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5 Steps to install 10.1-inch HMI LCD Easily

What is the 10.1-inch HMI LCD?

10.1-inch HMI LCD

Once you own a car of your own, refurbish. And interior design for the car is almost everyone's need. Depending on the type of car and your wishes, you will have the appropriate choices. However, car 10.1-inch HMI LCD is one of the first accessories that come to mind.

And choosing an android screen for the car is the right thing. Let's learn how to install an android screen for the car.

What is the effect of installing an android screen for a car?

The android screen is a product that was born and developed in recent times. Because it is a "late birth" product, the Android screen can promote the advantages of rival product lines. As well as overcome some problems with errors, limitations, ... for previous products.

Advantages when installing an android screen for a car:

Multi-functional entertainment media: Like a smartphone, the 10.1-inch HMI LCD has integrated most of the utilities to serve entertainment needs. Such as listening to music, watching movies, reading newspapers. And especially in some other lines. support CH Play app store; Apple CarPlay wireless and wired.

Safe and effective directions map with 10.1-inch HMI LCD

Synthesize a system of direction maps such as Vietnam S1, Google Map, and Native. Particularly, Vietnam S1 is a copyrighted map, with traffic warnings during rush hour, lane warnings, etc. Also, helping drivers to choose routes with fewer traffic jams, convenient transportation, and savings. Save time as well as fuel.

Call and text freely. Support 4G sim connection, call and text message, especially wifi is extremely fast, high speed, good quality.

Integrated dash cam system and reverse camera

This utility makes it easier for the driver to move and turn the vehicle. The large android screen size, clear resolution helps to see the surrounding objects, limit the impact. And best protect the car. A 10.1-inch HMI LCD helps to record interesting experiences.

And sometimes can even protect the interests of car owners in some cases of collisions or scratches with other vehicles.

The Android operating system has a multitasking, easy to use, and user-friendly interface.

Integrated voice control feature with AI technology. However, this only applies to some of the latest products such as JWSlcd etc.

16-channel or 32-channel DSP digital audio set.

JWS 10.1-inch HMI LCD sophistication, outstanding from design to features

The process of installing an android screen for car

The process of installing android screens for cars is not too difficult; you can do it yourself at home if you don't have time to go to the garage. But if you do it yourself, it will not be possible to ensure aesthetics as well as durability and strength. Refer to how to install an android screen for a car in 5 steps below:

How to install an android screen for a car in 5 steps below

Step 1: First, you need to determine which model your car belongs to, which model, and what size it is to be able to match the space and color of the car, increasing the aesthetics for the viewer.

Step 2: After choosing the right product, you need to remove the old accessories and related equipment attached to the car. However, this needs to be done correctly and carefully to avoid damage or scratches to the vehicle.

Step 3: Clean the equipment and surrounding areas and install the new product. This process ensures the correct order and cares to ensure the aesthetics after installing the car screen.

Step 4: After completing the installation of the android screen for the car, the technical staff will adjust, install and expand the features and utilities needed for travel.

Some quality car 10.1-inch HMI LCD lines

There are many different types of 10.1-inch HMI LCD for cars today. Each brand will have its advantages and quality will also vary depending on the product line. Choose a company that has been around for a long time, has a good reputation, has many positive feedbacks from customers. Here are some suggestions for quality car android screens today:

JWS android screen: This is a new generation car screen product line on the market, with more improved features and overcoming most of the limitations that the car screen line encountered before. JWS is processed and installed on the screen according to Japanese technology, the best utility application in the digital technology era.

The preferred choice for car owners when they need to install

10.1-inch HMI LCD 2022

Besides, the JWS android screen design is also very simple but extremely sophisticated, which is the preferred choice for car owners when they need to install an android screen for their pet car.

Geotech 10.1-inch HMI LCD: This is a product line with sharp, very modern sound and image quality. Besides, the screen is also designed with 2.5D tempered glass, alloy material and has many slots with good heat dissipation function. Geotech car screen has 9 inches and 10-inch size, high-quality IPS technology, good durability.

10.1-inch HMI LCD Android

Another new line of android screens on the Chinese market, but the Reyes car screen has captured a lot of attention from customers compared to many previous companies. This is a product that is suitable for most car models, its features and quality are outstanding, and has a high side set.

This car screen is quite similar to previous products. However, thanks to the good improvement and upgrade, the JWS 10.1-inch HMI LCD is like an Android-powered smartphone or tablet, fully functional as well as necessary and extended utilities.

10.1-inch HMI LCD OLED screen.

Compared to other competitors, this car screen was launched quite early on the market and is integrated with many advanced technologies, fully meeting the needs of customers. The car screen is designed with 2.5D tempered glass to prevent scratches, anti-glare, and the powerful configuration of the A53 chip.


The price of 10.1-inch HMI LCD is also quite affordable for users, so this is also considered a good choice for car owners' screen installation needs.

Above is some information about the process of installing android screens for cars and some of the most popular car screen lines today.

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