Which is the best 10.1 inch LCD screen model?

10.1 inch LCD screen
Currently, you can find different options for 10.1 inch LCD screen, depending on the model, size and brand. However, the best choice always depends on the user's needs, with the notebook screen being a main interface for a better experience, and now with new models.

When buying a computer or notebook, there will be the option of an LED or LCD notebook screen. This is a big question: which one to buy?

What is a good 10.1 inch LCD screen?

There are many factors to be analyzed; the ideal is to identify each advantage and disadvantage of the LED or LCD notebook screen type. With that in mind, we've listed the main differences between these notebook screens. Check it out now!

LCD screen

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and its popularity in the national market, the most used screen is the LCD screen, that is, the flat screen display, and it has been gaining space in homes and businesses. LCD monitors have some unique features and technological innovations. And this knowledge is essential for technicians looking to fix or guide customers during purchase.

Features of 10.1 inch LCD screen

In addition to understanding 10.1 inch LCD screen characteristics, technicians should also study the operation of LCD monitors. It includes image formation and the main components and block diagrams.

Through this knowledge and viewing and describing the problems presented, technicians can infer the root cause of the problem rather than looking for defects at will. In this way, your work becomes more efficient and professional.

The Internal Structure of 10.1 inch LCD screen

The 10.1 inch LCD screen consists of a liquid crystal screen that is backlit by a CCFL lamp (fluorescent lamp).  It emits white light and illuminates cells in the three primary colors (green, red and blue).

This type of screen is Ideal for bright rooms: as the image is more opaque than LEDs, the monitor emits less light due to the liquid crystal film and reduces the impact of ambient light on the eyes.

Why a good 10.1 inch LCD screen is suitable?

Furthermore, it is very suitable for still images such as images from slower movies and computer games, as well as for reading and producing long texts. It is noteworthy that when choosing between the LED or LCD notebook screen, it is necessary to take into account the price, where the 10.1 inch LCD screen has a much lower price compared to the LED screen.

10.1 inch LCD screen 2021

As mentioned earlier, the monitor is the main interface between the user and the computer. In order for the monitor to display images, they must be sent by the computer in the form of signals. These signals are received by the monitor's electronic boards, which in turn generate images on the screen.

Classification of 10.1 inch LCD screen

They can be classified as the most common digital or analog images. Information is sent to the LCD monitor through a VGA cable, which is connected to the computer by a connector called DB 15, similar to the connector on CRT monitors.

The DB 15 connector has 3 wires for basic RGB color signals – red, green and blue – and 2 wires for vertical and horizontal sync signals – Hsync and Vsync.

LED screen

Did you know that the most important thing today is finding a balance between expense, practicality and the true value you pay for a product?

In the case of 10.1 inch LCD screen, clarity of the device, movies and games will take a new step in image quality! Sharp contrast and saturation can produce incredibly noticeable text, photos and videos.

In addition, there is the possibility to save energy and contribute to the environment. These are just some of the features that attract new consumers when buying a notebook.

There is a more important issue


LED displays are responsible for the ecology! Compared to competitors, the new 10.1 inch LCD screen technology can reduce energy consumption by 40%.

Some brands sell eco-friendly models because they don't require CCFL lamps and are completely mercury free. And because they don't use lead to repair the components, they can safely dispose and recycle the notebook without affecting the environment.

In terms of health and comfort, if your eyes are busy with a busy day at the computer, the last thing you need to do is, for example, force them to watch something. The difference is that the LED display can provide a rest for the eyes.

Which lcd model you should choose?

Most 10.1 inch LCD screen models have smart sensors that can detect glare around the screen and automatically adjust the brightness to help reduce eyestrain. Eyes can relax as there's also the issue of perspective.

No matter where you place the monitor, your viewing angle will be comfortable and the screen will always appear as if you were viewing it from the front.

Whether you are standing, sitting or lying down, the LED monitor can simultaneously ensure that the movies, images, videos and other multimedia you want to watch become the focus of people's attention and will always allow you to watch them comfortably.

Biggest Reason to Buy LCD screen

Finally, another reason to buy LED screens is this: time. After all, the lifespan of LED monitors is 4 to 6 years longer than that of LCD monitors. LED lighting batteries, instead of fluorescent ones, have a longer half-life.

Therefore, you can rely on these characteristics between screens to choose the one you find most suitable. The research is long term and requires a lot of attention to detail. Of course, there are still some 10.1 inch LCD screens that already have a sound system, TV receiver, USB connection and other detailed information.

Therefore, you should check if you really need these additional features. It is very important to carefully research and examine models from different brands. It is noteworthy that this article has a broader aspect, we do not provide the specific details of game monitor selection (the game monitor already includes G-Sync, high refresh rate, input lag and other technologies).

Final thoughts on the LED or LCD notebook screen

Finally, one last tip worth mentioning when choosing between an LED or 10.1 inch LCD screen: don't just buy by brand. After all, you must consider cost-effectiveness when buying high-value products. We hope these tips are helpful to you.

The car screen of the i10 series hardly meets the entertainment needs when the displayed image is not of high quality, the sound output is also not good and does not support some other advanced features. Many drivers have chosen to install lcd screen to satisfy their entertainment needs for journeys.


What is 5.8-inch LCD touch panel Price in 2021?

Car display satisfies your driving passion

In order not to have many problems with car screens and have a meaningful journey, many customers have chosen us to get the 5.8-inch LCD touch panel car screen for their beloved driver. The brand car screen is favored by customers because of its extremely advanced design and production technology to meet all the needs of users.

5.8-inch LCD touch panel Price

  • Produced by modern technology
  • Is the screen large?
  • car screen is manufactured according to high technology
  • Long and thoughtful warranty

The warranty period of the JWS car screen is usually up to 24 months and there is always a technical staff on duty 24/24 to answer and support all customer questions.

