will initially help the car become more luxurious and classier, ​​making many people look up and fall in love.
  2. Also, Upgrading the car screen will help the driver enjoy good music, entertaining moments in the car. Also, helping the driver eliminate the stress of having to drive long distances
  3. Moreover, the upgrade, the LCD for the car does not affect the original equipment and machinery of the car, so you can rest install it for your car.

However, a problem that greatly affects the experience when sitting in the car that we often ignore is the Android LCD.


How to remove the 10.1-inch smart LCD in the car correctly?

Learn about car Smart 10.1-inch smart LCD

The car Smart 10.1-inch smart LCD is one of the important parts of the audio system. The Smart LCD is equipped to listen to music and watch movies. Bring a feeling of comfort and ease on every journey. Usually, a Smart LCD has some basic parts such as:

10.1-inch smart LCD

Some common mistakes that make people try to remove the Smart LCD in the car:

Picky disk: This is a very common error. Some discs easy to read well, but some discs can't be read. The next very common error is not all discs or not all discs. Also, the cause may be due to dirt causing the gears to get stuck, inserting 2 discs into 1 drive.

Some common mistakes make people try to remove the Smart 10.1-inch smart LCD in the car

How to remove the Smart LCD in the car correctly?

How to remove the Smart LCD is not too difficult, but you must have the technique and do the right process.

Preparation: Necessary tools such as screwdrivers contain large and small heads, suitable for removing the Smart 10.1-inch smart LCD. Most screws are small, microscopic, and meticulously designed, requiring similarly sized screwdrivers.

To remove the Smart 10.1-inch smart LCD:

Step 1: Use the prepared screwdriver set to remove the 2 screws located on the top of the watch face. Step 2: You will see the maintenance face and the plastic piece. Furthermore, All you need to do is use your hands to pull them out.

If you find that the pull is not strong enough, you need to use a flathead screwdriver to pry it out. Remember to slip into the slot carefully.

Screwdriver necessary for installing 10.1-inch smart LCD

Step 3: The Smart LCD is usually inside, you need to use a screwdriver to remove the screws on the back of the support. The screws are yellow, about 5 pieces.

Step 4: The back part of the plastic has many jacks. You need to remove them all. At this point, you will see a square empty box containing many holes, take a flathead screwdriver and put each hole from left to right of the CD drive. Also, Next, you use force to press firmly on the steel piece.

Step 5: Finally, you just press, pull the CD drive out slowly in the same direction as the steel piece.

What to note about how to remove the Smart LCD in the car?

To remove the disc player from the car you need technique and skill. Although not too difficult, this helps to ensure that the car's tale is not scratched. Many cases do not know how to remove it.

Be careful not to get damaged. broken wire because the Smart LCD contains many circuits and screws. If you find it difficult or stuck in the middle, you should not be in a hurry but be very calm.

Gently remove it little by little, to avoid "burning and burning”.

Put the screws in a fixed place to avoid falling or losing because the screw is very small. To avoid breaking the circuit and causing an electrical short. However, before removing the Smart LCD, you remember to turn off the machine, open the bonnet, turn off the power.

1. Causes of failure - repair car DVD player

Here are a few subjective and objective causes of errors that drivers often make

Subjective causes of errors

Continuous use with a frequency of many hours usually should only be common for about 2 hours, then turn off for about 30 minutes, and then continue to use often. affixed with insulating film Due to collisions, unfortunate external forces leading to breakage, 10.1-inch smart LCD damage.

2. Common error symptoms- repair car DVD player

The following would like to list a few common DVD error symptoms found on car monitors that drivers encounter.

What is the LCD screen advertising inside the bus?

10.1-inch smart LCD 2022

Advertising on buses has long been no longer strange to all Vietnamese people. Possessing many outstanding communication advantages, bus advertising helps bring the images and advertising messages that businesses want to convey to reach many potential customers as soon as they use the bus or mobile move on the street.

Advertising LCD screens in buses

Advertising on the LCD 10.1-inch smart LCD inside the bus has many outstanding advantages

The screen common is usually 22 inches in size, installed at the eye level of bus passengers to help easily observe the advertising image of the business. Advertising images are played on the screen with extremely high definition and vivid colors to help attract the attention of many customers.

2. The outstanding advantages of LCD advertising inside the bus

Advertising on the LCD screen inside the bus possesses. It has many outstanding communication advantages, which are deployed by many businesses and brands in their communication campaigns. inside the bus to help the advertising image reach all passengers on the bus including the driver and assistant.

