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What is 10.1-inch vehicle LCD RGB interface High Resolution?

Bus 10.1-inch vehicle LCD Advertising: Is It Possible?

10.1-inch vehicle LCD

Advertising the 10.1-inch vehicle LCD screen on the bus-bar is easy. Not outside the market's development trend, the bus system is deploying to advertise LCD screens with high definition. This is a form that is reflected to have a lot of potential for development shortly that every business should pay attention to and learn about.

Bus Media is a unit specializing in the construction of advertising campaigns on buses in Vietnam, ready to become a companion with businesses throughout the implementation process.

10.1-inch vehicle LCD Article summary

  1. Learn about the form of advertising LCD screens on buses
  2. Advantages of the form of advertising LCD screens on buses
  3. Bus Media provides the leading bus 10.1-inch vehicle LCDadvertising service
  4. Learn about the form of advertising LCD screens on buses

Advertising on the bus LCD screen is a relatively new form of communication, conducted in the form of installing an LCD screen inside the vehicle, which is hung close to the ceiling in the middle of the aisle for anyone to sit in. Vehicles can also observe. This form is the goal of the audience of all passengers inside the bus.

Advertising the 10.1-inch vehicle LCD screen on the bus

LCD screens are often common 22 inches, place in a horizontal rectangular shape like a normal TV to be most convenient for passengers' eyes. This is a type of digital screen with high definition, helping the clip to play smoothly, picture quality, vivid and brilliant sound, attracting the attention of viewers.

10.1-inch vehicle LCD install in a reasonable position so that all passengers can see it.


10.1-inch vehicle LCD advertising unit

Businesses wishing to book ads for LCD screens on buses need to prepare a TVC clip (15-30s long) showing the messages and images of the campaign and that clip is put up and played on the LCD screen. within a pre-specified period.

The entire implementation process is carry out by the advertising unit so that the campaign achieves the most positive communication effects.

2. Advantages of the form of advertising LCD screens on buses

Advertising on the bus 10.1-inch vehicle LCD is a new form of advertising because it has not been applied on many bus routes, but it possesses a lot of potential for development shortly.

Every day, the bus will pick up/drop off many passengers. (especially the routes running in the inner city), the bus stops at all waiting houses on the route of operation. So, the number of passengers on the bus will change. change frequently, so each time the bus stops.

advertising the LCD screen on the bus

The number of viewers exposed to advertising clips every day is very large. Image source: Internet

The LCD screen shows alternating TVC clips during the time that the bus runs (from 5 am to 10 pm). On average, a TVC clip will have a length of 15 - 30 seconds. And it is played and replay more than 100 times a day, too convenient and accessible to many people.

On average, a passenger will spend at least 5 minutes or more in the car. So, they will see the promotional clip more than once, helping the brand to imprint in the mind.

10.1-inch vehicle LCD becomes entertainment tool

The TVC clip advertising a 10.1-inch vehicle LCD in the bus. It has also become an entertainment tool for passengers on the bus during the journey. Mostly listen to music, sleep, talk, etc. They will have nothing to do, it's easy to feel windbag.

An advertisement clip with interesting content will surely become a timely pastime for them, paying full attention to watching what is playing on the LCD screen will make the distance seem to be much shorter.

Advertising the LCD screen on the bus

The cost of advertising the LCD screen on the bus is very suitable for the budget. It is because it has just been put into use, partly because the cost of outdoor advertising is always lower than that of traditional forms such as television, newspapers. radio.

Consider the budget to book the number of screen’s

Therefore, businesses should consider the budget to book the number of screens, the running time for the campaign to achieve the best results.

Equipping a car with an Android 10.1-inch vehicle LCD device in the car can greatly improve the enjoyment of the in-car entertainment system most easily and conveniently.

The following guides from Saigon Auto Interiors will help car lovers begin their search for a portable DVD entertainment screen in their car.

Reasons to upgrade your car's Android 10.1-inch vehicle LCD

With the increasing demand for car entertainment systems. However, many car manufacturers have associated with manufacturers to put a new system in cars. Multi-tasking entertainment system, good quality.
10.1-inch vehicle LCD 2022

The rest of the popular cars have limitations on car DVD player entertainment equipment. And that is also the reason that many people want to upgrade the car’s 10.1-inch vehicle LCD on their car.

Must Everyday care for the 10.1-inch vehicle LCD

We have a car, we move work on that car every day. A lot of people spend a lot of money to upgrade their car from the exterior to the interior of the car to make the car more beautiful and comfortable.

Advantages of upgrading car DVD to Android

  1. When upgrading the Android car’s 1-inch vehicle LCD system. It will initially help the car become more luxurious and classier, ​​making many people look up and fall in love.
  2. Also, Upgrading the car screen will help the driver enjoy good music, entertaining moments in the car. Also, helping the driver eliminate the stress of having to drive long distances
  3. Moreover, the upgrade, the LCD for the car does not affect the original equipment and machinery of the car, so you can rest install it for your car.

However, a problem that greatly affects the experience when sitting in the car that we often ignore is the Android LCD.

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