5.8-inch LCD touch panel User-friendly interface and multi-application

Vivid sound with 16-channel DSP digital system will help you have extremely realistic entertainment moments. JWS's car screen lines all use the high-end Android operating system and smart processor chip. You can use many features at the same time without worrying about the car screen not turning on. when using.

Common mistakes and how to fix 5.8-inch LCD touch panel

To help you easily recognize common errors as well as how to 5.8-inch LCD touch panel, we have compiled the details below, stay tuned! The development of the 4.0 technology era is also the time when touch screen products are constantly being upgraded and integrated with technology to meet the needs of customers.

What are the common errors when using the car touch screen?

Here are four common mistakes we've found:

  • First, the screen will easily freeze, also known as screen paralysis.
  • Second, the screen goes black suddenly.
  • Third, the screen lost part of the touch.
  • Finally, the screen is prone to misalignment of the touch point and touch dysregulation.

To learn more about the causes and temporary fix of the car touch screen, stay tuned to the next section.

Causes and ways to fix the car 5.8-inch LCD touch panel yourself

Everything has a cause, and we've found the common causes and solutions to fix car touchscreen errors. All are detailed below.

For the touch screen of cars that are frozen, suspended, and completely paralyzed

When suddenly your touch screen freezes and hangs, it may be due to a system or control panel error. This error can be caused by:

  • You accidentally spilled water or liquid on the screen (Even though you have cleaned it, it may still happen that water gets into the touch layer).
  • Inadvertently let hard and heavy objects fall on the screen.
  • Use a wet or damp cloth to clean the screen.
  • System overload. This error is common in components that have been used for too long, have poor service life, are not sensitive or are purchased with poor quality products.

Screen freeze is one of the common errors of 5.8-inch LCD touch panel

Don't worry; fix your car 5.8-inch LCD touch panel by:

  • Shutdown and restart the machine to see if the machine is working normally again?
  • After that, please remove heavy and unnecessary applications to make the system work better

And when everything else is running normally like it still has sound, it can't be controlled by hard keys but can't be touched, then maybe the touch screen is broken and you need to go to a reputable center. trust like JWS to replace the new screen.


Car touch screen suddenly black and white

You are using but the screen suddenly black or white, so what is the cause?

  • The screen is short because the guest has opened too many applications at the same time, making the system unable to operate.
  • The power cord is loose or the power supply is overloaded.
  • The power circuit of the customer's car display is broken.
  • White screen is one of the common errors

Stay calm and try the following 5.8-inch LCD touch panel solutions:

  • Calmly check the power lines, is the power supply for components stable? Make sure that the power supply, cord, and outlet are not damaged and that the appliance is securely plugged into the power source.
  • Next, turn off the power, reset the device and reset the device's operational features, delete heavy and unnecessary applications.

Finally, when everything that needs to be checked and done no longer makes sense, it means that the device has damaged the power circuit. And this case must be taken to reputable centers or repair facilities for timely handling as well as correct car 5.8-inch LCD touch panel repair.

Car touch screen lost part of touch

Partial loss of touch is when the touch screen appears a horizontal strip, a vertical strip or any area of ​​the screen that is no longer touchable while other points are still working normally. This is often the case on capacitive touch screens. It could be for the following reasons:
5.8-inch LCD touch panel Price 2021

Because the sensor has peeled or broken the part of the circuit responsible for that induction range, a vertical or horizontal band cannot be induced. If left for a long time, it will spread to many other points on the screen. This error is usually caused by a heavy object hitting or hitting a point on the screen.

5.8-inch LCD touch panel is easy to deviate, touch disorder

When you click on this place the screen jumps to the next point, or press this corner and jump to the other corner, then your car's 5.8-inch LCD touch panel has been skewed, confused. This is a common error on both capacitive and resistive touch and can be easily remedied.

This is a system error, caused by the wrong resistance reading on the resistor matrix. The same goes for capacitive touch screens, the only difference being that it has the wrong capacitance. This is an error directly related to the screen, it is difficult to fix the car touch screen, the safest way is to replace the screen with a new one to reduce the risk.


With this error, you can fix the car touch screen by yourself by re-aligning the induction power. Small deviations will be easier to handle. You go into settings and re-align the 5.8-inch LCD touch panel point. If it deviates a lot, it can't be re-aligned because it is failing the capacitive or resistive matrix on the touch screen.


5 Benefits of the 10.4-inch LCD Touch Panel

The benefits of 10.4-inch LCD touch panel

10.4-inch LCD touch panel very common for drivers to encounter blind spots at the two rear corners of the vehicle. At the same time, the A-axis of the windshield is also one of the factors that reduce the driver's visibility, requiring a remedial solution. The mirror screen that connects the car cameras is the optimal solution to that situation.
10.4-inch LCD Touch Panel

With the connection of all kinds of cameras such as 360 camera, forward camera, reverse camera ... The driver will have panoramic images around to improve visibility, drive to ensure safety when participating in traffic. In addition, the 10.4-inch LCD touch panel has many other outstanding benefits such as:

Other outstanding benefits of 10.4-inch LCD touch panel such as

Versatile design, combining rearview mirror, camera, and navigation devices. As a result, blind spots are eliminated.

TFT LCD technology:

Helps the images extracted from the camera to be expressed most sharply and clearly.

Used by Android operating system and touch technology: Making it easier to manipulate and use. At the same time, it allows connecting to Wifi, giving you many interesting experiences on your driving journey.

Simple, elegant design. In addition, the installation is easy.

Screen assembly position: Usually located in the rearview mirror, making it easy for the driver to observe everything around.

