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6 Outstanding Advantages of the 7-inch HMI LCD

Introduction of the 7-inch HMI LCD

7-inch HMI LCD

As life becomes more and more modern, people's quality of life is increasingly improved. And the travel demand also develops strongly. Cars are probably no stranger to many people, followed by the development of automotive interior devices, including Android 7-inch HMI LCD.

And so that you can learn more about the types of screens. We would like to list the top 3 best Android car screens at Saigon Automotive Interiors. So that you can easily learn and understand them. Select the appropriate screen type. Stay tuned for this post!

#first. 360 Dragon Eyes camera screen

Dragon Eyes 360-degree camera seamless screen is an integrated device between Android screen and 360-degree camera system. This is a new device line appearing on the market and has an outstanding upgrade compared to many common Android car 7-inch HMI LCD on the market. This type of screen has such as:

outstanding advantages of the 7-inch HMI LCD

  1. Touch screen with 1280 x 720 resolution capable of connecting to wifi, 4G easily.
  2. Integrated 360-degree panoramic camera system without investing in other auxiliary equipment, eliminating any blind spots, making driving easier.
  3. Dragon Eyes 360 camera seamless screen with integrated 360-degree camera the voice control feature helps the driver to focus on the driving process without having to manipulate the screen.
  4. Meet entertainment needs such as watching movies, surfing the web, listening to music, ... along with smart, accurate, and convenient navigation software.

#2. JWS smart car 7-inch HMI LCD

JWS smart car screen has a luxurious, modern but also very elegant design. With a screen design with a resolution of 1280x720 with electric touch 7-inch HMI LCD technology and extremely fast operations.

Along with that, IPS anti-glare screen technology gives a clear and sharp display even under the sun or in backlit conditions. In addition, this Android screen device also has certain advantages:

  1. Ability to connect to high-speed 4G internet with the ability to share wifi without a transmitter.
  2. Support intelligent directions thanks to applications that help users accurately orient the moving route and warnings about speed and lane.
  3. Built-in dash cam/camera360 and reverse camera make driving safer and easier.
  4. Unlimited entertainment with a wide variety of music applications and online social networks.
  5. JWS screen with the ability to listen to diverse entertainment music
  6. Easily connect to Apple Carplay via wired connection or Bluetooth connection
  7. Owns exclusive voice command technology from JWS Assistant.

#3. Android Fly-Audio 7-inch HMI LCD

Fly-Audio is a leading high-tech OEM brand specializing in the research and development of smart car displays for luxury cars. The Lcd for high-end cars is one of the best quality Android display devices available today with countless outstanding features and advantages:

  1. Designed with a standard HD 1920x720 7-inch HMI LCDwith a size of up to 10.25 inches, extremely wide, with smooth touch capabilities and sensitivity, making manipulation faster.
  2. Experience listening to music, watching videos "extreme" when supporting a variety of entertainment applications and social networks.
  3. Directional applications such as Google Map combined with a GPS navigation system, help the driver locate and find suitable routes to move.


The Android car screen market in Europe in recent years has become hotter than ever. The demand for this type of device is increasing. However, to buy a product that meets the needs is not a simple thing. There are many brands of android screens on the market.

There are many low-priced products, counterfeiting big brands to gauge European people's preference for cheap prices. They do not guarantee quality during use, significantly affecting the user experience.

Is it possible to buy a cheap android screen?

The market for Android 4G screens for cars today can be said to be very exciting with dozens of different brands. With only a few hundred dollars, you can own a screen with full features such as a 4G sim, make calls, watch movies, surf the web.

7-inch HMI LCD 2022

However, usually "you get what you pay? Using cheap products is not uncommon for problems such as Slow loading, blurry 7-inch HMI LCD, glare, lag, etc., causing discomfort.

Don’t buy poor quality products to expand in the market

In addition, with the explosion of e-commerce platforms, the market appeared countless products of no origin, specific sales addresses as well as inaccurate information.

Along with that, there are hundreds of banner ads, promotions, drastic losses to hit the tastes of users. From there, creating opportunities for poor quality products to expand in the market

Consequences of buying a cheap android screen

It is because of believing in unrealistic and cheap ads that car owners have bought poor quality android screen products, making the experience boring. Some common situations and problems when owning unbranded products can be mentioned as:

Do not experience before buying: Usually when buying equipment through unscrupulous sales channels, users will not be tested before buying. This puts car owners in a "passive" position when it is not possible to detect problems early such as broken 7-inch HMI LCD, no power, lag, low sound, low battery, etc.

No warranty commitment:

Most cheap products are promised a warranty policy, but can we be 100% sure that the unit will provide the warranty as committed? The common mentality of most people who buy cheap products is that they are often "sorry" for the consequences if they encounter problems. Because when finding back the contact information is incorrect or no one supports the repair.

Bringing more frustration into yourself:

A poor product always comes with a lot of problems around during use. After a period of unsatisfactory use, we only add more frustration to people, no feeling of excitement when experiencing.

The original screens pre-installed on cars always limited applications and extreme features, not meeting the needs of most users. Therefore, installing Android screens for cars has become a popular trend in recent years.

#first. Elegant and classy design

Different from the boring original DVD screen, your car will look a lot more luxurious when installed with a smart android screen. Equipment brings comfort with sophisticated and luxurious designs.


Normally, smart Android 7-inch HMI LCD will be 8-12 inches in size with extremely luxurious ultra-thin screen borders. The face masks that come with each model are made from durable materials, the structure matches the available panels on the car.

In particular, the product will bring you a great experience with high resolution, extremely sharp image quality.

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