Images and advertising messages of the business are deployed in the form of TVC clips or image slides in about 15-30 seconds. With the frequency of advertising duplication continuously, the advertising image of the business that is broadcast throughout the bus trip remember by customers.

Advertising LCD screens in buses

Advertising LCD screen in the bus helps the image reach many customers

Moreover, the advertising LCD 10.1-inch smart LCD inside the bus is also an extremely good entertainment tool during the travel time. An interesting and attractive TVC advertising clip will help attract the attention of many customers and help maximize the communication effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Another outstanding advantage of the bus advertising LCD screen is the cost of advertising implementation. This form of advertising will have a much more economical cost than most other forms of LCD advertising, suitable for almost all industries and businesses.

3. Some notes when implementing LCD screen advertising inside the bus

To deploy an advertising campaign for LCD screens inside buses with high communication efficiency, businesses should note a few points as follows:


An advertising campaign for LCD 10.1-inch smart LCD inside buses deployed with many vehicles will help reach more customers and create strong brand coverage. Moreover, an LCD advertising campaign arrange on many buses will help businesses reach many customers in all different segments from pupils, students, commuters, office workers.... help maximize the communication effectiveness of the advertising campaign.


Best 10.1-inch medical LCD at an Affordable Price!

Information of the 10.1-inch medical LCD

10.1-inch medical LCD

Regular medical monitors will not have many application programs to satisfy the entertainment needs of drivers, so "funny" drivers are tending to turn tablets into tablets. into a medical 10.1-inch medical LCD is a very interesting way.

However, this has something similar and different from installing a dedicated medical screen. And what needs to be paid attention to be able to turn the tablet into a medical screen in a unique way. Read on to learn more about these factors in the following article

Things to know to turn your tablet into a medical 10.1-inch medical LCD

To be able to turn a tablet into a medical screen, drivers should pay attention to the following factors

Similarities between medical and tablet screens

Tablets, especially those running on the Android operating system, often have similarities with medical screens. They are all large from 7 to 10 inches, display sharp images, control by touch, and have an extremely large application store.

  • turn tablet into medical screen 01
  • The trend of turning tablets into medical screens
  • Difference between android 1-inch medical LCDand tablet
  • Although there are many similarities,
  • there are many huge differences between tablets and medical screens

The medical screen has a side face so it can be installed in many different medicals

Medical monitors have ports for connecting to peripherals while tablets do not have them at all

Tablets use batteries, medical 10.1-inch medical LCDs do not

The size of the medical screen is often varied while the medical screen is only 7 to 10 inches in size.

  • Notes when turning a tablet into a medical screen
  • To turn the tablet into a medical screen, we need to pre-install a suitable size plate.
  • turn your tablet into a medical screen 02
  • Notes when turning a tablet into a medical screen
  • Cut out the hole for the hard key to be able to control the tablet
  • switch the hard-key mode to the virtual button control mode to easily control the tablet.

To avoid the risk that the 10.1-inch medical LCD may explode while charging and in use, you should design a switch to turn on and off the power when the battery can be used.

Because tablets have no or very few ports, when you want to connect to internal devices, you should connect using wifi or Bluetooth.

Some experiences and tips for 10.1-inch medical LCD

Turning a tablet into a medical monitor is applied when you have an old tablet left. It is because the tablet does not have a dedicated port. It will be difficult to connect and so you can only use it. functions such as listening to music, entertainment. And some other functions will seem redundant.

If you don't have a tablet or want to entertain and control the medical profession, a JWS android medical 10.1-inch medical LCD is a device that you should install for your medical.

the best medical android 10.1-inch medical LCD at an affordable price

If you are looking for the best medical android screen at an affordable price with accompanying products and outstanding features, the following article will help you learn the details and have a practical experience with the JWS LCD. - Tyrannosaurus rex.

JWS LCD is rated by many drivers as the best medical android screen series with many outstanding features. So why these reviews? Why is JWS LCD called a tyrannosaur? Please follow the article below for details.

Why install the best medical android screen?

Vehicle monitors are often limited in features and quality is often not outstanding. However, many medical manufacturers still do not consider upgrading it because it is related to output costs.

Why install the best medical 10.1-inch medical LCD?

Therefore, many medical drivers have chosen the best way to install the 10.1-inch medical LCD for android medicals to be able to satisfy the entertainment needs as well as upgrade the necessary features of the medical screen when driving. A best medical android monitor usually has the following features

4G connection with multi-application settings store

The sim slot is easy to design directly on the screen to make the network connection smooth and smooth, making the connection process lag-free.

