8 Benefits you Get when Using 4.6 inch LCD Touch Panel

4.6 inch LCD Touch Panel
4.6 inch LCD touch panel
 is increasingly used in meeting rooms and classrooms, why are touch screens so popular? Why is the touch whiteboard shield disappearing? To better understand the LED touch screen, invite you to review the benefits that touch screens bring when used!

  • 8 benefits you get when using touch screens
  • Anti-scratch, impact-resistant screen
  • Easy to use
  • No need for calibration
  • Built-in Windows and Android operating systems with unlimited internet connection
  • Connect to Laptop, PC and control it right on the touch screen
  • Share files with other devices easily
  • Direct access to your files saved in Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive
    LED touch screen for office

1. Anti-scratch, impact-resistant 8 benefits you get when using touch screens


4.6 inch LCD touch panel provided by us are durable models, designed with sturdy frames, screens covered with scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and anti-glare glass to help you complete Can be used in office or classroom environments with hyperactivity of students.

  1. Easy to use

People are actively engaged because the technology is easy to use and familiar, you get more productive and enjoyable collaboration on touch screens - people feel confident when they get up and write or draw and navigate the content they want. Presenters can create an engaging and informative lecture because learning time is minimal.

4.6 inch LCD touch panel is Interactive 
No need to write paper to follow, general notes on the screen. Show everyone's thoughts, use touch displays to create giant Gantt charts or action plans for all to see. Easily move ideas and group things together and let everyone see what's going on in the room, then simply share files after the meeting; Touch screens can coordinate your business processes.

  1. No need for calibration

If using the touch board using the projector, after many days of use, the touch will be wrong, we will have to recalibrate to make the screen work correctly, and the 4.6 inch LCD touch panel will not need to be used.

Do that cumbersome operation, just turn on the screen and go. Besides, the touch screen also has built-in speakers, so you don't need to install external audio.
For details, you can refer to the article below about the difference between these two touch devices!

Traditional touch whiteboards use projectors, we will have to set the touch position before use,
on Led touch screens, there will be no need for this operation.

4. Built-in Windows and Android operating systems with unlimited internet connection

Some of us are visual learners, preferring pictures, videos and diagrams, while others react to speech and writing, music, logic and reasoning or even physical activities. The touch display can give you easy access to the web, apps, software, video, HD images, audio, drawing and annotation tools, and more.

  1. Connect to Laptop, PC and control it right on the touch screen

The 4.6 inch LCD touch panel has a variety of ports so that you can connect other devices in the room; one of the most common connections you will use is the HDMI connection between the touch display and the laptop.

Then you connect the USB touch between the two and can interact with the content on your laptop from the touch display!
Connect touch displays to laptops and control them

6. Share files with other devices easily with 4.6 inch LCD touch panel

Touch displays can help facilitate effective teamwork. Make sure the solution you choose includes touch digital software that can make it easy to get people's ideas. Such software has an infinite canvas; Everyone's ideas can appear on screen at the same time so you can work together to come up with a solution.

It's easier to present ideas in a way that drives discussion with touch software designed for 4.6 inch LCD touch panel. You can also set up collaboration sessions so that everyone in the room can connect to the touch display with devices and collaborate on content touchy.

7. Direct access to your files saved in Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive

Our software allows you to access all your files from just one location! Its integrations mean you can open saved files from Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive so you never have to worry about rebuilding your stuff.

Benefits of using touch screen technology in sales

4.6 inch LCD touch panel technology is becoming more and more popular and widely applied on many devices such as computers, tablets and smart mobile phone devices. Although the initial investment cost is higher than that of devices using traditional mechanical keyboards, the benefits of the touch screen are completely worth the investment costs.

Currently, a number of modern sales software supports the use of touch technology. The use of touch screens in sales will bring great effects to your business activities. Here are 3 benefits that touch screens bring:

  1. Easy to use

The biggest advantage of using a 4.6 inch LCD touch panel is its friendliness and ease of use. Instead of having to manipulate the mouse, keyboard or buttons, the touch screen allows you to operate directly on the screen. Information is displayed in an intuitive way to help users easily manipulate even without background knowledge of technology.

Less effort to train employees with 4.6 inch LCD touch panel

The use of touch screen will minimize the training time for employees, and at the same time allow employees to operate multiple operations at the same time, because using the touch screen interface does not require Employees must concentrate as much as using the keyboard and mouse.
4.6 inch LCD Touch Panel 2021

  1. Fast transaction speed

Instead of having to manipulate the mouse, move the mouse to the desired location and click the mouse, when using 4.6 inch LCD touch panel technology, you just need to select directly the desired location. According to a study by Mitsubishi, using touch technology will save you 20% of the time compared to traditional input methods.

3. 4.6 inch LCD touch panel High usability

With touch technology, you can use it on many mobile devices such as ipad, Android tablet or smartphone anytime, anywhere. Even when using a computer, you can save space by eliminating accompanying hardware devices such as keyboards or mice.