The screen has TFT LCD technology to observe the images extracted from the camera

Notes when choosing 10.4-inch LCD touch panel

“Delicious piece of cake” will have many opponents. That means that the market will include many manufacturers and distributors with a variety of models of the 10.4-inch LCD touch panel for cars. Not every unit guarantees the quality of each standard mirror screen, so you need to keep a few things in mind to make your selection more accurate.

Car mirror screen resolution

This is the most important feature of the mirror screen. This feature ensures the driver's observation of everything around him. The screen has a high resolution of course the image quality will be much better, clear, and sharp.  Besides, please note that installing or upgrading memory increases storage capacity.

Car mirror screen size

You can place the mirror screen in many positions. However, usually, the screen will be placed right in the rearview mirror. So, before choosing for yourself a satisfactory mirror screen, please measure the size of the mirror position you want and you will find that this size will be in harmony with your car.

Ease of use

Surrounding observations will be made while driving. It is a very important factor while driving. Therefore, the supporting factor for observation is also focused, more specifically, the operations need to be easy and fast. avoiding the case of the size of the mirror. The size is unsightly to the car.

What causes the 10.4-inch LCD touch panel not to turn on?

Thus, the above article has partly helped you to better understand the 10.4-inch LCD touch panel as well as the notes when choosing the car mirror screen so that it is most suitable and satisfactory. What causes the car screen not to turn on and how to fix the problem? The following article will share information.

Currently, almost all car owners equip their beloved car with a good umbrella screen to be able to satisfy all their needs. However, in the process of using, there are times when we will encounter some small problems, most of which are problems with the car screen not turning on.

What is a car monitor?

Things to know about the problem and how to fix the car 10.4-inch LCD touch panel that won't turn on What causes the car screen not to turn on to best understand and fix common car display problems, you need to understand the following issues in detail. As a device designed specifically for cars, the car screen will have special functions.

Features and advantages of 10.4-inch LCD touch panel

Most car owners now install car screens because of the following advantages:

Expressing class and elegance Each car has its style and class. However, if you do not equip the driver with a specialized screen, compared to other cars, it will lack luxury and class.

  • The picture is not large enough
  • The car screen is white when starting
  • Effective means of entertainment

A navigation map and can be connected to dash cams

Is a screen with integrated directions map and can be connected to dash cams, 360 cameras, etc. to get a very safe route? Not only is the 10.4-inch LCD touch panel just for listening to the radio or connecting to the music speaker, but the car screen now also integrates the Wi-Fi connection and sim slot to be able to connect to the network anytime.

Can call, text

Through the car screen, the driver can control by voice to be able to make simple calls, calls, and messages without affecting the control of the car. The above features show that car screens not only help satisfy entertainment needs but also help drivers have an accurate and safe journey.

Don't miss important notes when using the Android Car Monitor

What are the common car screen errors?

The car screen is a device that optimizes the needs of car users, but sometimes you will encounter some problems that make the car screen not up such as: When starting or starting to use a certain function of the screen, white patches appear
10.4-inch LCD Touch Panel 2021

  • When I start the DVD player, the screen goes black
  • When using DVD, the screen goes black
  • The picture is not large enough
  • Car screen goes black while in use
  • How to fix the car 4-inch LCD touch paneldoes not turn on

You should fix them in the following way

I repeat the screen, check if the jacks are solid or not or there is a copper wire leak problem? If the jacks are tight but the display still won't turn on, remove the monitor and try to connect the cable to the console and the TFL panel, and the display. With this problem, we need to check the whole system to see if there is a short circuit.

Conclusion 10.4-inch LCD touch panel

If you are using it but the screen is black, you need to check if your usage is correct because you may have opened many functions at the same time or pressed too many keys. If so, you should reset the screen by resetting If the above steps have been completed and the 10.4-inch LCD touch panel is still black but the FM functions are still available.


7 Tips to Buy 12.3-inch LCD Touch Panel in 2021

What is LCD touch panel?


Android car 12.3-inch LCD touch panel is one of the modern devices and accessories equipped with advanced technology techniques, helping your beloved car become more prominent and luxurious and bring unmatched comfort. It is simplymissing for you. With a powerful operating system and many practical applications you can enjoy this.

12.3-inch LCD Touch Panel

Possessing smart features to meet the needs of users:

Can be connected to other accessories on the car such as reversing camera, dashcam, 360-degree camera, ... along with other accessories such as reverse sensor, tire pressure sensor to help you observe more easily through direct viewing on the screen.

Android car screen can also replace a smartphone

The Android car 12.3-inch LCD touch panel can also replace a smartphone, replace a laptop or tablet, making it easy for you to communicate with others with its call or messaging capabilities. Great entertainment and relaxation tool for users with popular applications such as YouTube, Zing MP3.

Smart navigation software is built-in on the screen to help support users throughout the trip. Highly improved screen design, suitable for different types of vehicles, from medium to high-class vehicles can be used and installed.

12.3-inch LCD touch panels Comfort and luxury for your car

Android car screen customization is now gradually being considered a new trend of many car players in general, helping to bring extremely unique and interesting user experiences, improving convenience. Comfort and luxury for your car.

  • The Android screen is large, but it cannot be displayed
  • Android DVD monitor, a must-have in every car
  • Should I install an Android car screen?

It can be said that installing an Android car screen for your beloved car is an extremely accurate choice, because compared to the original car 12.3-inch LCD touch panel, the Android car screen has outstanding advantages. more than that.

12.3-inch LCD touch panels Convenient for entertainment

The need to entertain or create a comfortable space while driving is what any driver wants, so to meet the wishes of customers, many Android car display products today have can meet the needs of entertainment extremely well.

  • watch movies and listen to music online on the big screen
  • Listen to FM right on the big screen
  • Highly aesthetic

It can be said that most of the original car screens are not as popular with customers as Android car screens. The aesthetics of Android screens are usually very high and varied, compatible with most vehicles on the market.