Besides, the best medical android screen also helps you satisfy your entertainment needs with a variety of applications such as watching TV, watching YouTube, listening to music, listening to the radio, reading books. mental comfort and alertness during the driving journey.

Help connect Bluetooth for safe calling

Listening to phone calls while driving is the most unsafe thing. So, when you have an android 10.1-inch medical LCD for your medical. Also, you can completely connect to Bluetooth to be able to listen to calls. Operating the medical screen without having to hold it phone is difficult.

10.1-inch medical LCD 2022

This function will be extremely good for drivers who are medically passengers or often must listen to the phone while driving.

Connected to the buttons on the steering wheel

A best medical android screen will have connections to buttons on the steering wheel to help the driver perform basic operations. This not only helps the driver control the screen conveniently but is also extremely safe while driving.

Has voice control AI settings

After opening with the control button on the steering wheel, you will control the screen using the AI ​​settings and the whole job will be controlled via voice.

  • The best-android-medical-screen-with-multi-app
  • Best medical android 1-inch medical LCDwith multi apps

AI is Google’s virtual assistant application that is extremely intelligent, it will help recognize control commands via voice and then execute these commands.

Connecting to driving aids

A best medical android screen will help you connect to a 360-degree camera screen. Or a dash screen and display those images on the big screen to make it more convenient for the driver to drive.

This is an extremely important feature. It helps the driver to observe every corner of the road. So that he can control the medical safely, avoiding collisions that are harmful to both the medical and other vehicles in traffic.


With the best medical android screen, you can choose from many versions of the most convenient directions. This direction signal is shown on the 10.1-inch medical LCD. So that lanes, signs, speed, etc. can be shown so that the driver can join the traffic safely.


Lowest price 10.1-inch commercial LCD in 2022

What is the 10.1-inch commercial LCD?

Kia Morning car 10.1-inch commercial LCD is the solution to meet your high demand for a car touch screen. See the selection experience here.

10.1-inch commercial LCD

Currently, the Chinese market is gradually favoring Kia Morning cars, along with the development of technology. Therefore, the equipment available in the car such as the car screen of Kia Morning may not be enough to satisfy your increasing needs and you need to find better Android screen devices for Kia Morning cars. to replace.

To help you choose the right android screen, we have compiled the following article about the following selection experience, stay tuned!

Android 10.1-inch commercial LCD for office

Car monitors are smart devices equipped in modern cars. This device is improved with cutting-edge technology that not only makes your driving easy and convenient but also entertains you and provides a safer ride.

The following are the features you should have when choosing to buy an Android car screen:

  • Can be integrated with many different types of car cameras
  • Tire pressure sensor
  • Can be controlled by voice without using hands
  • There is a navigation map system
  • Connect to the internet for fun
  • Connect Bluetooth to easily listen to phone calls on an Android screen

More details are presented below.


A headrest monitor is also a device that should be on every car of yours.

Can be integrated with many different types of cameras

Smart Android car screen integrates all kinds of different cameras such as 360 camera, dashcam, reverse camera, side view. The 10.1-inch commercial LCD has beautiful, clear graphics. This makes it easy to drive, increasing visibility from all sides thanks to the above add-on tools.

Android car screen contributes to limiting unfortunate accidents as well as easy handling risky situations. This is an important feature to ensure your safety on these journeys.

Check Tire pressure sensor with 10.1-inch commercial LCD

When using a vehicle, tires are an important part. When owning a smart screen, you can receive risk signals, change in tire pressure on your 10.1-inch commercial LCD. This helps you preserve the durability of your tires and feel more secure in every journey.

Can be controlled by voice without using hands

What's more wonderful and convenient than that you don't need to use your hands but can use your voice to command and control everything as you like?

When driving is when you need to focus both eyes and hands. Just a virtual assistant, Google Assistant, can help you control requests such as making calls, listening to music, etc. This is very interesting but also helps to ensure your trip is still safe.

There is a navigation map system

This is an indispensable feature for a person holding the wheel and mastering the trip. There are roads you'll take for the first time and ones you don't remember the names of. This is a great tool for directions, announcements, one-way road warnings… as well as signs. It's an indispensable tool for your car, isn't it?

Connect to the internet for fun

Driving a long day will of course make you tired and sleepy so entertainment is very necessary for human needs. The current Kia Morning car android screen with a 4G internet connection will bring you hours of relaxation. You can freely listen to music, watch movies, or any video on youtube with high speed without lag.

