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15 Types of 7-inch industrial LCD you can Try in 2021

What is the screen resolution? What resolutions are there?

Resolution is one of the concepts that show the ability to display images of product lines and electronic devices. To evaluate the quality and performance of the 7-inch industrial LCD, the resolution is the first factor to pay attention to. Join us to learn more about the screen's resolution through the following article.

Application of LED display resolution

  1. LED display
  2. Video wall
  3. 7-inch industrial LCD

What is the resolution?

Resolution (DPG) is simply the number of horizontal and vertical pixels of the display screen. The larger the number of pixels, the higher the resolution, the sharper, more vivid and realistic the image quality will be.

7-inch industrial LCD

What resolutions are there 7-inch industrial LCD?

Phrases like 7-inch industrial LCD, Full HD are among the popular resolutions today. However, in addition, there are many other smaller and larger resolutions. Let's look at the most popular and easiest-to-see resolutions on today's devices besides standard definition SDTV.

  1. QQVGA

QQVGA, also known as Quater - QVGA is the lowest DP today. Usually just keyboard phones, cheap feature phones with screen sizes of 160×120 and 120×160 pixels.

due to phase qqvga

QVG is the lowest resolution currently available

  1. QVGA

QVGA is a low DP, commonly known as Quad - VGA. With pixels 320×240 pixels. With a low pixel density, QVGA is only commonly found on low-cost feature phones.

  1. WQVGA

WQVGA is also known as Wide - QVGA, this is a popular 7-inch industrial LCD on low-priced feature phones with screen ratios such as:

360×240 Pixels – 3:2. aspect ratio

400×240 Pixels – 5:3. Ratio

428×240 and 432×240 Pixels – 16:9. Ratio

WQVGA is currently only used on low-cost feature phones.

  1. VGA

VGA, also known as Video Graphics Array, has been the standard for many types of displays on many display devices for quite some time. However, technology does not stand still, from the standard position, today VGA is just a low resolution with an aspect ratio of 4:3 – 640×480 Pixels.

Current popular resolutions

  1. WVGA

WVGA is a mid-range 7-inch industrial LCD with popular sizes of 768×480 Pixels – 3:2 aspect ratio and 800×480 – 5:3 aspect ratio. Usually used on low-cost smartphone screens.

FWVGA 7-inch industrial LCD FWVGA

is an abbreviation of the phrase Full Wide Video Graphics Array, which is a DPG with better visibility in screen width? The common size is 854×480 Pixel – 16:9 aspect ratio.

  1. SVGA

SVGA – Super Video Graphics Array, also known as UVGA – Ultra Video Graphics Array is a resolution with size 800×600 – 4:3 aspect ratio. Besides, the screen with the size of 832×624 is also a variant of SVGA to fit some specific devices.


  1. DVGA

DVG A is a resolution that stands for Double-size-VGA with a screen size of 960×640 Pixels – 3:2 aspect ratio, twice the resolution of VGA, 7-inch industrial LCD widely used on phones. like iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

due to the power factor on the phone

Popular resolutions on phones 7-inch industrial LCD

  1. qHD

The screen with qHD resolution is often found with the size of 960×540 Pixels, which is a mid-range resolution, widely used in low-cost smartphones.

  1. HD and HD+

DP HD with a screen size of 1280×720 Pixels with a frame rate of 60 FPS and 4:3 ratio with a definition that is 3 times higher than VGA resolution.

Standard with many 7-inch industrial LCD variations such as:

  • 1440×720 Pixels
  • 1480×720 Pixels
  • Also, 1520×720 Pixels

HD and HD+ from 2018 to now support very effectively for edge-to-edge screens with 18:9, 18.5:9 ratios, etc. and low and mid-range phones.

  1. XGA

XGA is an improvement of resolution with a screen size of 1024×768 with an aspect ratio of 4:3.

  1. WXGA

WXGA is a variant of HD 7-inch industrial LCD resolution, but with the pixel density expansion from 1280x720 to 1366x768 Pixels, the aspect ratio is close to 16:9 – Widely used in tablets by Google.

Besides, WXGA is also developed in many forms such as:

  1. 1,360 x 768 Pixels
  2. 1,280 x 800 Pixels
  3. Also, 1,280 x 768 Pixels
  4. Full HD and Full HD+

Full HD is a screen resolution with a general size of 1920×1080 Pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9. This resolution is often seen on laptops and computer monitors.

As for Smartphones, edge-to-edge screens are gradually becoming popular with 18: 9 and 19: 9 ratios, which has led to the introduction of Full HD + resolution. With dimensions with a height of 1080 as standard.

Full HD+ comes in popular variants such as:

2160×1080 Pixels

Also, 2280×1080 Pixels

2340×1080 Pixels

Full HD + is also the most popular resolution today, widely applied on mid-range smartphones and above.

  1. 2K and 2K+

2K resolution with a screen size of 2560×1440 Pixels, the pixel density is greater, the quality of details displayed on the screen is also clearer and more realistic. However, many people think that applying 2K resolution on smartphones is superfluous and unnecessary.

2k+ resolution is an upscaled variant of 2K and is popular in sizes like:

3200×1800 Pixels

2960×1440 Pixels

Also, 3120×1440 Pixels

  1. 4K. Resolution

4K resolution , also known as Ultra HD, with a size of 3840×2160 Pixels – Nearly four times higher than Full HD 7-inch industrial LCD resolution. Also, this resolution is currently only applied on smart TVs and high-end display screens to meet the entertainment needs in large spaces. Applying it on mobile devices is still quite difficult and not necessary.
7-inch industrial LCD 2021

There are also some super high resolutions that are still under research, such as:

4K+ – 5120×2880 Pixels

8K resolution – FUHD 7680×4320 Pixels with 4 times more pixels than 4K

QUHD – 15360×8640 Pixels with 4 times more pixels than 8K

  1. Video wall

Video wall is a line of screens assembled from many small screens with a resolution of up to 4K. With the final product is a large-sized video wall, constant resolution, often applied in specialized environments such as control rooms, command centers or used as an advertising screen in commercial centers.

  1. LCD screen

We provide LCD screen products with a variety of categories such as:

  1. Stand-up LCD monitor
  2. Wall-mounted LCD monitor
  3. LCD touch screen

The screen lines all possess a minimum resolution of HD, meeting all the needs of customers.


And in response to this opinion, manufacturers have "gently" upgraded in terms of panels and display technology. From there, users can easily distinguish Full HD and 2K resolutions based on pixels and display colors, increasing the user experience significantly.

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