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Why 6.86-Inch LCD Display USA is Best for Your Car?

6.86-Inch LCD Display USAWhy 6.86-Inch LCD Display USA is Best for Your Car?

6.86-inch LCD display USA
 is a type of device that provides features: entertainment, utilities, driver assistance, connection and control of security and safety technology in the car... This screen usually installs in this position. center console on the car.

With old cars of the past, the car screen was only in monochrome and compact form, mainly displaying basic information from the radio, CD player… Later, when the car equipped with a DVD player, the car screen was also upgrade to a larger size, switch to LCD color screen. Also, from here, people often call car screens as car DVD screens.

6.86-inch LCD display USA increasingly possess higher resolutions

According to the development of technology, car screens increasingly possess higher resolutions and especially touch controls. The screen that integrates mobile computing functions, which works like a smartphone or tablet, is called a smart car display.

Through the smart car screen, users can control entertainment features (listening to music, watching videos, connecting to the internet, accessing social networks...), driving assistance (GPS navigation, viewing maps, etc.) Maps, directions...), connecting and synchronizing with smartphones (listening/calling, viewing/replying messages...), connecting car cameras and many other features on the vehicle...

Top best car navigation devices

Car Android screen is a smart car screen that uses the 6.86-inch LCD display USA. Similar to computers, tablets or smartphones... to manage hardware, software and provide general services for programs to work, car screens need an operating system. Most smart car screens today use the Android operating system.

In addition to the central screen located at the taplo, the car also has another type of screen that is the car headrest monitor that installs behind the front seat headrest. This screen acts as a pure entertainment screen for watching movies, listening to music ... for the passengers sitting in the back seat.

The car headrest screen is a kind of entertainment screen for the rear seat passengers

Should I buy 6.86-inch LCD display USA for cars?

Smart car screens are now considered one of the basic equipment of new cars. However, with many low-priced cars or standard versions, because to optimize costs, manufacturers often reduce investment costs for entertainment systems.

Therefore, the car screen is quite small, low resolution, slow processing and especially very limited in terms of features and utilities... Even some cars still use standard monochrome screens like older cars. . This greatly affects the experience.

Users tend to customize the car screen for a better experience

But now users are completely proactive in upgrading and installing 6.86-inch LCD display USA for their cars. On the market, there are many types of car screens possessing beautiful design, high image quality, sensitive touch, especially integrating many modern features such as:

Support Standard language, voice control

All types of Android car screens currently support many languages, making it easier for users to manipulate. Some high-end Android screen lines also support voice control in multi-regional language.

Built-in GPS and navigation map

The Android car screen has built-in GPS navigation and navigation maps. Some high-end monitors also have smart software. This provides many utilities such as:

  • map updates every 3 months
  • voice navigation
  • and navigation through many intermediate points
  • finding destinations
  • display 3D map interface
  • actual image at the intersection
  • speed limit warning, lane departure warning, traffic sign warning...

Provide multimedia entertainment system

6.86-inch LCD display USA provides a very modern multimedia entertainment system such as watching videos, listening to music, accessing the internet, radio. Users can also go to Google, surf websites, watch YouTube, watch TV online, listen to music on Zing MP3, download and use applications from CH Play (similar to smartphones or tablets).

Support smart connection

Car monitors now integrate to support many smart connections such as: connecting to the internet via WIFI or inserting a 4G sim. Connect and sync with smartphones via USB port, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

6.86-Inch LCD Display USA 2022

6.86-inch LCD display USA: Connect safety features

If the car does not have a smart screen available or only has an old screen, when installing a dashcam, reversing camera or 360-degree camera ... it is very inconvenient to install a separate screen. Same goes for the tire pressure sensor.

But if the vehicle has a smart car monitor, this screen can connect, control and display images from car cameras, information from car tire pressure sensors and many other features on the vehicle. The operation is very simple and convenient.

6.86-inch LCD display USA is highly appreciated for its powerful configuration, high resolution, 2.5D tempered glass. It also supports features such as lane departure warning, speed warning, and connects the camera.

Screen is appreciated for its powerful configuration, high resolution

In addition, LCD car screens are also popular because of their soft prices. If you are looking for a cheap car DVD screen, then LCD is worth checking out.

How to choose an Android screen for a car?

Screen Size

With an Android car screen designed specifically for the car model, no matter the size, it's definitely standard. But as for the general screen type, you should choose the right 6.86-inch LCD display USA for the car. It should note that the size is not only a few inches wide screen, but also needs to understand the length: width ratio.

Pay attention to choose the car screen with the right size for the car

The number of inches of the car screen is just the diagonal length of the two symmetrical corners of the screen. It does not show the length and width. So, the buyer has to see how much the length: width ratio is, whether it is suitable for the size, the size of the screen position on the taplo.

The current 6.86-inch LCD display USA often have popular sizes such as 7 inches, 9 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 17 inches ... The most common ratio is 16: 9.

Screen resolution

Car screen resolution is the number of pixels displayed on the screen. In a word, the resolution will determine the quality and sharpness of the image.

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