Bluetooth connection, easy to listen to phone calls on the android screen

This is a basic feature for every car screen and the Kia Morning Car Android Monitor is no exception. The Bluetooth connection allows you to listen to the phone hands-free. This makes you safer while driving.

  • android screen for office
  • The car 1-inch commercial LCDhas a variety of functions
  • Other factors when choosing an android screen for Kia Morning cars
  • In addition to the feature factor, there are some other factors you need to pay attention to when choosing such as:

Find out which types are suitable for each vehicle model.

Go to the centers as well as consult the people with high expertise.

Android car screens with 4g sim cards are appearing more and more on the toy car market today, so customers will be very confused to choose. The following information is probably the most useful that customers need to know.

The purchase of an android car screen with a 4g sim card is of great interest to many customers because this device not only helps satisfy the entertainment needs of customers but also greatly aids in safe driving for customers. With the following article, learn in detail the problems of this special screen type for this car!

Notes to know when buying a car screen with a 4g sim card

To buy a car 10.1-inch commercial LCD with a 4g sim card, you need to pay attention to the following factors as well as the following assessment and advice.

Why should you install a car screen with a 4g sim card?

As one of the familiar operating systems for users, the operating mode is also extremely smooth, no different from IOS and Windows, so it also helps drivers to manipulate as easily as a car. smartphone.

4g sim card to the android screen

Why should you install an android car screen with a 4g sim?

DVD screen devices running the Android operating system will normally be wireless products, thus making it easy for customers to install.

You will be completely comfortable in experiencing the screen interface running on the Android operating system because it has an eye-catching, neatly arranged interface with clear captions.
10.1-inch commercial LCD 2022

With the above features, users are extremely easy to manipulate, do not waste time to be able to learn how to use the screen.

What is the top technology for cars today? Look at the i10 Car Monitor to catch the trend!!!

Should choose an android car 10.1-inch commercial LCD with genuine 4g sim

When the market for android car 10.1-inch commercial LCD with 4g sim cards became active, devices with poor quality began to appear floating on the market. The common feature of these monitors is that the brand is unknown and the price is extremely cheap.

Many customers, because to save costs, think that the car screen android DVD does not affect the car and driving too much, so it is okay to use a slightly inferior product.

However, you will not be able to anticipate the risks that this device can bring, especially frequent breakdowns, and will give false results that affect your driving and travel routes.

4g sim card to the android screen

Should choose an android car 10.1-inch commercial LCD with genuine 4g sim

In addition, poor-quality products may not even have enough features to help you satisfy all your needs.

Therefore, using genuine branded products with the manufacturer is something that you should do and will be extremely secure when driving.


We do not completely guarantee that products with famous brands will be free of errors, but using a product with a famous brand is using a product that many customers love, this will give peace of mind. and always receive new updates to satisfy your needs.

When using products of famous brands, you also receive the best support, guidance, and after-sales services for customers so you will be extremely comfortable and satisfied.


6 Outstanding Advantages of the 7-inch HMI LCD

Introduction of the 7-inch HMI LCD

7-inch HMI LCD

As life becomes more and more modern, people's quality of life is increasingly improved. And the travel demand also develops strongly. Cars are probably no stranger to many people, followed by the development of automotive interior devices, including Android 7-inch HMI LCD.

And so that you can learn more about the types of screens. We would like to list the top 3 best Android car screens at Saigon Automotive Interiors. So that you can easily learn and understand them. Select the appropriate screen type. Stay tuned for this post!

#first. 360 Dragon Eyes camera screen

Dragon Eyes 360-degree camera seamless screen is an integrated device between Android screen and 360-degree camera system. This is a new device line appearing on the market and has an outstanding upgrade compared to many common Android car 7-inch HMI LCD on the market. This type of screen has such as:

outstanding advantages of the 7-inch HMI LCD

  1. Touch screen with 1280 x 720 resolution capable of connecting to wifi, 4G easily.
  2. Integrated 360-degree panoramic camera system without investing in other auxiliary equipment, eliminating any blind spots, making driving easier.
  3. Dragon Eyes 360 camera seamless screen with integrated 360-degree camera the voice control feature helps the driver to focus on the driving process without having to manipulate the screen.
  4. Meet entertainment needs such as watching movies, surfing the web, listening to music, ... along with smart, accurate, and convenient navigation software.

#2. JWS smart car 7-inch HMI LCD

JWS smart car screen has a luxurious, modern but also very elegant design. With a screen design with a resolution of 1280x720 with electric touch 7-inch HMI LCD technology and extremely fast operations.