Laptop screen for android to make the car more luxurious in more

Your car becomes more luxurious and harmonious when installing an android 12.3-inch LCD touch panel from images to sounds.  Android car screens are extremely popular in the market. Moreover, it gives users sharp images and great sound to create a vivid experience for you during your trip.

Full utility for users

  • Fully integrated utilities for users, integrating today's smartest services such as 4G / 5G internet, Bluetooth, ...
  • Big picture hop on the front page
  • Car screen fully integrate with multimedia entertainment and connectivity

Integrated dash cam and reverse camera are more convenient for users to move.

  1. Can notify users of traffic jams and traffic systems on routes.
  2. Car screen integrates smart directions, speed warnings.
  3. Not only that, but today's Android car screen also has a very reasonable price, suitable for most people's pockets. The price is not high but it has very good longevity and durability.
  4. Should I install a cheap Android car price screen or not?
  5. For every car player, it is not good to have cheap toys, fake or poor-quality imitations are appearing more and more in the market.
  6. Sometimes we buy a fake Android car 3-inch LCD touch panelwith a very sophisticated appearance, but unfortunately, it is just an empty shell sold at sky-high prices, which makes a lot of car owners clam up when buying and don't know which brand is best.
  7. To avoid buying fake and fake goods, the best option for you is to choose famous brands or brands that are well-reviewed by users, so that they will bring more effects to customers. Friend.

Top best Android car screen brands on the market today

Android JWS Car Monitor There are many good Android car screen brands on the market today, but Android car screen is one of the most appreciated brands in the market by users. Many people trust JWS screen. It is different from famous screen brands like Zestech, Oled.

The JWS is a brand specializing in car 12.3-inch LCD touch panels with extremely reasonable and convincing prices compared to other screen brands. This gives users a more realistic and enjoyable experience. JWS android screen pinnacle of digital technology comes with good price.

Zetec Android 12.3-inch LCD touch panels

but Android JWS car screen brand also helps users bring configuration and extremely interesting experience, not inferior to other famous brands. on the market. The JWS screen series is compatible with most vehicles already on the market, with 3 special screen lines having been launched: E500, E1000, and E1500.

Zetec is an 12.3-inch LCD touch panels brand that you cannot ignore in the market. We can say that this is one of the big brands on the market today. With outstanding quality in the industry and utilities for users, Zestech is top brand.

Android 12.3-inch LCD touch panel

Oled is also one of the big players in the automotive display industry, with customers coming from the mid to high-end segment. With a modern and durable design, Oled will bring you an enjoyable experience and completely trust the choice.

12.3-inch LCD Touch Panel 2021

Android Gotech Car Monitor

Geotech is a big brand specializing in distributing to users of smart technology devices for cars. These are very famous in the market. It provides technology products such as Android car 12.3-inch LCD touch panel, 360 cameras, dash cams, and reverse cameras, ...

Conclusion 12.3-inch LCD touch panel

Not only that, but the screen is also quite popular because of its sophisticated and luxurious design. Moreover, we can install with many different vehicles.


Tips for buying a 15.6-inch LCD touch panel in 2021

Introduction of the 15.6-inch LCD touch panel

The 15.6-inch LCD touch panel is one of the products that is attracting attention in the market today. Science and technology are increasingly advanced, along with which more and more convenient and smart technology products are born. Typically, for car users, screen accessories are almost becoming a sought.

To better understand those benefits, is it worth your money? Let's find out through the article below! The 10-inch car screen is a 10-inch technology device arranged to the right of the steering wheel position, to help the driver easily monitor the screen when needed with utility features.
15.6-inch LCD touch panel

Reasons to use 15.6-inch LCD touch panel

These features are the reason why you should install 15.6-inch LCD touch panel right away. Details of the features are listed in the next section. Description of 10-inch car monitor, here are some practical functions to answer the question of why to use a 10-inch car monitor.

Clear, sharp images

This feature is extremely useful for drivers, especially those who are nearsighted, who are slightly older. When at a close distance from the eyes to the car screen, the driver can see exactly what appears on the screen. For example, when you view google maps through the screen, you will anticipate the

Common mistakes and how to fix car touch screens

Connect multiple cameras

The 15.6-inch LCD touch panel connects to many types of cameras such as 360-degree cameras, dash cams, reverse cameras ... Thanks to that, your observation will be accurate, comprehensive, and timely to take appropriate actions. the reason while driving.

At the same time, with the advantage of 10-inch size, the car screen will be quite large, giving you a panoramic view of the surroundings, avoiding car collisions. What are the common errors you will encounter when using the touch screen and what are the solutions?

Everything by voice through the virtual assistant

You can both feel comfortable and make the most of your downtime. This feature is considered the most important and core feature in deciding to own a car screen. You can easily search for everything by voice through the virtual assistant, Google Assistant.

Install a lot of apps in 15.6-inch LCD touch panel

One of the super convenient 15.6-inch LCD touch panel applications that any driver must use cannot fail to mention Google Maps. The preloaded application helps you to find your way faster. In addition, depending on your own needs, you can download many other utility applications.

Connect Bluetooth to your phone to make calls

While riding in traffic, it is extremely dangerous to drive while holding a cell phone. However, with the 10-inch android car touch screen, you can completely connect Bluetooth with your phone. As a result, your calls and calls will be easier and safer.

This feature is extremely advantageous.

  • 10-inch large screen
  • You will hear calls easily by connecting Bluetooth to your phone
  • Prestigious 10-inch car screen installation address
  • Currently, on the market, there are quite a few units that provide car screens.
  • However, finding an address you are willing to trust is not easy.

