What is 12.3-Inch LCD Display Cost in 2022?

12.3-Inch LCD Display CostWhat is 12.3-Inch LCD Display Cost in 2022?

Many car owners today "race" to refurbish their cars with "unique & strange" toy accessories. Which not only beautify but also have useful effects to meet the entertainment needs of people. A fairly popular tool such as the 12.3-inch LCD display Cost for cars is also chosen by car owners to install.

Understanding the needs of customers, JWSLCD provides promptly all kinds of LCD displays for modern cars with high features from leading brands to provide to customers. To help you better understand the android car screen, we summarize all the detailed information in this article.

What is LCD display for car?

Car LCD display is a modern device designed specifically for cars and applies the most advanced technology. Therefore, the operating system is very powerful and many practical applications support human life instead of having to be done outside the car.

The main features of the 12.3-inch LCD display Cost

The LCD display for cars has the main features to meet the needs of users:

  • It can connect other car accessories such as dash cam, forward / reverse camera, 360 cameras for car, reverse sensor, tire pressure sensor. It helps you observe directly through the screen and be safe. traffic during the journey.
  • You can replace a smartphone, tablet or laptop to help you contact anyone by calling or sending text messages.
  • It is a great relaxing and entertaining tool when you sit in the car with music and movies on it.

In particular, the navigation software available on the 12.3-inch LCD display Cost will support you during the whole trip so you don't mind getting lost.

Therefore, car LCD display was born as the optimal solution for those who want to feel safe and comfortable in the car. Compactly designed, car LCD display is equipped on new high-end cars. It designs to suit the interior space of each car model.

Normally, for normal cars, car owners have to spend extra money to install this "super product".

Classification of LCD displays for cars

For high-end and luxury cars such as Lexus, Mercedes, Land Rover. The LCD display will be pre-designed on the car. If you have a need to equip 12.3-inch LCD display Cost for "loving drivers" but you choose to buy a popular car. You have to charge an extra cost.

Based on this feature, LCD displays for cars are classified by travel service companies into two types: car LCD displays and shared LCD displays.

A specific Vehicle-based LCD display

It is a type of screen designed specifically for a car in the year that car was born. This does not mean that a car line will have a specific type of screen, but special in that. Each is a screen specific to that vehicle. Because of 12.3-inch LCD display Cost characteristic, every detail fits the original car, from the jack to the size of the display compartment.

Furthermore, the functions and specifications are presented in full. During the installation process, there is no need to cut the wiring to complete.

Shared LCD display can be installed on all different brands

Unlike the car LCD display, the shared LCD display can be installed on all different brands, models and models of vehicles. However, in order to be convenient in equipping this tool for vehicles. It is necessary to install additional maintenance surfaces suitable for your vehicle.

In general, about the current trend, installing 12.3-inch LCD display Cost for cars has easily become popular for all car owners. Thanks to the non-picky nature of the screens.

So, you can install it anytime you want. However, we will make it clearer when you should install an android car screen for the best for your car.

When should you install an LCD display in your car?

12.3-Inch LCD Display Cost 2022

Owning a car for yourself shows the noble class of the car owner, making everyone admire. Not stopping there, the car owner also wants to refurbish his car to become more modern. Catch up with the 4.0 technology era. So 12.3-inch LCD display Cost is equipped with a noble interior space with an LCD display for the perfect version of the car best.

For some people because they are too busy and can't go home. The car is not only a means of transportation but also a private space. A place to enjoy a second life after a house.

Therefore, to make the car more versatile, it is recommended that car owners pay attention to the LCD display for cars. So that they can enjoy their favorite music, movies or other programs premiered on TV. It all collapses through your car's built-in LCD display.

The 12.3-inch LCD display Cost: the best choice for you

If you are a long-distance driver, often carrying passengers here and there in all parts of the country. The android car screen is the best choice for you. You will not have to be confused by many turns on unfamiliar roads. Because there is an efficient navigation system installed in the screen. Just a small operation, you will be guided quickly and easily.

Besides, you want to communicate with family, relatives, friends, but you are controlling the steering wheel. It is not convenient to use your phone. With the outstanding feature of 12.3-inch LCD display Cost will help you connect with anyone you choose via voice call or voice message of your choice.