Along with that, IPS anti-glare screen technology gives a clear and sharp display even under the sun or in backlit conditions. In addition, this Android screen device also has certain advantages:

  1. Ability to connect to high-speed 4G internet with the ability to share wifi without a transmitter.
  2. Support intelligent directions thanks to applications that help users accurately orient the moving route and warnings about speed and lane.
  3. Built-in dash cam/camera360 and reverse camera make driving safer and easier.
  4. Unlimited entertainment with a wide variety of music applications and online social networks.
  5. JWS screen with the ability to listen to diverse entertainment music
  6. Easily connect to Apple Carplay via wired connection or Bluetooth connection
  7. Owns exclusive voice command technology from JWS Assistant.

#3. Android Fly-Audio 7-inch HMI LCD

Fly-Audio is a leading high-tech OEM brand specializing in the research and development of smart car displays for luxury cars. The Lcd for high-end cars is one of the best quality Android display devices available today with countless outstanding features and advantages:

  1. Designed with a standard HD 1920x720 7-inch HMI LCDwith a size of up to 10.25 inches, extremely wide, with smooth touch capabilities and sensitivity, making manipulation faster.
  2. Experience listening to music, watching videos "extreme" when supporting a variety of entertainment applications and social networks.
  3. Directional applications such as Google Map combined with a GPS navigation system, help the driver locate and find suitable routes to move.


The Android car screen market in Europe in recent years has become hotter than ever. The demand for this type of device is increasing. However, to buy a product that meets the needs is not a simple thing. There are many brands of android screens on the market.

There are many low-priced products, counterfeiting big brands to gauge European people's preference for cheap prices. They do not guarantee quality during use, significantly affecting the user experience.

Is it possible to buy a cheap android screen?

The market for Android 4G screens for cars today can be said to be very exciting with dozens of different brands. With only a few hundred dollars, you can own a screen with full features such as a 4G sim, make calls, watch movies, surf the web.

7-inch HMI LCD 2022

However, usually "you get what you pay? Using cheap products is not uncommon for problems such as Slow loading, blurry 7-inch HMI LCD, glare, lag, etc., causing discomfort.

Don’t buy poor quality products to expand in the market

In addition, with the explosion of e-commerce platforms, the market appeared countless products of no origin, specific sales addresses as well as inaccurate information.

Along with that, there are hundreds of banner ads, promotions, drastic losses to hit the tastes of users. From there, creating opportunities for poor quality products to expand in the market

Consequences of buying a cheap android screen

It is because of believing in unrealistic and cheap ads that car owners have bought poor quality android screen products, making the experience boring. Some common situations and problems when owning unbranded products can be mentioned as:

Do not experience before buying: Usually when buying equipment through unscrupulous sales channels, users will not be tested before buying. This puts car owners in a "passive" position when it is not possible to detect problems early such as broken 7-inch HMI LCD, no power, lag, low sound, low battery, etc.

No warranty commitment:

Most cheap products are promised a warranty policy, but can we be 100% sure that the unit will provide the warranty as committed? The common mentality of most people who buy cheap products is that they are often "sorry" for the consequences if they encounter problems. Because when finding back the contact information is incorrect or no one supports the repair.

Bringing more frustration into yourself:

A poor product always comes with a lot of problems around during use. After a period of unsatisfactory use, we only add more frustration to people, no feeling of excitement when experiencing.

The original screens pre-installed on cars always limited applications and extreme features, not meeting the needs of most users. Therefore, installing Android screens for cars has become a popular trend in recent years.

#first. Elegant and classy design

Different from the boring original DVD screen, your car will look a lot more luxurious when installed with a smart android screen. Equipment brings comfort with sophisticated and luxurious designs.


Normally, smart Android 7-inch HMI LCD will be 8-12 inches in size with extremely luxurious ultra-thin screen borders. The face masks that come with each model are made from durable materials, the structure matches the available panels on the car.

In particular, the product will bring you a great experience with high resolution, extremely sharp image quality.


5 Steps to install 10.1-inch HMI LCD Easily

What is the 10.1-inch HMI LCD?

10.1-inch HMI LCD

Once you own a car of your own, refurbish. And interior design for the car is almost everyone's need. Depending on the type of car and your wishes, you will have the appropriate choices. However, car 10.1-inch HMI LCD is one of the first accessories that come to mind.

And choosing an android screen for the car is the right thing. Let's learn how to install an android screen for the car.

