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Best 10.1-inch medical LCD at an Affordable Price!

Information of the 10.1-inch medical LCD

10.1-inch medical LCD

Regular medical monitors will not have many application programs to satisfy the entertainment needs of drivers, so "funny" drivers are tending to turn tablets into tablets. into a medical 10.1-inch medical LCD is a very interesting way.

However, this has something similar and different from installing a dedicated medical screen. And what needs to be paid attention to be able to turn the tablet into a medical screen in a unique way. Read on to learn more about these factors in the following article

Things to know to turn your tablet into a medical 10.1-inch medical LCD

To be able to turn a tablet into a medical screen, drivers should pay attention to the following factors

Similarities between medical and tablet screens

Tablets, especially those running on the Android operating system, often have similarities with medical screens. They are all large from 7 to 10 inches, display sharp images, control by touch, and have an extremely large application store.

  • turn tablet into medical screen 01
  • The trend of turning tablets into medical screens
  • Difference between android 1-inch medical LCDand tablet
  • Although there are many similarities,
  • there are many huge differences between tablets and medical screens

The medical screen has a side face so it can be installed in many different medicals

Medical monitors have ports for connecting to peripherals while tablets do not have them at all

Tablets use batteries, medical 10.1-inch medical LCDs do not

The size of the medical screen is often varied while the medical screen is only 7 to 10 inches in size.

  • Notes when turning a tablet into a medical screen
  • To turn the tablet into a medical screen, we need to pre-install a suitable size plate.
  • turn your tablet into a medical screen 02
  • Notes when turning a tablet into a medical screen
  • Cut out the hole for the hard key to be able to control the tablet
  • switch the hard-key mode to the virtual button control mode to easily control the tablet.

To avoid the risk that the 10.1-inch medical LCD may explode while charging and in use, you should design a switch to turn on and off the power when the battery can be used.

Because tablets have no or very few ports, when you want to connect to internal devices, you should connect using wifi or Bluetooth.

Some experiences and tips for 10.1-inch medical LCD

Turning a tablet into a medical monitor is applied when you have an old tablet left. It is because the tablet does not have a dedicated port. It will be difficult to connect and so you can only use it. functions such as listening to music, entertainment. And some other functions will seem redundant.

If you don't have a tablet or want to entertain and control the medical profession, a JWS android medical 10.1-inch medical LCD is a device that you should install for your medical.

the best medical android 10.1-inch medical LCD at an affordable price

If you are looking for the best medical android screen at an affordable price with accompanying products and outstanding features, the following article will help you learn the details and have a practical experience with the JWS LCD. - Tyrannosaurus rex.

JWS LCD is rated by many drivers as the best medical android screen series with many outstanding features. So why these reviews? Why is JWS LCD called a tyrannosaur? Please follow the article below for details.

Why install the best medical android screen?

Vehicle monitors are often limited in features and quality is often not outstanding. However, many medical manufacturers still do not consider upgrading it because it is related to output costs.

Why install the best medical 10.1-inch medical LCD?

Therefore, many medical drivers have chosen the best way to install the 10.1-inch medical LCD for android medicals to be able to satisfy the entertainment needs as well as upgrade the necessary features of the medical screen when driving. A best medical android monitor usually has the following features

4G connection with multi-application settings store

The sim slot is easy to design directly on the screen to make the network connection smooth and smooth, making the connection process lag-free.

Besides, the best medical android screen also helps you satisfy your entertainment needs with a variety of applications such as watching TV, watching YouTube, listening to music, listening to the radio, reading books. mental comfort and alertness during the driving journey.

Help connect Bluetooth for safe calling

Listening to phone calls while driving is the most unsafe thing. So, when you have an android 10.1-inch medical LCD for your medical. Also, you can completely connect to Bluetooth to be able to listen to calls. Operating the medical screen without having to hold it phone is difficult.

10.1-inch medical LCD 2022

This function will be extremely good for drivers who are medically passengers or often must listen to the phone while driving.

Connected to the buttons on the steering wheel

A best medical android screen will have connections to buttons on the steering wheel to help the driver perform basic operations. This not only helps the driver control the screen conveniently but is also extremely safe while driving.

Has voice control AI settings

After opening with the control button on the steering wheel, you will control the screen using the AI ​​settings and the whole job will be controlled via voice.

  • The best-android-medical-screen-with-multi-app
  • Best medical android 1-inch medical LCDwith multi apps

AI is Google’s virtual assistant application that is extremely intelligent, it will help recognize control commands via voice and then execute these commands.

Connecting to driving aids

A best medical android screen will help you connect to a 360-degree camera screen. Or a dash screen and display those images on the big screen to make it more convenient for the driver to drive.

This is an extremely important feature. It helps the driver to observe every corner of the road. So that he can control the medical safely, avoiding collisions that are harmful to both the medical and other vehicles in traffic.


With the best medical android screen, you can choose from many versions of the most convenient directions. This direction signal is shown on the 10.1-inch medical LCD. So that lanes, signs, speed, etc. can be shown so that the driver can join the traffic safely.

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