The android car screen is more worthy of your choice because of its connection with the cameras on the car. If you want to observe all the data the cameras return. You should choose an android monitor so that you can get the sharpest and most accurate images.

The above are the important, appropriate times and you need to equip an LCD display for your car. We will help you better understand the effects of LCD display on your pet car that you always cherish. You will surely love and trust by its special features.

The effect of 12.3-inch LCD display Cost for car

The era of communication technology develops like today. Most areas are applied with advanced technology. Automotive technology is one of the leading and increasingly advanced fields. Typically, the current android car screen. So, what is the effect of the LCD display on cars?

Popular and trusted LCD display devices have the following effects:

Show the class and style of the car owner

For basic cars, despite having an external aesthetic in terms of design and neat and luxurious interior space. Without an LCD display installed, it is still not comparable to an equipped car. Your car will become a lot more "luxurious" if there is a 12.3-inch LCD display Cost in front of the car.

Particularly for car owners, they will be very satisfied because the class is honored. The space in the car becomes comfortable and close like a living room at home. This comfort removes all fatigue from work on the way home. Of course, installing an LCD display for your car will raise the value of your car to new heights.

Effective means of entertainment in the car

There are many types of LCD displays today that are no longer simply connected to speakers and listen to music, but also have the internet or WIFI waves. So, you can watch movies and broadcasts on TV without fear of missing out when traveling long distances.


Why 6.86-Inch LCD Display USA is Best for Your Car?

6.86-Inch LCD Display USAWhy 6.86-Inch LCD Display USA is Best for Your Car?

6.86-inch LCD display USA
 is a type of device that provides features: entertainment, utilities, driver assistance, connection and control of security and safety technology in the car... This screen usually installs in this position. center console on the car.

With old cars of the past, the car screen was only in monochrome and compact form, mainly displaying basic information from the radio, CD player… Later, when the car equipped with a DVD player, the car screen was also upgrade to a larger size, switch to LCD color screen. Also, from here, people often call car screens as car DVD screens.

6.86-inch LCD display USA increasingly possess higher resolutions

According to the development of technology, car screens increasingly possess higher resolutions and especially touch controls. The screen that integrates mobile computing functions, which works like a smartphone or tablet, is called a smart car display.

Through the smart car screen, users can control entertainment features (listening to music, watching videos, connecting to the internet, accessing social networks...), driving assistance (GPS navigation, viewing maps, etc.) Maps, directions...), connecting and synchronizing with smartphones (listening/calling, viewing/replying messages...), connecting car cameras and many other features on the vehicle...

Top best car navigation devices

Car Android screen is a smart car screen that uses the 6.86-inch LCD display USA. Similar to computers, tablets or smartphones... to manage hardware, software and provide general services for programs to work, car screens need an operating system. Most smart car screens today use the Android operating system.

In addition to the central screen located at the taplo, the car also has another type of screen that is the car headrest monitor that installs behind the front seat headrest. This screen acts as a pure entertainment screen for watching movies, listening to music ... for the passengers sitting in the back seat.

The car headrest screen is a kind of entertainment screen for the rear seat passengers

Should I buy 6.86-inch LCD display USA for cars?

Smart car screens are now considered one of the basic equipment of new cars. However, with many low-priced cars or standard versions, because to optimize costs, manufacturers often reduce investment costs for entertainment systems.

Therefore, the car screen is quite small, low resolution, slow processing and especially very limited in terms of features and utilities... Even some cars still use standard monochrome screens like older cars. . This greatly affects the experience.

Users tend to customize the car screen for a better experience

But now users are completely proactive in upgrading and installing 6.86-inch LCD display USA for their cars. On the market, there are many types of car screens possessing beautiful design, high image quality, sensitive touch, especially integrating many modern features such as:

Support Standard language, voice control

All types of Android car screens currently support many languages, making it easier for users to manipulate. Some high-end Android screen lines also support voice control in multi-regional language.

Built-in GPS and navigation map

The Android car screen has built-in GPS navigation and navigation maps. Some high-end monitors also have smart software. This provides many utilities such as:

  • map updates every 3 months
  • voice navigation
  • and navigation through many intermediate points
  • finding destinations
  • display 3D map interface
  • actual image at the intersection
  • speed limit warning, lane departure warning, traffic sign warning...