What is the effect of installing an android screen for a car?

The android screen is a product that was born and developed in recent times. Because it is a "late birth" product, the Android screen can promote the advantages of rival product lines. As well as overcome some problems with errors, limitations, ... for previous products.

Advantages when installing an android screen for a car:

Multi-functional entertainment media: Like a smartphone, the 10.1-inch HMI LCD has integrated most of the utilities to serve entertainment needs. Such as listening to music, watching movies, reading newspapers. And especially in some other lines. support CH Play app store; Apple CarPlay wireless and wired.

Safe and effective directions map with 10.1-inch HMI LCD

Synthesize a system of direction maps such as Vietnam S1, Google Map, and Native. Particularly, Vietnam S1 is a copyrighted map, with traffic warnings during rush hour, lane warnings, etc. Also, helping drivers to choose routes with fewer traffic jams, convenient transportation, and savings. Save time as well as fuel.

Call and text freely. Support 4G sim connection, call and text message, especially wifi is extremely fast, high speed, good quality.

Integrated dash cam system and reverse camera

This utility makes it easier for the driver to move and turn the vehicle. The large android screen size, clear resolution helps to see the surrounding objects, limit the impact. And best protect the car. A 10.1-inch HMI LCD helps to record interesting experiences.

And sometimes can even protect the interests of car owners in some cases of collisions or scratches with other vehicles.

The Android operating system has a multitasking, easy to use, and user-friendly interface.

Integrated voice control feature with AI technology. However, this only applies to some of the latest products such as JWSlcd etc.

16-channel or 32-channel DSP digital audio set.

JWS 10.1-inch HMI LCD sophistication, outstanding from design to features

The process of installing an android screen for car

The process of installing android screens for cars is not too difficult; you can do it yourself at home if you don't have time to go to the garage. But if you do it yourself, it will not be possible to ensure aesthetics as well as durability and strength. Refer to how to install an android screen for a car in 5 steps below:

How to install an android screen for a car in 5 steps below

Step 1: First, you need to determine which model your car belongs to, which model, and what size it is to be able to match the space and color of the car, increasing the aesthetics for the viewer.

Step 2: After choosing the right product, you need to remove the old accessories and related equipment attached to the car. However, this needs to be done correctly and carefully to avoid damage or scratches to the vehicle.

Step 3: Clean the equipment and surrounding areas and install the new product. This process ensures the correct order and cares to ensure the aesthetics after installing the car screen.

Step 4: After completing the installation of the android screen for the car, the technical staff will adjust, install and expand the features and utilities needed for travel.

Some quality car 10.1-inch HMI LCD lines

There are many different types of 10.1-inch HMI LCD for cars today. Each brand will have its advantages and quality will also vary depending on the product line. Choose a company that has been around for a long time, has a good reputation, has many positive feedbacks from customers. Here are some suggestions for quality car android screens today:

JWS android screen: This is a new generation car screen product line on the market, with more improved features and overcoming most of the limitations that the car screen line encountered before. JWS is processed and installed on the screen according to Japanese technology, the best utility application in the digital technology era.

The preferred choice for car owners when they need to install

10.1-inch HMI LCD 2022

Besides, the JWS android screen design is also very simple but extremely sophisticated, which is the preferred choice for car owners when they need to install an android screen for their pet car.

Geotech 10.1-inch HMI LCD: This is a product line with sharp, very modern sound and image quality. Besides, the screen is also designed with 2.5D tempered glass, alloy material and has many slots with good heat dissipation function. Geotech car screen has 9 inches and 10-inch size, high-quality IPS technology, good durability.

10.1-inch HMI LCD Android

Another new line of android screens on the Chinese market, but the Reyes car screen has captured a lot of attention from customers compared to many previous companies. This is a product that is suitable for most car models, its features and quality are outstanding, and has a high side set.

This car screen is quite similar to previous products. However, thanks to the good improvement and upgrade, the JWS 10.1-inch HMI LCD is like an Android-powered smartphone or tablet, fully functional as well as necessary and extended utilities.

10.1-inch HMI LCD OLED screen.

Compared to other competitors, this car screen was launched quite early on the market and is integrated with many advanced technologies, fully meeting the needs of customers. The car screen is designed with 2.5D tempered glass to prevent scratches, anti-glare, and the powerful configuration of the A53 chip.


The price of 10.1-inch HMI LCD is also quite affordable for users, so this is also considered a good choice for car owners' screen installation needs.

Above is some information about the process of installing android screens for cars and some of the most popular car screen lines today.