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How to remove the 10.1-inch smart LCD in the car correctly?

Learn about car Smart 10.1-inch smart LCD

The car Smart 10.1-inch smart LCD is one of the important parts of the audio system. The Smart LCD is equipped to listen to music and watch movies. Bring a feeling of comfort and ease on every journey. Usually, a Smart LCD has some basic parts such as:

10.1-inch smart LCD

Some common mistakes that make people try to remove the Smart LCD in the car:

Picky disk: This is a very common error. Some discs easy to read well, but some discs can't be read. The next very common error is not all discs or not all discs. Also, the cause may be due to dirt causing the gears to get stuck, inserting 2 discs into 1 drive.

Some common mistakes make people try to remove the Smart 10.1-inch smart LCD in the car

How to remove the Smart LCD in the car correctly?

How to remove the Smart LCD is not too difficult, but you must have the technique and do the right process.

Preparation: Necessary tools such as screwdrivers contain large and small heads, suitable for removing the Smart 10.1-inch smart LCD. Most screws are small, microscopic, and meticulously designed, requiring similarly sized screwdrivers.

To remove the Smart 10.1-inch smart LCD:

Step 1: Use the prepared screwdriver set to remove the 2 screws located on the top of the watch face. Step 2: You will see the maintenance face and the plastic piece. Furthermore, All you need to do is use your hands to pull them out.

If you find that the pull is not strong enough, you need to use a flathead screwdriver to pry it out. Remember to slip into the slot carefully.

Screwdriver necessary for installing 10.1-inch smart LCD

Step 3: The Smart LCD is usually inside, you need to use a screwdriver to remove the screws on the back of the support. The screws are yellow, about 5 pieces.

Step 4: The back part of the plastic has many jacks. You need to remove them all. At this point, you will see a square empty box containing many holes, take a flathead screwdriver and put each hole from left to right of the CD drive. Also, Next, you use force to press firmly on the steel piece.

Step 5: Finally, you just press, pull the CD drive out slowly in the same direction as the steel piece.

What to note about how to remove the Smart LCD in the car?

To remove the disc player from the car you need technique and skill. Although not too difficult, this helps to ensure that the car's tale is not scratched. Many cases do not know how to remove it.

Be careful not to get damaged. broken wire because the Smart LCD contains many circuits and screws. If you find it difficult or stuck in the middle, you should not be in a hurry but be very calm.

Gently remove it little by little, to avoid "burning and burning”.

Put the screws in a fixed place to avoid falling or losing because the screw is very small. To avoid breaking the circuit and causing an electrical short. However, before removing the Smart LCD, you remember to turn off the machine, open the bonnet, turn off the power.

1. Causes of failure - repair car DVD player

Here are a few subjective and objective causes of errors that drivers often make

Subjective causes of errors

Continuous use with a frequency of many hours usually should only be common for about 2 hours, then turn off for about 30 minutes, and then continue to use often. affixed with insulating film Due to collisions, unfortunate external forces leading to breakage, 10.1-inch smart LCD damage.

2. Common error symptoms- repair car DVD player

The following blogdetailing.com would like to list a few common DVD error symptoms found on car monitors that drivers encounter.

What is the LCD screen advertising inside the bus?

10.1-inch smart LCD 2022

Advertising on buses has long been no longer strange to all Vietnamese people. Possessing many outstanding communication advantages, bus advertising helps bring the images and advertising messages that businesses want to convey to reach many potential customers as soon as they use the bus or mobile move on the street.

Advertising LCD screens in buses

Advertising on the LCD 10.1-inch smart LCD inside the bus has many outstanding advantages

The screen common is usually 22 inches in size, installed at the eye level of bus passengers to help easily observe the advertising image of the business. Advertising images are played on the screen with extremely high definition and vivid colors to help attract the attention of many customers.

2. The outstanding advantages of LCD advertising inside the bus

Advertising on the LCD screen inside the bus possesses. It has many outstanding communication advantages, which are deployed by many businesses and brands in their communication campaigns. inside the bus to help the advertising image reach all passengers on the bus including the driver and assistant.

Images and advertising messages of the business are deployed in the form of TVC clips or image slides in about 15-30 seconds. With the frequency of advertising duplication continuously, the advertising image of the business that is broadcast throughout the bus trip remember by customers.

Advertising LCD screens in buses

Advertising LCD screen in the bus helps the image reach many customers

Moreover, the advertising LCD 10.1-inch smart LCD inside the bus is also an extremely good entertainment tool during the travel time. An interesting and attractive TVC advertising clip will help attract the attention of many customers and help maximize the communication effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Another outstanding advantage of the bus advertising LCD screen is the cost of advertising implementation. This form of advertising will have a much more economical cost than most other forms of LCD advertising, suitable for almost all industries and businesses.

3. Some notes when implementing LCD screen advertising inside the bus

To deploy an advertising campaign for LCD screens inside buses with high communication efficiency, businesses should note a few points as follows:


An advertising campaign for LCD 10.1-inch smart LCD inside buses deployed with many vehicles will help reach more customers and create strong brand coverage. Moreover, an LCD advertising campaign arrange on many buses will help businesses reach many customers in all different segments from pupils, students, commuters, office workers.... help maximize the communication effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

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