Provide multimedia entertainment system

6.86-inch LCD display USA provides a very modern multimedia entertainment system such as watching videos, listening to music, accessing the internet, radio. Users can also go to Google, surf websites, watch YouTube, watch TV online, listen to music on Zing MP3, download and use applications from CH Play (similar to smartphones or tablets).

Support smart connection

Car monitors now integrate to support many smart connections such as: connecting to the internet via WIFI or inserting a 4G sim. Connect and sync with smartphones via USB port, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

6.86-Inch LCD Display USA 2022

6.86-inch LCD display USA: Connect safety features

If the car does not have a smart screen available or only has an old screen, when installing a dashcam, reversing camera or 360-degree camera ... it is very inconvenient to install a separate screen. Same goes for the tire pressure sensor.

But if the vehicle has a smart car monitor, this screen can connect, control and display images from car cameras, information from car tire pressure sensors and many other features on the vehicle. The operation is very simple and convenient.

6.86-inch LCD display USA is highly appreciated for its powerful configuration, high resolution, 2.5D tempered glass. It also supports features such as lane departure warning, speed warning, and connects the camera.

Screen is appreciated for its powerful configuration, high resolution

In addition, LCD car screens are also popular because of their soft prices. If you are looking for a cheap car DVD screen, then LCD is worth checking out.

How to choose an Android screen for a car?

Screen Size

With an Android car screen designed specifically for the car model, no matter the size, it's definitely standard. But as for the general screen type, you should choose the right 6.86-inch LCD display USA for the car. It should note that the size is not only a few inches wide screen, but also needs to understand the length: width ratio.

Pay attention to choose the car screen with the right size for the car

The number of inches of the car screen is just the diagonal length of the two symmetrical corners of the screen. It does not show the length and width. So, the buyer has to see how much the length: width ratio is, whether it is suitable for the size, the size of the screen position on the taplo.

The current 6.86-inch LCD display USA often have popular sizes such as 7 inches, 9 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 17 inches ... The most common ratio is 16: 9.

Screen resolution

Car screen resolution is the number of pixels displayed on the screen. In a word, the resolution will determine the quality and sharpness of the image.


10.25-inch LCD display in India: Best Guide 2022

10.25-inch LCD display in India10.25-inch LCD display in India: Best Guide 2022

Learning the necessary information about the 10.25-inch LCD display in India. It will help you make the perfect choice for the car to accompany you on every road.

Along with the current pace of life, you can easily see that cars are gradually becoming a very popular means of transportation today. Although subject to a high tax rate, it still cannot reduce the shopping needs of families with this item. This has created favorable conditions for the automotive interior industry to develop more and more diversified.

Among them, car screens are the most commonly used. Even considered as an indispensable accessory in each car because of many outstanding utilities. However, even if you have installed it, do you fully understand this line of equipment? Let's go to learn more about the car screen through the article below:

What is a 10.25-inch LCD display in India?

A car monitor is known as an advanced technology device. It installs on cars with simple and compact designs. Usually, this accessory will integrate with many accessories and driving aids such as a dash cam, 360 cameras, forward - reverse cameras, and sensors. It helps drivers control drive safer.

In addition, 4G car display products are also considered entertainment devices with many outstanding utilities such as: listening to music, watching movies, and Bluetooth connection. It helps to bring the driver seconds the most comfortable minutes even when traveling long distances.

Classification of 10.25-inch LCD display in India

In the current car market, most full-option interior versions of high-end cars such as Land Rover, Mercedes, and Lexus are already equips with screens.

So only popular cars or lackluster versions, new car owners need to spend extra money to install screens for cars. And based on the nature, function and compatibility with each type of vehicle. The car screen divides into two basic types. The monitor follows the vehicle and the screen carries the shared image. As follows:

Vehicle follow-up display

This is a type of display designed specifically for a certain type of vehicle according to their year of manufacture. With accessories, every detail from the installation to the function and specifications of the 10.25-inch LCD display in India is original. Accordingly, this type of screen cannot use for other car manufacturers or other vehicles of the same brand with different versions.

LCD display in India: general car screen

Contrary to the above type of screen. The universal car screen can install on all types of vehicles as well as different car models or versions. However, during the installation of this device, it is often necessary to install a maintenance surface to ensure it is suitable for your vehicle.