4G connection, viewing arbitrary applications

This 15.6-inch LCD touch panel is no different from your magnified smartphone. You can fully connect to 4G with a 4G sim and watch your favorite apps. This works best during peak hours. At this point, you will use this function to open YouTube to listen to music or watch your favorite shows.
15.6-inch LCD touch panel 2021

One of the processing and manufacturing units according to Japanese technology. Fully integrated with the most advanced technology for car screens. We are confident to bring you the best products. You can rest assured when choosing Esson. The staff will advise you on how to choose the right car.

Applications with the ability to have high storage capacity.

The above are practical benefits that show why if you don't own a 10-inch car monitor, it's time for you to think again. Hope the above information is useful to you. Touch screen and assist in the installation of your car. To view more information about 15.6-inch LCD touch panel, please refer to the company website.

15.6-inch LCD touch panel Stable operation

With most Android screen product lines integrated with 360-degree camera, always have high configuration used with Android 10.0 operating system, with high-performance CPU to help handle other accompanying applications with the ability to high storage capacity.

No need for extra connectors in 15.6-inch LCD touch panel

When you install an android screen with a 360-degree camera, the image will always be transmitted directly to the screen with high quality, stability, and faster than other products, helping users to observe effectively. Usually, products that use 360-degree cameras are installed separately from Android screens.



need to be connected through image acquisition processing boxes, so the image is transmitted from 4 camera eyes to the screen or is slower than normal. often with low accuracy. Does the android screen integrate with a 360 camera What are the advantages of 15.6-inch LCD touch panel?

Features of the android screen with built-in 360-degree camera

  1. Android screen integrated with the 360-degree camera is a product line that fully supports the most basic and necessary features for users. Depending on the product, there will be differences in features and specifications.
  2. Support entertainment facilities for users: watching movies, listening to music, reading newspapers, ...
  3. Integrated various types of maps such as Google Maps,
  4. User-friendly touch screen
  5. DSP audio processing with the best quality
  6. 360-degree camera for a panoramic view

A 15.6-inch LCD panel is one of the indispensable utility accessories for your car. With the development of society, cars are gradually taking over, becoming the means of choice for many people. At the same time, the car interior industry was born and brought to the market many car accessories such as car mirror screens, car headrest screens,...

15.6-inch LCD touch panel is convenient every time you drive

This is a type of technology device known for its ability to help drivers improve visibility. The mirror screen will display the image on the mirror through the built-in cameras. Thanks to that, the mirror screen gradually becomes an effective assistant of the driver on all roads, ensuring the safety of everyone in the car.

The 15.6-inch LCD touch panel is usually installed in many different positions depending on your wishes such as left mirror surface, right mirror, or maybe a rearview mirror. When the screen is turned on, the image will be extracted through the camera.

Conclusion 15.6-inch LCD touch panel

15.6-inch LCD touch panel and its accompanying controller-based firmware have been made available by a wide array of after-market system integrators, and not by display, chip, or motherboard manufacturers. Display manufacturers and chip manufacturers have acknowledged the trend toward acceptance.


How to fix faulty 10.25-inch LCD touch panel?

Notes when installing an Android car screen for car

10.25-inch LCD touch panel

Choosing an Android 10.25-inch LCD touch panel for a car is not as simple as you think. We need to clearly define our needs or learn the components of the screen to best suit our needs. Your car is one of the most important factors for you to choose for yourself the most suitable android car screen for your car.

Users must always consider and understand what they buy this product for.

If you have clarified the purpose of buying the product, you will easily solve the surrounding problems when buying such as:

  • Price
  • comfort
  • Quality

Basically, it depends on the purpose of use. You completely have many different 10.25-inch LCD touch panel brands. Similarly, it helps you to optimize costs and avoid waste when using.

Specifications of the 10.25-inch LCD touch panel

Demand for use is very important; specifications are also an equally important factor. Some configuration parameters need to be paid attention to when choosing a screen such as 4-core or 8-core processor chip, operating system, internal and external memory, the ability to connect to devices.

Always consider choosing a monitor product based on the criteria that best suit you, the higher the configuration or function, the smoother the screen will work, of course, the more expensive the price will be. difficult to connect to devices or to process. inside is smooth during use.

Appearance and hardware of 10.25-inch LCD touch panel

The exterior design of the car is also an essential issue in the product selection process, helping to make your beloved car more sophisticated and luxurious. Not only that, today's low-cost manufacturers often integrate features on the same chip, resulting in peripheral connectivity that will not be as you want.

Software and operating systems

Most car display products today prioritize using the Android operating system with open source code, but many manufacturers today prefer to rewrite the software to make it more optimized.

Therefore, users should test the product before deciding to buy a car 10.25-inch LCD touch panel to know the smoothness and optimization of each screen line, from which to choose the car screen product you want.

10.25-inch LCD touch panel Ability to connect with other devices

Today's 10.25-inch LCD touch panel products are mostly able to connect to other peripheral devices of the car such as:

  • Cameras
  • Sensors

Each type of screen will usually only be compatible with some devices. The appropriate peripherals differ due to the way the software is written inside.

One of the latest product lines today is the camera screen. See more articles on choosing an android screen with a 360-degree camera for detailed information!!! It can be said that installing Android car screens for cars is very simple and not as complicated as you think, when installing we do not need to cut wires or connect to other devices.

The process of installing an Android car screen to your car

  1. The process and operation when installing the Android car screen will not affect the structure of your car, ensuring the originality of your car.
  2. Check and select the car screen suitable for each type of vehicle
  3. Remove the screen and remove the old DVD player from the car
  4. Install the Android car 25-inch LCD touch panelon the car's maintenance side
  5. Connect the jacks and wires of the monitor to the waiting wires on the car
  6. Integrate the features on the screen onto the steering wheel
  7. Complete and return the car to the customer
  8. To avoid unexpected problems and ensure the safest possible, you should look to experienced professional car care centers to ensure your car is installed with the best Android car screen.

