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What is 5.8-inch LCD touch panel Price in 2021?

Car display satisfies your driving passion

In order not to have many problems with car screens and have a meaningful journey, many customers have chosen us to get the 5.8-inch LCD touch panel car screen for their beloved driver. The brand car screen is favored by customers because of its extremely advanced design and production technology to meet all the needs of users.

5.8-inch LCD touch panel Price

  • Produced by modern technology
  • Is the screen large?
  • car screen is manufactured according to high technology
  • Long and thoughtful warranty

The warranty period of the JWS car screen is usually up to 24 months and there is always a technical staff on duty 24/24 to answer and support all customer questions.

5.8-inch LCD touch panel User-friendly interface and multi-application

Vivid sound with 16-channel DSP digital system will help you have extremely realistic entertainment moments. JWS's car screen lines all use the high-end Android operating system and smart processor chip. You can use many features at the same time without worrying about the car screen not turning on. when using.

Common mistakes and how to fix 5.8-inch LCD touch panel

To help you easily recognize common errors as well as how to 5.8-inch LCD touch panel, we have compiled the details below, stay tuned! The development of the 4.0 technology era is also the time when touch screen products are constantly being upgraded and integrated with technology to meet the needs of customers.

What are the common errors when using the car touch screen?

Here are four common mistakes we've found:

  • First, the screen will easily freeze, also known as screen paralysis.
  • Second, the screen goes black suddenly.
  • Third, the screen lost part of the touch.
  • Finally, the screen is prone to misalignment of the touch point and touch dysregulation.

To learn more about the causes and temporary fix of the car touch screen, stay tuned to the next section.

Causes and ways to fix the car 5.8-inch LCD touch panel yourself

Everything has a cause, and we've found the common causes and solutions to fix car touchscreen errors. All are detailed below.

For the touch screen of cars that are frozen, suspended, and completely paralyzed

When suddenly your touch screen freezes and hangs, it may be due to a system or control panel error. This error can be caused by:

  • You accidentally spilled water or liquid on the screen (Even though you have cleaned it, it may still happen that water gets into the touch layer).
  • Inadvertently let hard and heavy objects fall on the screen.
  • Use a wet or damp cloth to clean the screen.
  • System overload. This error is common in components that have been used for too long, have poor service life, are not sensitive or are purchased with poor quality products.

Screen freeze is one of the common errors of 5.8-inch LCD touch panel

Don't worry; fix your car 5.8-inch LCD touch panel by:

  • Shutdown and restart the machine to see if the machine is working normally again?
  • After that, please remove heavy and unnecessary applications to make the system work better

And when everything else is running normally like it still has sound, it can't be controlled by hard keys but can't be touched, then maybe the touch screen is broken and you need to go to a reputable center. trust like JWS to replace the new screen.


Car touch screen suddenly black and white

You are using but the screen suddenly black or white, so what is the cause?

  • The screen is short because the guest has opened too many applications at the same time, making the system unable to operate.
  • The power cord is loose or the power supply is overloaded.
  • The power circuit of the customer's car display is broken.
  • White screen is one of the common errors

Stay calm and try the following 5.8-inch LCD touch panel solutions:

  • Calmly check the power lines, is the power supply for components stable? Make sure that the power supply, cord, and outlet are not damaged and that the appliance is securely plugged into the power source.
  • Next, turn off the power, reset the device and reset the device's operational features, delete heavy and unnecessary applications.

Finally, when everything that needs to be checked and done no longer makes sense, it means that the device has damaged the power circuit. And this case must be taken to reputable centers or repair facilities for timely handling as well as correct car 5.8-inch LCD touch panel repair.

Car touch screen lost part of touch

Partial loss of touch is when the touch screen appears a horizontal strip, a vertical strip or any area of ​​the screen that is no longer touchable while other points are still working normally. This is often the case on capacitive touch screens. It could be for the following reasons:
5.8-inch LCD touch panel Price 2021

Because the sensor has peeled or broken the part of the circuit responsible for that induction range, a vertical or horizontal band cannot be induced. If left for a long time, it will spread to many other points on the screen. This error is usually caused by a heavy object hitting or hitting a point on the screen.

5.8-inch LCD touch panel is easy to deviate, touch disorder

When you click on this place the screen jumps to the next point, or press this corner and jump to the other corner, then your car's 5.8-inch LCD touch panel has been skewed, confused. This is a common error on both capacitive and resistive touch and can be easily remedied.

This is a system error, caused by the wrong resistance reading on the resistor matrix. The same goes for capacitive touch screens, the only difference being that it has the wrong capacitance. This is an error directly related to the screen, it is difficult to fix the car touch screen, the safest way is to replace the screen with a new one to reduce the risk.


With this error, you can fix the car touch screen by yourself by re-aligning the induction power. Small deviations will be easier to handle. You go into settings and re-align the 5.8-inch LCD touch panel point. If it deviates a lot, it can't be re-aligned because it is failing the capacitive or resistive matrix on the touch screen.

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