The main function of the auto screen

It is no coincidence that 10.25-inch LCD display in India considers an indispensable accessory on every car today. The outstanding functions and utilities they bring. Specifically, as:

Display feature

Along with connecting to the camera devices installed on the vehicle such as: dash cam, 360 cams, forward - reverse cam. The car screen will allow to display the images rendered from the vehicles. The camera will help drivers have an overview to easily observe their surroundings. And this will also help create convenience in moving, changing lanes, stopping, ... as well as handling situations in the best way to ensure safety in traffic.

The feature of connecting to a wireless device of the auto screen

Experts have warned that using mobile phones while driving is very dangerous and violates the laws of road traffic. But if you are driving and encounter an important call that cannot miss. How to handle it most appropriately?

Accordingly, with the feature of connecting to wireless devices of the 10.25-inch LCD display in India via Bluetooth. It is the perfect solution for you. Specifically, you only need to perform a few simple steps to connect the device to the screen. You can comfortably receive calls while still complying with traffic laws and driving safely.

Navigation and GPS navigation features

10.25-inch LCD display in India 2022

Along with this feature, the map will display on the screen and this is a useful feature in traveling long distances or on unfamiliar roads. Specifically, the system will automatically search for the shortest and most convenient route to the destination. Besides, this 10.25-inch LCD display in India can also warn the driver which is the priority road, to enter a one-way street or a highway for your attention.

However, this is an improved feature that has been upgraded. So, it is not available in many types of car displays today that require you to pay extra to support the connection. And the price for this feature is not low, so you need to consider it carefully.

Some notes while using the car monitor

Along with smart technology, the use of car screens, especially 4G car screens. It is often very easy with simple operations. However, to ensure long-term durability during use, you need to pay attention to the following two issues:

Avoid exposing the 10.25-inch LCD display in India to direct water or getting wet, as this may cause the system to short-circuit or damage.

When the screen has an error, it is necessary to have the vehicle checked and replaced in time to avoid unintended accidents.

Learn general information about car Android screen

Along with current technology trends, LCD displays are now increasingly popular in the community with full utility features. It has been replacing conventional DVD screens. Especially the use of the powerful Android operating system with many practical applications helps bring many outstanding utility features in addition to the display function.

LCD display in India: support 4G connectivity

Specifically, 10.25-inch LCD display in India helps support 4G connectivity, large touch screen, integrated GPS global positioning, etc. And in addition to the entertainment features that equip. They can also connect to camera devices. sensors, etc. to help control the vehicle safely when participating in traffic.

Therefore, LCD display consider the optimal solution for those who want to feel safe as well as relax comfortably on their beloved car. And now, new high-end cars are equipped with a luxurious compact screen to match the individual interior space of each model.

As for the popular cars, it requires you to spend extra money to install. However, with the outstanding features that 10.25-inch LCD display in India bring, this investment is completely worth it.


Thus, the above article has joined everyone to delve into specific information about the car screen product line. A device that consider indispensable in any car. Hopefully, the above sharing will help you better understand this car interior line and make the most suitable choice.


Top 13.3-inch LCD Display: An Affordable Option

Top 13.3-inch LCD Display

Top 13.3-inch LCD Display: An Affordable Option

Screens designed specifically for cars

Top 13.3-inch LCD display is specifically designed and exclusive to a certain model of vehicle. Due to the specialized design, the details of this type of screen such as jacks, mounting joints, etc. will have a design that matches and fits the car. Besides, the functions and specifications of the screen will utilize fully when used. The functions are also fully promoted.

Universally designed screens come with universal parameters and sizes to be installed on all types of cars. Unlike other screens designed specifically for cars, this type of screen needs installation with a maintenance face to be able to match and match your car.

Two types of Top 13.3-inch LCD display to install in your car

You can consider choosing these two types of products to install in your car. In fact, each type of monitor has their own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to choose a product that can meet your driving needs at the right price and quality.

With small cars, one point to note is that the ceiling is usually low. You can equip all kinds of 13.3 inch lcd display. However, this type of screen is also inconvenient and makes it difficult for rear passengers to observe.

In addition to the Top 13.3-inch LCD display you can use additional types of headrest monitors to equip the car.

For medium and large sized cars with high ground clearance. Drivers can choose from most of the screens on the market as high ground vehicles are not restricted in terms of ceiling height.