Customers fix faulty 10.25-inch LCD touch panel

Not only that, for cars that you want to connect with 360-degree cameras, dash cams or reverse tire pressure sensors, the best thing for you is to choose a professional installation team to be installed. Best place to bring your safety during use. In the process of using car 10.25-inch LCD touch panel devices, you will probably encounter small errors, with just basic operations; you will easily be able to fix them right away.

Common errors and how to fix car 10.25-inch LCD touch panel

Note: In case the error cannot be fixed, you should contact the place of sale or installation for warranty or timely repair. Please add to the JWS screen that will be warranted 1 to 1 exchange if due to manufacturer's fault. Android screen integrated with the 360-degree camera is a product line.

What is an android screen with a 360-degree camera?

With modern technology trends that are extremely loved by users today. The variety of features helps users no longer have to spend too much time and money during use, so the 360-degree camera android screen product is gradually becoming popular and widely applied. in the market today, most notably in the automotive sector.

Android 10.25-inch LCD touch panel integrated with the 360-degree camera is a trending product line of today's market. It provides the perfect combination of Android DVD touch screen and panoramic 360 camera system. Not only that, the special 360-degree camera built-in android screen has a camera system with 4 eyes attached to the DVD player without going through any processing box.

What are the advantages of 10.25-inch LCD touch panel?

This is a product line that can be considered as an upgraded version of the previous generations of instant-camera screens. In recent years, android screens with integrated 360-degree cameras have gradually created breakthroughs in generations of car screens thanks to their extremely outstanding features. Furthermore, it creates a trend for a long time.
10.25-inch LCD touch panel 2021

10.25-inch LCD touch panel is suitable for everyone's pocket

The android screen integrated with the 360-degree camera is extremely affordable in today's market. With a price of $250 depending on each type is a perfect combo that is completely worth to own them. Similarly, it is a great choice for you to use to upgrade your favorite car.

Various features of 10.25-inch LCD touch panel

The android 10.25-inch LCD touch panel with the 360-degree camera has very special preeminent features. It offers features for users to meet the diverse needs of customers, both to meet the entertainment needs. Moreover, it provides important support. Effective monitoring helps us drive safer.


Android screen integrated with a 360-degree camera is a trending product line of today's market. The perfect combination of Android DVD touches screen and panoramic 360 camera system makes it vital. Not only that, the special 360-degree camera built-in android screen has a camera system with 4 eyes. This attaches to the DVD player without going through any processing box.


How can children operate 4 inch LCD touch panel easily?

4 inch LCD touch panel
Comfort and entertainment are indispensable items in a car these days. Have you ever heard of 4 inch LCD touch panel? Do you know how to choose the best model for your car? Where to install the headrest?

We've already talked here on the Blog about what are the advantages of having an unlocked multimedia and how to unlock MyLink. If you have your multimedia unlocked, it's time to take advantage of all it has to offer and equip your car with more automotive accessories.

In this post we've separated everything you need to know about 4 inch LCD touch panel.

How does the 4 inch LCD touch panel work?

Multimedia is in the front of the car and often those in the back seats do not have much visibility of what is going on on the screen. However, by placing this headboard, all things change.

There are several models and you can choose according to your needs and that of your family.

If you have the same taste for movies, TV shows and music, you can buy the headrest that plays the content that is on the multimedia that is on the panel.

How can children operate 4 inch LCD touch panel easily?

However, if you have small children and want to be reassured during the trip, an independent bedside is recommended. But what does it mean?

It means that 4 inch LCD touch panel can play different content at the same time:

  • DVD input
  • AV output
  • USB, and SD card

Each person can choose the content they want to watch and play individually, as well as input for headphones.

Therefore, when buying this accessory, it is worth paying attention to the specifications of each one to make the right choice.

About the headboard design, you can rest assured about it. As there are several models, you can choose to remove and place another one with the screen that is the same shade. The upholstery of your seat or just adapt the screen to the headboard you already have.

What is the advantage of buying a 4 inch LCD touch panel?

Practicality, safety, entertainment and comfort

Installation is simple and quick if done by a qualified professional, so you don't need to be afraid of the device not working properly.


Your travels and routes will be smoother because there will be no need to entertain your children along the way, as this product does this by itself.

In addition to keeping each person correctly seated in their seat with a seatbelt, since if the 4 inch LCD touch panel was only on the panel's multimedia, they would have to bend over to watch the content at all times.

Everything you need to know about 4 inch LCD touch panel

The car multimedia center was something seen as a luxury item a few years ago. However, currently with the advancement of technologies, most vehicles are being manufactured already with this equipment.


The features that this type of 4 inch LCD touch panel can provide are diverse, from driving assistance to as a resource for in-car entertainment.

All these news can generate many doubts in drivers. How to use all these features? What is each feature for? Let's help clear up some of these doubts by introducing a little more about the world of automotive technology.

What is car media center?

The multimedia center means the joining of different media within a single equipment, that is, the convergence of different media in a single place.

Usually LCD touch panel are present items such as: Bluetooth, TV and DVD, parking sensor and rear camera, among other features.

Advantages of Connectivity in Cars

New technologies came to make our routine easier and the automotive world was not left out of it.

Nowadays, you can find everything you need inside your car. You can listen to music directly from your cell phone, carry it in the car, receive and answer calls. Similarly, it makes beacons much easier with the help of sensors. Finally, the driving experience became more pleasant and easier with all these features.

In addition, the car multimedia center is a high cost benefit for drivers. After all, instead of purchasing several devices, with this feature you can find it all in a single device.

The resources present in the multimedia center

We list below the main features present in an automotive multimedia kit. Look:

Reverse camera

This feature comes into operation the moment the driver engages the reverse gear. At that moment, a preview screen will appear in the media center. The camera will increase the driver's area of ​​visibility, which will aid in the perception of obstacles at the rear of the vehicle.

