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Should You Install China 12.1-Inch LCD Display?

China 12.1-Inch LCD Display

Should You Install China 12.1-Inch LCD Display?

China 12.1-inch LCD display
 is a digital device that makes it easier to display and navigate while driving. When using the screen on the car, you can also integrate other devices: cameras (forward, reverse camera, dashcam, ...), reversing sensor, tire pressure sensor, ...

As a result, the driver will have more convenience when using one screen but can use many other features easily. The safety is also improved and more secure when participating into traffic routes. The driver and occupants can comfortably listen to music, listen to the radio or watch movies right on this mobile car.

Classification of China 12.1-inch LCD display

In order to cater to most of the different preferences and needs of customers. Car display products are produced with increasingly diverse designs and quality. In general, car screens are now divided into two main categories:

The higher the resolution, the more expensive the monitor will be. Unlike TVs or phones, for normal use, the screen in a car is not necessarily of high quality. The quality of the HD or Full HD range has been considered reasonable, just enough to use, and affordable.

China LCD display: RAM/ROM memory capacity

RAM is external memory that helps the processor to access quickly when needed. In a word, the larger the RAM, the more China 12.1-inch LCD display can run at the same time. RAM also affects processing speed. ROM is internal memory. The larger the ROM capacity, the more data the monitor can store such as music, videos or other files.

The current types of car screens usually have RAM capacity of 2GB, 4GB, 8GB... The common ROMs are 16GB, 32GB, 64GB... According to experts, at normal usage 2GB RAM - 32GB ROM or 4GB RAM - 64GB ROM is reasonable.

China LCD display: CPU processor and processor chip

CPU processor and processor chip are very important because it will determine the processing speed of the car China 12.1-inch LCD display. Currently, most screens in cars use 4-core or 8-core chips.


Features are one of the important factors to consider carefully when choosing a smart car display. Some features should be in the car monitor:

Connect and synchronize with smartphones, connect to the internet via WIFI or 4G sim…

Provide features: listen to music, watch videos, download and use applications from CH Play…

GPS navigation, navigation maps, travel schedule storage, smart driving support…

Voice control in Vietnamese, integrated calling through buttons on the steering wheel.

Integrated tire pressure check, dash cam, front camera, reverse camera, 360-degree camera...

Features are one of the important factors to consider carefully when choosing a China 12.1-inch LCD display.


The price of the car screen partly shows the quality of the screen. On the market, there are many types of auto screens with prices ranging from a few million to several tens of millions of dongs.

Besides the genuine quality car Android screen lines, there are also many types of floating, unknown origin sold at very cheap prices. Buyers should be careful with these types. The car screen is an electronic device, with poor quality goods. It is easy to suffer from hardware damage, software errors, and even a potential fire hazard when connected to the vehicle's electrical system.

According to experts, even if it is a cheap China 12.1-inch LCD display, it is still at least 4-6 million VND. Car monitors cheaper than this price often does not guarantee quality. However, it is still best to give priority to choosing genuine car screens.

Does the car's Android DVD screen have any effect?

China 12.1-Inch LCD Display 2022

Many people worry that when installing a car screen, it will affect the structure of the dashboard or the car's electrical system. In this regard, Mr. Huynh M. Tai (automobile electrical engineer) shared that there are two types of Android screens: car-based screens designed to fit the vehicle and general screens that can be used for all car models.

Types of lcd display screens

With the first type of China 12.1-inch LCD display, when installed will almost not change the structure of the vehicle dashboard. Because this screen is designed specifically for each vehicle model, it is very tight and comfortable.

As for the second type, the general screen comes in many different sizes. When choosing this type, car owners should pay attention to choose the right size for the TAPLO table. Usually the seller will advise very carefully this part.

When installing a common screen, with skilled workers, there will be installation techniques that minimize the change of TAPLO structure.

As for the electrical system, with good and experienced workers, they will know how to install the right China 12.1-inch LCD display, install the "zin" jack without cutting, processing, and modifying. Because the more cutting and processing, the more potential risks, especially fire.

If the car screen is installed correctly, it will not affect the car

Should I install a car screen myself at home?

Currently, there are many videos on the internet that show you how to install a car screen yourself at home. However, according to experts, the actual installation of screens at home is much more complicated, requiring the installer to have expertise and certain understanding of techniques and automotive electrical systems.

There have been a few cases where buyer’s self-installed China 12.1-inch LCD display improperly at home, causing broken wires, damaged electrical circuits, damaged original jacks, incorrect connections, potentially risking fire...

Most of the places that sell genuine and reputable car screens now support free installation. Some places even install it at home. Buyers should prioritize choosing these addresses, both to save time and to ensure that the screen is installed correctly and safely during use.

To ensure safety, car screens need to be installed correctly

Where to buy good China 12.1-inch LCD display?

Car monitor is an electronic device. For long-term and safe use, it is best to choose to buy genuine Android car screens with clear brands of origin.

Buying car screens at reputable genuine dealers and stores, buyers will be able to be assured of quality, receive professional advice on the right product line, and be supported by skilled workers to install. Technically correct and guaranteed with a return policy – ​​long-term warrant.

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