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7-inch commercial lcd: 5 Trending Applications in 2021

What is 7-inch commercial lcd?

7-inch commercial lcd is a modern technology that has received a lot of attention from users who love display technology. What advantages does this monitor line possess that receive such attention? Along with us learn through the article below.

Table of contents of commercial lcd

  • What is lcd Backlit Display?
  • Also, lcd Backlit screen series
  • Edge-Lit. Display
  • Furthermore, RGB lcd Display
  • Moreover, Wlcd
  • In addition, Advantages of lcd Backlit screen
  • Also, Disadvantages of lcd Backlit screen

What is lcd Backlit Display?

lcd Backlit screen is an LCD screen that integrates lcd Backlit technology in its design. Basically, the lcd Backlit LCD screen acts as a backlit screen. But designed so that the light of the backlight lcds can pass through that shield and display with high light quality, giving images with very good resolution.

What is lcd Backlit Display?

  • Backlit lcd screens are often common on products such as TVs, laptops, etc.
  • lcd Backlit screen series
  • Below are some common types of lcd Backlit screenscommon in display products.

1. 7-inch commercial lcd Edge-Lit. Display

7-inch commercial lcd is a light screen that is projected from the back of the screen edge, the light common is white lcd or El-Wlcd. This is the most common form of Backlit screen today. It is popular thanks to the low cost of the material, with the built-in special diffuser, the light will cover the entire screen.

7-inch medical lcd

Instead of having to mount Edge-Lit on all four edges of the screen as traditionally, today's technology only needs to be mounted on one edge to give super-quality projection effect.

2. RGB commercial lcd

Like the Edge-L it screens, however, the lcd common here is the basic 3-color RGB line that replaces the white lcd. Also, the entire liquid crystal panel will be covered by RGB lcds, the light is created from a combination of R - G - B colors. The advantage of this screen line is that it displays more bright colors, more color gamut and much more accurate than 7-inch commercial lcd.

However, the price is an obstacle for the popular development of this screen line. For example, an HP Dream Color LP2490ZX monitor using RGB lcd Backlit technology has an average price of $ 3500 with a thickness of about 2.25 inches. Also, As for the Samsung PX2370 screen using Wlcd, the price is only about $ 300 with a thickness of 0.6 inches.

3. Wlcd 7-inch commercial lcd

The Wlcd Backlit display has the same layout as the RGB lcd display, but the shadows covering the Panel are Wlcd bulbs. Wlcd technology is very popular for use in high-quality HDTV screen TVs.

Advantages of lcd Backlit. screen

Advantages Description
Color display The display color of the lcd Backlit screen is rated with brighter, more beautiful and more stable colors with higher contrast levels than other monitors.
Colors Conventional monitors only display about 72 – 102% of the NTSC color range. Meanwhile, the RGB lcd screen can display with 114%. The display color gamut is higher, the true quality is also improved better.
Quality and price Ultra-thin lcd Backlit screen lines almost all use Wlcd bulbs - Both can meet the requirements of product price reduction while still being able to ensure the best image quality.
Energy saving lcd product lines all possess low power consumption, optimize power consumption and minimize heat generated during use.
Effects when using lcd display products do not contain hazardous substances according to ROHS standards and are completely recyclable.

Disadvantages of 7-inch commercial lcd

lcd backlit screen is 7-inch commercial lcd, and if it is not integrated with lcd technology, the screen will produce a large amount of blue light, affecting the viewer's visual experience.

Just now is some basic information about lcd Backlit screen - The line of LCD screens with lcd technology application brings great advantages when common.

What is portable 7-inch commercial lcd?

Portable lcd screen is a line of lcd screens that can be flexible in installation and move with easy disassembly and installation at any location that customers want. Also, unlike conventional lcd screens, when installed, they will be fixed on the wall or indoor and outdoor locations, the mobile lcd screen will not be constrained by space or mounting position. Also, Customers can choose a very flexible placement in the allowed space.

7-inch medical lcd 2021

Portable commercial lcd series

Currently, we are providing diverse lines of mobile lcd screens with the purposes and needs of customers. Some lines of mobile lcd screens that are receiving a lot of attention can be mentioned below:

What is indoor portable lcd display?

Indoor 7-inch commercial lcd are usually small and medium sized lcd screens, serving basic projection needs in narrow and not too large spaces.

Indoor portable lcd display serves several purposes such as:

  1. Show movies in the family

Indoor portable lcd screens can easily replace conventional TVs and projectors thanks to their high definition and diverse sizes to help customers easily "satisfy" their entertainment needs with "art of art". Saturday afternoon". Experiencing blockbuster 3D movies with epic effects is what indoor lcd screens can easily deliver.

  1. Serving indoor stages and halls

Portable 7-inch commercial lcd can be easily installed in indoor stages and halls. The flexibility of this lcd screen line is very well demonstrated with the fact that it can be arranged at any location in the stage to serve the audience's monitoring needs. Moreover, From the stage wings to the necessary positions in the hall, everyone can become the "focus" position with a portable stage lcd screen.

3. 7-inch commercial lcd Meeting room

One of the most stressful environments for all employees in the company besides the restroom is the meeting room. Shadows, projection size up and down, and problems arising from classic projectors can be completely solved with a portable meeting room lcd screen of the right size.


Different from the purpose of normal image projection with indoor space, outdoor lcd screen mainly serves the following purposes:


The use of a mobile lcd screen will bring much more attention efficiency.

Besides, it is possible to easily arrange mobile lcd screens on mobile vehicles such as cars. In Western countries, moving outdoors with the installation of mobile lcd screens has brought very positive communication effects to businesses.

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