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5-inch LCD manufacturing: 6 Most Popular Questions

How 5-inch LCD manufacturing Works?

5-inch LCD manufacturing is one of the screen lines that are commonly popular in many display fields such as display manufacturing, laptop screens, computer monitors, etc. So, what are the advantages of liquid crystal displays? worth using? Along with us learn through the following article.

LCD manufacturing Table of Contents

  • What is a liquid crystal display?
  • Structure of liquid crystal display
  • Physical characteristics of liquid crystal display
  • How do liquid crystal display work?
  • How do liquid crystal displays show colors?
  • What is a liquid crystal display?

5-inch LCD manufacturing

What is 5-inch LCD manufacturing?

LCD display is easy to understand as a miniature LCD screen, but it does not come up of LCD modules like conventional LCD screens, but it applies LCD technology in production in combination with many other factors.

Basically, LCD displays are like liquid crystal LCD displays. The difference is that instead of using LCD technology, LCD displays use LCD - Light Emitting Diode to reflect the transmitted image to replace CCFL fluorescent bulbs.

Difference of the liquid crystal display

The difference of the liquid crystal display is that it has low power consumption, comparable to the 5-inch LCD manufacturing line. This makes the liquid crystal display compatible with the MOS integrated logic circuit, for low production costs, high contrast.

A liquid crystal display is an LCD display also popular as a Liquid Crystal Display. This is a display line that combines two states of matter, Liquid - Solid. These two states maintain in balance with a combination of additional technological elements to give the image displayed on the screen at a very good quality level.

Need for an additional light source

However, the disadvantage of this screen line is the need for an additional light source – From there we have the appearance of the LCD Backlit LCD screen line. Besides, the operating range limits at viewing angles from 0° to 60°, affecting the viewer's experience.

Structure of liquid crystal display

The liquid crystal display has a compact structure, including:

  • The 5-inch LCD manufacturinglayer is about 10um. thin
  • Two glass plates – Transmitter cell
  • Also, Some other electronic components

Liquid crystal displays are constructed with thin layer

Liquid crystal displays are constructed with a thin layer of liquid crystal, placed between two glass plates with transparent electrodes, deposited on their inner faces. These transparent glass panels are LCD transmission cells, one side is transparent and the other side is coated with a reflective layer.

In fact, the liquid crystal display does not emit light on its own, but must depend on illumination from another light source built into it.

Physical characteristics of liquid crystal display

The basic construction of a liquid crystal display is control 5-inch LCD manufacturing by interacting with the current popular.

  • Light popular on 5-inch LCD manufacturingcan be polarized
  • Liquid crystals can transmit and change polarized light
  • Also, there are transparent substances that can conduct electricity.

How do liquid crystal display work?

A complete liquid crystal display requires two pieces of polarized glass. Glass without a polarizing film will rub with a special polymer. This will create microscopic grooves on their surface, which will be in the same direction as the polarizing film and cause the molecular layers to align with the direction of the filter.

Liquid crystal coatings will apply to one of the filters. When light comes in contact with the liquid crystal, it vibrates along with the angle of the final molecular layer. Light only allows in and out when the second polarizing glass filter changes to the same as the last layer.

How does the dragon screen work?

How do 5-inch LCD manufacturing work?

The characteristic of the liquid crystal screen structure is that the liquid crystal molecules, when passed through an electric current, will tend to resist twisting, causing a change in the direction of the light passing and causing the angle of the leading polarizing filter. change. This will create a contrast in the light and dark parts when the image is rendered in the end.

5-inch LCD manufacturing 2021

The screen's reflector will place at the back, followed by a polarizing plane made of Tin Oxide - Indium placed above and below a polarizing film. The remaining parts will cover by a common electrode and they will cover with an additional layer of liquid crystals. The other glass films with the rectangular electrode face at the bottom and the top corner is another polarizing film.

How do liquid crystal displays show colors?

The liquid crystal display displays colors thanks to interactive pixels with RGB color filters. The screen will connect with a large number of Transistors to help create pixels with mixed colors of color filters with pixels. From there, images with bright colors will display reflected on the screen.

Just now is some basic information about liquid crystal display – The display line with simple structure but luxurious design with high quality image presentation effect.

LED technology thanks to its versatility should gradually become the production direction of many companies. Therefore, the selection of types and models of 5-inch LCD manufacturing will limit in terms of size, price and product line.

Compact and convenient design

Compared to traditional displays, LED displays have a much more compact and slimmer design. Besides, the luxurious and modern design of LED display lines is also very suitable for room spaces.

Easy to upgrade

LED display with good color display, high resolution. Also, this comes from the daily improvement of manufacturers, from equipping IPS panels with high durability to the application of many technologies such as features: Smart display, 3D display.

No doubt, lcd manufacturing require modern skills. For this, you need a reliable manufacturer. You can save cost, if you order in bulk.


Ignoring the disadvantages that are not too much to mention, LED screens are a product line that offers great power savings thanks to LED technology. However, Besides, the price is suitable, the variety of models is suitable for many needs of consumers. If only for normal entertainment, this is a 5-inch LCD manufacturing line to buy.

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