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Which is the best 10.1 inch LCD screen model?

10.1 inch LCD screen
Currently, you can find different options for 10.1 inch LCD screen, depending on the model, size and brand. However, the best choice always depends on the user's needs, with the notebook screen being a main interface for a better experience, and now with new models.

When buying a computer or notebook, there will be the option of an LED or LCD notebook screen. This is a big question: which one to buy?

What is a good 10.1 inch LCD screen?

There are many factors to be analyzed; the ideal is to identify each advantage and disadvantage of the LED or LCD notebook screen type. With that in mind, we've listed the main differences between these notebook screens. Check it out now!

LCD screen

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and its popularity in the national market, the most used screen is the LCD screen, that is, the flat screen display, and it has been gaining space in homes and businesses. LCD monitors have some unique features and technological innovations. And this knowledge is essential for technicians looking to fix or guide customers during purchase.

Features of 10.1 inch LCD screen

In addition to understanding 10.1 inch LCD screen characteristics, technicians should also study the operation of LCD monitors. It includes image formation and the main components and block diagrams.

Through this knowledge and viewing and describing the problems presented, technicians can infer the root cause of the problem rather than looking for defects at will. In this way, your work becomes more efficient and professional.

The Internal Structure of 10.1 inch LCD screen

The 10.1 inch LCD screen consists of a liquid crystal screen that is backlit by a CCFL lamp (fluorescent lamp).  It emits white light and illuminates cells in the three primary colors (green, red and blue).

This type of screen is Ideal for bright rooms: as the image is more opaque than LEDs, the monitor emits less light due to the liquid crystal film and reduces the impact of ambient light on the eyes.

Why a good 10.1 inch LCD screen is suitable?

Furthermore, it is very suitable for still images such as images from slower movies and computer games, as well as for reading and producing long texts. It is noteworthy that when choosing between the LED or LCD notebook screen, it is necessary to take into account the price, where the 10.1 inch LCD screen has a much lower price compared to the LED screen.

10.1 inch LCD screen 2021

As mentioned earlier, the monitor is the main interface between the user and the computer. In order for the monitor to display images, they must be sent by the computer in the form of signals. These signals are received by the monitor's electronic boards, which in turn generate images on the screen.

Classification of 10.1 inch LCD screen

They can be classified as the most common digital or analog images. Information is sent to the LCD monitor through a VGA cable, which is connected to the computer by a connector called DB 15, similar to the connector on CRT monitors.

The DB 15 connector has 3 wires for basic RGB color signals – red, green and blue – and 2 wires for vertical and horizontal sync signals – Hsync and Vsync.

LED screen

Did you know that the most important thing today is finding a balance between expense, practicality and the true value you pay for a product?

In the case of 10.1 inch LCD screen, clarity of the device, movies and games will take a new step in image quality! Sharp contrast and saturation can produce incredibly noticeable text, photos and videos.

In addition, there is the possibility to save energy and contribute to the environment. These are just some of the features that attract new consumers when buying a notebook.

There is a more important issue


LED displays are responsible for the ecology! Compared to competitors, the new 10.1 inch LCD screen technology can reduce energy consumption by 40%.

Some brands sell eco-friendly models because they don't require CCFL lamps and are completely mercury free. And because they don't use lead to repair the components, they can safely dispose and recycle the notebook without affecting the environment.

In terms of health and comfort, if your eyes are busy with a busy day at the computer, the last thing you need to do is, for example, force them to watch something. The difference is that the LED display can provide a rest for the eyes.

Which lcd model you should choose?

Most 10.1 inch LCD screen models have smart sensors that can detect glare around the screen and automatically adjust the brightness to help reduce eyestrain. Eyes can relax as there's also the issue of perspective.

No matter where you place the monitor, your viewing angle will be comfortable and the screen will always appear as if you were viewing it from the front.

Whether you are standing, sitting or lying down, the LED monitor can simultaneously ensure that the movies, images, videos and other multimedia you want to watch become the focus of people's attention and will always allow you to watch them comfortably.

Biggest Reason to Buy LCD screen

Finally, another reason to buy LED screens is this: time. After all, the lifespan of LED monitors is 4 to 6 years longer than that of LCD monitors. LED lighting batteries, instead of fluorescent ones, have a longer half-life.

Therefore, you can rely on these characteristics between screens to choose the one you find most suitable. The research is long term and requires a lot of attention to detail. Of course, there are still some 10.1 inch LCD screens that already have a sound system, TV receiver, USB connection and other detailed information.

Therefore, you should check if you really need these additional features. It is very important to carefully research and examine models from different brands. It is noteworthy that this article has a broader aspect, we do not provide the specific details of game monitor selection (the game monitor already includes G-Sync, high refresh rate, input lag and other technologies).

Final thoughts on the LED or LCD notebook screen

Finally, one last tip worth mentioning when choosing between an LED or 10.1 inch LCD screen: don't just buy by brand. After all, you must consider cost-effectiveness when buying high-value products. We hope these tips are helpful to you.

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