Car screen is an indispensable device and has many important effects. Therefore, you should find out enough information and consider carefully before deciding to buy the right type of screen for your vehicle to achieve compatibility as well as high value of use.

When should you install a car screen?

In many respects, a car cannot be without a Top 13.3-inch LCD display comes inside. There are many different reasons from objective to subjective. It can prove one thing that car screen is an indispensable device and should be installed as soon as you own a car.

In addition to entertainment, of course, car screens also have many useful uses. And at the same time ensure the safety of the car and the user.

The first reason to mention is that the car screen, when synchronized and connected to the camera, reverse sensor. It will help you observe the area behind the car and solve most situations when reversing. Limit losses if accidentally hitting obstacles and obstacles.

Top 13.3-inch LCD display: Increasing convenience and ease

The rear of the car is a hard-to-see area. This is where the rearview mirror is useless. The DVD screen will help you connect the images in this area. It increases convenience and ease when backing up, parking, avoiding collisions and scratches to the paint on the car's surface.

Second, the car screen is also very effective for the driver to listen to hands-free calls while driving. This can be considered as one of the particularly important functions to help maximize driver support.

The Top 13.3-inch LCD display is easy to connect to a phone to make calls completely hands-free. Therefore, the driver will be more focused when driving on the road, minimizing possible accidents due to lack of concentration when using the phone.

Third, the car screen also has a navigation function, giving directions to make the driving journey easier. This also helps a lot for those who are not familiar with the road, and can assist new car users to avoid roadblocks where cars, one-way roads, etc. easily.

Using the monitor is a very affordable option

This function is also very suitable for taxi drivers because not all drivers understand and master the locations and routes.

Besides, the Top 13.3-inch LCD display are also a multimedia entertainment device that helps you relax and de-stress while driving while still ensuring safety and convenience. This does not affect the driving process, but also helps to ensure safety compared to the driver only focusing on the mobile phone, which has a worse effect, increasing the risk of an accident also higher.

Impressive visibility of car screens

Top 13.3-inch LCD Display 2022

So when should a car monitor be fitted? Its outstanding advantages mentioned above can help you understand somewhat about the convenience and efficiency, safety when you use it.

Therefore, you should equip a screen for your beloved car and should consider the issues of quality, price as well as a reputable base because wondering when to buy will have a great influence on the process. Just use Top 13.3-inch LCD display and drive your car.

A car without a screen attached will face many difficulties, in terms of navigation, safety and can affect the car's surface due to collisions if you cannot observe blind spots, dead corners where which the rearview mirror cannot reach.

The effect of Top car LCD display

Due to the necessity of equipping a car monitor, you can also understand the important effects and functions it brings. Here are the 3 main functions of a car monitor:

Ability to display images

When connected to the cameras, the car screen will play the function of displaying the images obtained from them. The Top 13.3-inch LCD display are important, helping the driver understand the situation and the viewing area easily. Thereby, it is possible to observe and monitor the vehicle's condition quickly, can avoid obstacles when reversing or moving easily, ensuring maximum safety for the vehicle's surface.

The ability to navigate and navigate

This function is especially available on car screens designed specifically for vehicles. The general screen types will not have navigation and directions features. Therefore, if you use a universal monitor, you can install a GPS unit to use this function.

In addition, the Top 13.3-inch LCD display also comes with a map system so that the navigation function can work smoothly. The driver can freely drive to anywhere without worrying about getting lost, when driving will be navigated with the appropriate route. He can find the fastest journey to save time and money maximum fuel when driving.


Should You Install China 12.1-Inch LCD Display?

China 12.1-Inch LCD Display

Should You Install China 12.1-Inch LCD Display?

China 12.1-inch LCD display
 is a digital device that makes it easier to display and navigate while driving. When using the screen on the car, you can also integrate other devices: cameras (forward, reverse camera, dashcam, ...), reversing sensor, tire pressure sensor, ...

As a result, the driver will have more convenience when using one screen but can use many other features easily. The safety is also improved and more secure when participating into traffic routes. The driver and occupants can comfortably listen to music, listen to the radio or watch movies right on this mobile car.

Classification of China 12.1-inch LCD display

In order to cater to most of the different preferences and needs of customers. Car display products are produced with increasingly diverse designs and quality. In general, car screens are now divided into two main categories:

The higher the resolution, the more expensive the monitor will be. Unlike TVs or phones, for normal use, the screen in a car is not necessarily of high quality. The quality of the HD or Full HD range has been considered reasonable, just enough to use, and affordable.

