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5 ways to use 10.1-inch industrial lcd in 2021

Introduction of 10.1-inch industrial lcd system

10.1-inch industrial lcd

Nowadays education becomes more and more necessary, 10.1-inch industrial lcd are common to connect faculty and students in many ways. Thanks to the easy access and multifunctionality of this technology, more and more educational institutes have installed online meeting systems to meet their needs. Here are some ways video conferencing aids learning.

1. Distance learning through video conferencing technology

Distance learning seems to be quite difficult, but with online meeting solution, everything becomes easier. Also, Students who are far away can study together as if they were right next to each other and discuss various topics. With proper instruction, this technology can be easily learned and set up in the classroom.

5 ways to use 10.1-inch industrial lcd system in the classroom 1

Using 10.1-inch industrial lcd, it offers more benefits than using whiteboards in teaching. Instructors can use images, lectures and other things from the internet to increase the level of interaction with students, allowing them to have real experiences.

2. Using AV technology to replace conventional boards

The transformation of the digital era has greatly contributed to improving work efficiency, upgrading the accuracy of communication systems, reducing risks and enhancing the user experience. Also, this writing is patient.

However, the methods of exchanging information between patients and doctors are still mainly based on manual updating through bulletin boards and information cards stuck on the door of the ward, which leads to overcrowding. Moreover, in the work of doctors and nurses, further increasing the risk of information errors or delays is minimal.

Digital paper technology 10.1-inch industrial lcd system lcd

This is a new solution that has just been launched in the US market, allowing to bring electronic boards to many hospitals without worrying about light pollution in this 21st century.

Furthermore, the characters that easy to display on the screen technology are called "E-Ink digital paper" instead of the typical LCD screen technology commonly found in TVs.

Unlike LCD, this screen is based on digital paper technology. This does not emit light on its own. Hence, it makes the patient unaffected during sleep.

2/ Notice in front of the patient's door

The 10.1-inch industrial lcd comes in front of the ward can connect wirelessly to the hospital system or connect to the equipment of the Industrial lcd system, thus making the update accurate and timely. real time. These bulletin boards can be configured arbitrarily to provide reminders for patients.

Such as restricting access to visiting patients, causing allergic sensitization or medical prevention, thereby creating Nurses and doctors know the condition before visiting. However, On the other hand, it makes it easier for doctors to confirm and exchange information with their caregivers.

Outstanding advantages of industrial lcd system:

  • Easy to install – as simple as mounting a picture on the wall
  • Also, Energy common – no wiring required
  • Moreover, Information is always visible and easy to read, even during power outages.
  • However, Long battery life
  • In addition, No light pollution
  • Also, 3/ Notice right next to the hospital bed

Data analysis process of 10.1-inch industrial lcd


In addition, a push button to call for help from the nurse and response time easy to integrate into this device to optimize the data analysis process later.

  1. Easy to install – as simple as mounting a picture on the wall
  2. Also, Energy common – no wiring required
  3. Moreover, Information is always visible and easy to read, even during power outages.
  4. However, Long battery life
  5. In addition, No light pollution
  6. 4/ Patient communication board

 Follow up care with 10.1-inch industrial lcd system lcd

Like the two models above, the patient-specific communication board can connect to the hospital or the device of the Industrial lcd system.

Moreover, it makes the update quick and true in real time. The device easy to locate inside the patient's room and intends to be a portal of communication between the patient and the care team.

The communication board is responsible for showing the patient's daily schedule and will quickly update the schedule if there is a change. This allows the patient and their loved ones to stay informed and at the same time the care team can confirm the patient's follow-up care.

The 10.1 inch industrial lcd supports multiple languages: patients can choose their native language for improved communication and medical safety.

Additional options of 10.1-inch industrial lcd system lcd:

  • always Collect patient feedback on pain severity.
  • Displays date, time, weather and related information to help patients feel connected to the outside world, avoiding negative emotions and boredom.
  • Provide information about the patient's discharge schedule so that the patient and their family know to have the best preparation.
  • Display information about prescriptions and treatment regimens that the patient is receiving.
  • Patients can receive messages from their family by logging into the Industrial lcd system.
  • In the event of an emergency, the device switches to displaying important messages

Useful information about industrial lcd system:

The digital paper does not emit any light on its own which means that the patient will not be disturbed at rest and at bedtime.
10.1-inch industrial lcd 2021

Once the board connects to the Industrial lcd system, caregivers don't need to manually update them multiple times a day. Moreover, it improves both productivity and allowing the care team to focus on patients rather than administrative tasks.

The navigation panel of 10.1-inch industrial lcd is not complex. Moreover, it always works even when the power is out and can be easily read from any angle.

10.1-inch industrial lcd system is Light weight

This board consumes significantly less power than LCD devices and moreover it is suitable where sustainability is concerned.

The device allows updating in unclean environments and is easy to disinfect.

5/ Compose documents in a digital way

Editing documents on a digital platform provides writers with the same real-life experiences as on regular paper with the convenience of a digital document manager.

The 10.1-inch industrial lcd application is easy to connect to the hospital's Industrial lcd system in real time. This helps to two-way update patient information and medical forms or notes.

Side information of industrial lcd system:

Like the experience of writing on traditional paper.

The screen does not emit light on its own which means that the device is pleasant to look at.

Very light and sturdy, unlike traditional tablets, these devices won't get damaged if you accidentally drop them.

Long battery life

The rugged design makes the product capable of long-term use in the medical industry and moreover easy to clean and disinfect periodically.

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