4 inch LCD touch panel 2021

Parking Sensor with 4 inch LCD touch panel

This feature consists of the perception of obstacles close to the vehicle through infrared sensors.

When the vehicle dangerously approaches other cars or obstacles, an audible alert will be issued to warn the driver of the proximity, thus ensuring greater driving safety.


It is a voice and speakerphone command that indicates your direction. It is especially useful for people who need to work with their car, such as taxi drivers, for example.

Therefore, GPS helps the driver to find the best way to his destination, being a great resource to escape traffic.

Mobile integration with 4 inch LCD touch panel

Almost every car 4 inch LCD touch panel has the capability of integrating the cell phone with the car via Bluetooth, allowing the driver to receive calls in the car, through speakerphone.

In addition, you can also listen to music from your cell phone and in some cases even use applications that are compatible with the car multimedia center.

Care for those who want to install the media center

If your vehicle does not have this equipment and you want to purchase it, some precautions are necessary. First of all, contact your dealer to make sure this will not void your warranty.


Not every vehicle supports the installation of 4 inch LCD touch panel. You should get informed beforehand. Appliances that are not installed correctly can change the electrical load on the system, affecting other equipment in the vehicle.

Therefore, when making any changes to the car, it is very important to look for trained professionals who will be able to guide you correctly.


How many types of 13.3 inch LCD touch panels are there?

13.3 inch LCD touch panels
There are many brands of car 13.3 inch LCD touch panel on the market, but they are basically distinguished in three main models:

Car DVD screen running android operating system

Assorted DVD screen t pig vehicles are often built under the car, have the advantage of the plug connector is used natively is not connected or cut herring, every feature under the car retained the original under the car from the back sensors to the reverse camera.

But the disadvantage of this type of car monitor is that the sound quality and touch are not really excellent, and the features are not many.

Outdated car 13.3 inch LCD touch panel model

Car DVD screen shared with Japanese audio brands such as Pioneer, Sony, JVC, etc. has excellent sound quality. The outstanding advantage of this type of screen is extremely good sound quality, realistic images, and multi-touch.

But the disadvantage of 13.3 inch LCD touch panel is that there are very few features such as no phone connection, no GPS map, when installing, you have to use extra face care. At the same time, the price of these types of screens is quite expensive, about $250.

13.3 inch LCD touch panel give very good sound quality but few features

The android car DVD screen is a new innovation that appeared recently. Because of the latter, the android screen has overcome many significant disadvantages of the two types of screens mentioned above while having all the original features.

According to the car, it has just added the latest technology applications, GPS navigation but still has very good sound quality, and the price is still very affordable, only from 7-15 million.

The 13.3 inch LCD touch panel has a lot of useful features

The preeminent features of the android screen:

All the customers who have installed android screens at DPRO have given many reasons to use this product. However, all admit one thing is that it has the most advanced and convenient features that the original car DVD players or car monitors cannot have.

Feeling interesting, driving is still safe but still enjoying moments of entertainment, that's what customers get when using 13.3 inch LCD touch panel. In addition, this product has many features:

1. 4G connection to watch videos, listen to music, watch TV fully

This car 13.3 inch LCD touch panel is like a magnified smartphone for your car. Imagine with an android car screen, at rush hour, walking on a traffic jam every day, you can turn on youtube to listen to your favorite music, or take advantage of your downtime listening to an audiobook, all will dissolve the inhibition of vehicles, the road is jammed outside.

That's right, this screen will help you entertain and study effectively with just a 4G sim connection.

2. Install a lot of apps, especially directions apps

On the Android car screen, it is possible to install a lot of applications from CH Play such as Facebook, zalo, youtube, vtv go, zing mp3, ... And especially, the car screen can install all the applications.

The most popular navigation applications today such as:

  • google map
  • navitel with navigation functions
  • speed warnings
  • lane departure warnings

These are extremely useful applications for service drivers, newbies driving or traveling long distances.

3. 13.3 inch LCD touch panel Can connect all kinds of dash cams

Take full advantage of the 13.3 inch LCD touch panel to integrate the dashcam, reverse camera, 360-degree camera.


This is an extremely useful feature when the driver can observe all the outside corners of the road. The clear resolution combined with the large display size on the screen will help the driver easily observe obstacles to avoid collisions and collisions when reversing or driving in narrow roads.

4. Connect bluetooth to your phone to make calls

When traveling on the road, manipulating the phone is one of the problems that are always potentially dangerous. Now, with 13.3 inch LCD touch panel bluetooth connection to your phone, listening and calling operations will be completely without having to hold the phone.

This is a function that is especially useful for service drivers and those who frequently deal with work while driving.

5. Easy connection with the button on the steering wheel for easy screen control

For cars with built-in control buttons on the steering wheel, the android screen can be easily connected to this button combination utility.

Simple operations such as increasing or decreasing the volume, stopping playing music, listening to calling can all be done through the buttons on the steering wheel conveniently. This is a feature that car owners are very interested in.

The android screen connects very easily with the steering wheel key

6. Command, advanced control by voice via AI virtual assistant

Here is the difference of Android car screen from DVD player and 13.3 inch LCD touch panel. You just need to voice command what you want next.
13.3 inch LCD touch panels 2021

AI will completely do the rest for you. From calling, playing videos, playing music, listening to phone calls or even searching for information on Google when suddenly having a question, it is so magical! AI virtual assistant is the key point for you to decide to equip an Android car screen.

13.3 inch LCD touch panel for Gotech cars

JWS is a highly appreciated Android display brand in Vietnam. Gotech is a distributor of smart high-tech electronics for cars. It includes an Android LCD touch panel, program camera, 360 camera, etc.