China LCD display: RAM/ROM memory capacity

RAM is external memory that helps the processor to access quickly when needed. In a word, the larger the RAM, the more China 12.1-inch LCD display can run at the same time. RAM also affects processing speed. ROM is internal memory. The larger the ROM capacity, the more data the monitor can store such as music, videos or other files.

The current types of car screens usually have RAM capacity of 2GB, 4GB, 8GB... The common ROMs are 16GB, 32GB, 64GB... According to experts, at normal usage 2GB RAM - 32GB ROM or 4GB RAM - 64GB ROM is reasonable.

China LCD display: CPU processor and processor chip

CPU processor and processor chip are very important because it will determine the processing speed of the car China 12.1-inch LCD display. Currently, most screens in cars use 4-core or 8-core chips.


Features are one of the important factors to consider carefully when choosing a smart car display. Some features should be in the car monitor:

Connect and synchronize with smartphones, connect to the internet via WIFI or 4G sim…

Provide features: listen to music, watch videos, download and use applications from CH Play…

GPS navigation, navigation maps, travel schedule storage, smart driving support…

Voice control in Vietnamese, integrated calling through buttons on the steering wheel.

Integrated tire pressure check, dash cam, front camera, reverse camera, 360-degree camera...

Features are one of the important factors to consider carefully when choosing a China 12.1-inch LCD display.


The price of the car screen partly shows the quality of the screen. On the market, there are many types of auto screens with prices ranging from a few million to several tens of millions of dongs.

Besides the genuine quality car Android screen lines, there are also many types of floating, unknown origin sold at very cheap prices. Buyers should be careful with these types. The car screen is an electronic device, with poor quality goods. It is easy to suffer from hardware damage, software errors, and even a potential fire hazard when connected to the vehicle's electrical system.

According to experts, even if it is a cheap China 12.1-inch LCD display, it is still at least 4-6 million VND. Car monitors cheaper than this price often does not guarantee quality. However, it is still best to give priority to choosing genuine car screens.

Does the car's Android DVD screen have any effect?

China 12.1-Inch LCD Display 2022

Many people worry that when installing a car screen, it will affect the structure of the dashboard or the car's electrical system. In this regard, Mr. Huynh M. Tai (automobile electrical engineer) shared that there are two types of Android screens: car-based screens designed to fit the vehicle and general screens that can be used for all car models.

Types of lcd display screens

With the first type of China 12.1-inch LCD display, when installed will almost not change the structure of the vehicle dashboard. Because this screen is designed specifically for each vehicle model, it is very tight and comfortable.

As for the second type, the general screen comes in many different sizes. When choosing this type, car owners should pay attention to choose the right size for the TAPLO table. Usually the seller will advise very carefully this part.

When installing a common screen, with skilled workers, there will be installation techniques that minimize the change of TAPLO structure.

As for the electrical system, with good and experienced workers, they will know how to install the right China 12.1-inch LCD display, install the "zin" jack without cutting, processing, and modifying. Because the more cutting and processing, the more potential risks, especially fire.

If the car screen is installed correctly, it will not affect the car

Should I install a car screen myself at home?

Currently, there are many videos on the internet that show you how to install a car screen yourself at home. However, according to experts, the actual installation of screens at home is much more complicated, requiring the installer to have expertise and certain understanding of techniques and automotive electrical systems.

There have been a few cases where buyer’s self-installed China 12.1-inch LCD display improperly at home, causing broken wires, damaged electrical circuits, damaged original jacks, incorrect connections, potentially risking fire...

Most of the places that sell genuine and reputable car screens now support free installation. Some places even install it at home. Buyers should prioritize choosing these addresses, both to save time and to ensure that the screen is installed correctly and safely during use.

To ensure safety, car screens need to be installed correctly

Where to buy good China 12.1-inch LCD display?

Car monitor is an electronic device. For long-term and safe use, it is best to choose to buy genuine Android car screens with clear brands of origin.

Buying car screens at reputable genuine dealers and stores, buyers will be able to be assured of quality, receive professional advice on the right product line, and be supported by skilled workers to install. Technically correct and guaranteed with a return policy – ​​long-term warrant.