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Why should you invest in 7 inch lcd manufacturing?

Dedicated lcd benefits in the field 

7 inch lcd manufacturing

Following the article about ideas for applying specialized 7 inch lcd manufacturing information in the previous period, this article will continue to offer ideas for using displays in the fields of:

  • Fashion
  • banking
  • Finance
  • Administration
  • public services
  • Galleries
  • Exhibitions, showrooms, museums,...

6.  Use of 7 inch lcd manufacturing displays in Fashion field

The fashion sector is, of course, one of the areas. This uses 7 inch lcd manufacturing specialized displays the most. This comes right from the workshop, when the designs were delivered to the tailors. It is to perform each stage, the lcd were utilized to display the information to each stage.

Then, the finished product arrives at each store. Moreover, the mannequins can only help the store advertise a few of the most unique sets. Similarly, the quantity is not much and it takes up space.

Which Companies can use 7 inch lcd?

7 inch lcd manufacturing can help fashion companies bring the whole fashion show into the store. This makes it easy for customers to choose different styles of clothing among the many designs. Hence, the company launches hanging in the store.

This greatly increases the probability and number of sales. For dedicated touch lcd, companies can also develop their own drag-and-drop applications. Customers can freely try out different product combinations on their own simulations. This is a fairly new idea and promises that customers will enjoy this idea.

7 inch lcd manufacturing display used in fashion stores

  1. Banking and finance sector

We can use 7 inch lcd manufacturing services in the field of:

  • Banking
  • Finance
  • exchange rates
  • trading sessions need to be continuous

Conventional TVs cannot perform these functions or can run continuously for such a long time without power failure and reduced lifespan.

At this point, a dedicated screen or 7 inch lcd manufacturing display is a wise choice.

It can be the:

  • latest exchange rates
  • the ups and downs of the indexes
  • Moreover, the time, the information of the preferential programs, etc.

The lcd displays information and instructions. The form has a standing foot placed in the area near the entrance to orient customers when coming to the transaction.

Why should you invest in 7 inch lcd manufacturing?

On this screen, investors can split 1/3 of the screen to display the services provided, 1/3 for the featured program such as:

  • upcoming events
  • the most special offers of the month
  • the remaining 1/2 (the largest part) for the map of trading areas

All of this information is easy to display on one screen at the same time. This makes it easy to look up information and advertise.

8. 7 inch lcd manufacturing in Administrative field – public service

The administrative-public service sector has a common feature, which is that the places to receive people to do the procedures are very crowded. The instructions on registration information for the check-in counters for each type of application take place continuously.


The specialized information display on the 7 inch lcd manufacturing system will of course help agencies to reduce the effort for these stages. The rest of the screen is easy to use to display the reception time frame, a short film about the organization.

9. Use of 7 inch lcd in Exhibition areas, galleries, museums

Specialized displays of 7 inch lcd manufacturing are used in museums, art galleries, and galleries as lcd displaying information about paintings, authors, running reviews of all the works on display. Displays or lcd themselves become art when set to play content that is animated art.

With the advantage of creating smooth and clear moving images, creating maximum visual effects, these works will bring a more impressive and professional look to the museum or gallery space.

Dedicated 7 inch lcd for museums, galleries

Specialized lcd is easy to apply to a wide range of industries, not limited to advertising purposes only. For each specific industry, these lcd are valuable to use but also help save a large amount of money when calculating long distances in the future.

In foreign countries, the use of dedicated 7 inch lcd manufacturing  has become popular, especially in developed countries such as the US, Korea, Singapore, China, etc., bringing affirmation of the benefits it brings. . In the present and in the future, digital signage displays will be used more and more widely, leading to a new era of digital audiovisual.

10. Use of Displays in Education field

The strong development of digital communication has forced educational institutions to equip specialized 7 inch lcd manufacturing screen systems. In addition, interacting with practitioners is becoming increasingly difficult to access with traditional methods.

And as a result, the use of advertising in the education industry is becoming more and more popular and it is currently in the top 10 fastest growing markets for the deployment of screen networks. The development of digital representations has always been influenced by digital information.

Therefore, without a dedicated advertising screen system, the risks of academies will appear, unable to compete with rivals. In the end, they will face a loss of interaction with potential students. 

Why do we need interactive touch screens?

Our interactive screen is a product very popular in the markets of Europe, America, Asia, etc.

Jwslcd interactive 7 inch lcd manufacturing gives users not only a normal interactive display product, but also a better-than-expected experience with the application of many modern technologies to the product such as: Resolution 4K, smart eye protection, smooth quality touch, multi-touch capability up to 20 touch points, etc. and many more amazing technologies.
7 inch lcd manufacturing 2021

Where we can use small lcd screens?

If in the past, meeting rooms of businesses only had projectors and screens to display basic content, but with the modern trend of 4.0, it is necessary to have more products that are more responsive than just normal presentations. Usually, but also have to be more responsive and modern, and the PKLNS smart interactive screen is a product that does that role very well.

State-of-the-art touch technology 

PKLNS smart touch screen is currently considered a product with the most modern touch technology and applications for fields such as business, education, health, ... because this technology is like a modern smartphone, tablet computer.

With multi-touch technology on the interactive screen, the smart touch screen offers an experience of writing, drawing, touching, etc. very smooth control with almost zero latency.

Optimal design of 7 inch lcd manufacturing

Since the design criteria are based on observing user psychology and behavior, shortcuts and I/O ports are placed where you can easily see them.

These features are very useful to you during work because they make your presentation more seamless and smooth, limiting interruptions to the meeting.

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