The JWS screen has a good quality as well as a reasonable price. With a luxurious, separate design and can be installed on many different car models.

Android screen for OLED car

The OLED brand car screen line is also chosen by many Vietnamese users. The special advantage of this screen line is that it is quite durable and stable, with a warranty policy of up to 18 months. OLED also has many product lines such as: OLED C2, OLED Pro S400, OLED Pro S500, OLED Pro S600 Karaoke

With high stability, sharp screen, extremely complete multimedia solution, the oled screen brings the whole experience of comfort, entertainment, and convenience when driving.

The price of 13.3 inch LCD touch panel ranges from $250-350 depending on the product line.


How to use 12.1 inch LCD touch panel as marketing tool?

12.1 inch LCD touch panel
When in certain vehicles such as airplanes, taxis, buses, etc., we often see advertising 12.1 inch LCD touch panel installed in extremely easy-to-see locations. This is a form of digital screen advertising on vehicles that currently has a lot of potential for development in the near future. Hence, businesses should pay attention and learn about.

Let's learn with us about advertising LCD screens on vehicles to make the right choice for your business campaign.

Article table of contents

  1. Advertising LCD screen on vehicles – New direction for businesses
  2. On which means of transport is LCD advertising deployed?

2.1. In-flight advertising LCD screen

2.2. Advertising LCD screen on car

2.3. Advertising LCD screen on taxis

2.4. Advertising LCD screen on trains

2.5. Bus advertising LCD screen

  1. Quotations for advertising LCD screens on vehicles
  2. Book advertising LCD screens on vehicles with the service of Unique OOH

1. Advertising 12.1 inch LCD touch panel on vehicles – New direction for businesses

12.1 inch LCD touch panel for advertising on vehicles (digital screen advertising) are probably quite familiar to a large number of customers in the market and are being deployed more and more widely. As the name suggests, this form is deployed in the form of installing digital screens on public vehicles to promote brands for brands in need.

12.1 inch LCD touch panel 2021

LCD screens have a variety of sizes such as 22 inches, 33 inches ... like a miniature TV. Moreover, they come in positions that fit the viewer's eye level so that they can easily observe without being too tall. or too low. Because it is installed inside the vehicle, the potential customers it targets are the passengers who are present in the vehicle at that time.

How to use 12.1 inch LCD touch panel?

Just like other advertising LCD screens, when businesses book this form of advertising, they will be playing a TVC clip with a length of 15 - 30 seconds interspersed with other clips during the time that the medium operates. . Passengers in the car will be exposed to advertising content at least once and consider it as an extremely effective source of time-killing entertainment. Thus, it can be affirmed that the brand image will definitely be imprinted in their minds.

Currently, all 12.1 inch LCD touch panels are high-resolution screens, so the image and sound quality is very vivid and sharp, making the process of observing and receiving information of the viewer also become difficult. so much easier and more sympathetic.

2. On which means of transport is LCD advertising suitable?

2.1. In-flight advertising LCD screen

Perhaps this is the most expensive form of advertising LCD screens on transport because in addition to the type of advertising on the plane itself has a much higher quote, it also helps businesses reach reach potential customers from the good segment and up.

Currently, many businesses are interested in this type of business because it helps the brand to be raised to a new level that not all brands can do.

Advertising 12.1 inch LCD touch panel on vehicles

The special feature here is that the number of 12.1 inch LCD touch panel will correspond to the number of seats inside the plane. Each passenger will not have to share the view with anyone else, like so the focus on tracking the advertising content played on the screen will be much higher.

Because the time to reach viewers is very long (hours), businesses must pay more attention to the stage of editing TVC clips so that they are attractive and creative so as not to make them feel boring and create a feeling of uncomfortable.

2.2. Advertising LCD screen on car

Advertising LCD screen on cars here means that businesses will book ads on cars participating in technology ride-hailing services. The 12.1 inch LCD touch panel gets right behind driver's seat. Hence, if you want to observe, passengers will have to sit in the back seat.

Although the installation of a screen in the car still depends on the owner of the car, more and more cars are now doing it because in addition to serving passengers, it is also common in daily personal life.

The LCD screen in the car will include two types:

  1. touchable and
  2. non-touch, its size is like an iPad

It is very convenient to see from a close distance without causing eye strain. The promotional clips played on the screen will become a source of short-term entertainment. They capture the viewer's entire attention during the journey.

2.3. Advertising 12.1 inch LCD touch panel on taxis

In general, 12.1 inch LCD touch panel advertising on taxis is no different from advertising on cars. It is easier to book ads on taxis.

It is much easier because usually taxi companies will install LCD screens on a series of vehicles. On average, each vehicle will be installed with a maximum of two screens (but most will be one screen) to focus the attention of passengers.

Broadcast Messages with 12.1 inch LCD touch panel

In addition to broadcasting promotional TVC clips, viewers can also interact through a number of pre-programmed applications and games. It is to receive gifts, vouchers, etc. from the brand. This is also a way to help attract the attention of passengers and make them remember longer.  The time in a taxi will be much longer than glancing at it on the road.

2.4. Advertising LCD screen on trains

Currently, advertising 12.1 inch LCD touch panel have not covered all train lines of our country. But when traveling by train through major cities, we can already see images of 12.1 inch LCD touch panel hanging.

Usually the LCD screen comes at the top of the car or in the middle of the car (two screens are facing each other). It is to ensure that passengers sitting in any position can easily observe.

Bus advertising LCD screen

Buses are a type of public transport chosen by many people in our country. Because of their low cost, can carry many people at the same time, pick up/drop off at many locations and most importantly, not afraid of rain.

Moreover, with today's trend encourages people to use public transport such as?

  • buses to protect the environment
  • save fuel
  • Buses have become a perfect solution for passengers.