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What is POS Touch Screen Monitor Price in 2022?

POS Touch Screen Monitor PriceWhat is POS Touch Screen Monitor Price in 2022?

With beautiful numbers up to 20 points, combined with 6.0 operating system. POS Touch Screen Monitor price ranges from $100 to $350. Moreover, it will provide maximum support for users. The product allows many people to participate in the interaction, which is very convenient and effective.

Support flexible remote control

Through electronic devices such as remotes, iPad, phones, etc. Users can control the interactive screen easily.

In addition to displaying sharp, impressive and attractive images and videos with many other formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc. The touch screen can also detect audio. through the speakers inside the monitor.

In addition, document formats such as text, PDF, PowerPoint also fully support in the interactive screen. It makes the information transmission process faster and simpler.

What are the advantages of POS Touch Screen Monitor price?

Interactive screens are becoming more and more popular. They apply in many different fields because of their outstanding advantages:

The smart interactive display products thoroughly optimize by the manufacturer. They provide the optimal user experience, and maximizing power savings when in use.

Durable and long-lasting set

Thanks to the strong tempered glass layer. The interactive screen can withstand a lot of force in some cases of incidents. Besides, cleaning the screen is also quite easy. All you need to do is use a soft cloth to wipe them.

Not to mention, interactive touch screens are also less prone to errors than common screens, helping to have a longer lifespan.

POS Touch Screen Monitor price suitable for even small spaces

With a smart design, the interactive screen does not need peripherals, mouse or keyboard. So, it will save maximum space. Thanks to that, the product is suitable for all different spaces, from small to large, extremely convenient.

Interactive touchscreen display for faster setup and connection times thanks to three criteria. More connectivity options, more ports, and less wires to connect.

Above is some information related to interactive touch screen devices. Hopefully with these shares, you will have a better understanding of what a touch screen product is and what features and advantages it possesses.

Industrial applications ensure smooth and efficient operation

Industrial applications require durable and reliable POS Touch Screen Monitor price to ensure smooth and efficient operation at all times. Resistive touch screen technology is the main type of industrial display good to use for low- and high-profile projects.

As a result, resistive touch screens have been the most popular choice for mechanical displays connected to industrial equipment for decades.

Capacitive touch in touch screens has been around since the 1970s. But with the recent explosion in popularity of smartphones, Capacitive Technology has become at the forefront of display technology. So, let's explore the potential of this screen with us in the content shared below.

What is POS Touch Screen Monitor price?

Previously, touch screens could only operate with the touch of a bare finger. Which made these displays unsuitable for industrial projects that largely required the use of gloves and other protective equipment. They are present on commercial or consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

However, recent technological developments have put an end to that. Unlike its predecessors, capacitive touchscreens can detect touch by measuring capacitance immediately upon contact. Regardless of whether the user is wearing gloves or not.

They can even operate with inanimate objects such as styluses to maintain work health and safety standards.

What is the difference between resistive screen and PCAP industrial screen?

Both resistive touch screens and POS Touch Screen Monitor price serve the same purpose. Which is to get data and perform certain functions based on the commands they receive. The method by which that data delivers and the functions perform is what differentiates these two types of displays. But how do you know which type of touch screen technology is right for your industrial operation?

Here is a comparison between the two types of monitors to make it easier for you to choose:

Resistive touch screens consist of several thin layers including:

  • A polyester film
  • A resistor circuits
  • Two layers of conductive ITO (transparent metal coating)
  • One layer of bottom resistor circuit
  • Glass or acrylic layer

The ideal choice for indoor and outdoor manual labor activities


After applying force to the touch panel, the POS Touch Screen Monitor price detects this as a point of contact and takes direction from that action. The top layer, made of polyester film, bends and contacts the bottom layer of glass or acrylic. This closes the gap between the layers for a brief moment and activates the electrodes in the device, starting them to execute specific commands.

Since resistive touch screen devices operate solely on applied pressure, they consider the ideal choice for most indoor and outdoor manual labor activities, including industrial applications. industrial use.

The drawback of this type of technology is that it can only be good to use as a single touch device, which means that multiple commands and functions cannot perform at the same time. The advantage is that POS Touch Screen Monitor price are relatively cost-effective to manufacture and purchase.

They can also easily be integrated into a wide variety of industrial technologies as most devices are built to be compatible with this type of technology.

Advantages of PCAP Touch Screen

  • Reliability
  • Cost effective
  • Versatility (can be good to use in commercial and industrial applications)
  • High touch sensitivity
  • Support multi-touch function
  • Excellent visibility, especially in super bright conditions
    POS Touch Screen Monitor Price 2022

Why PCAP Touch Screens Work for Industrial Projects?

  • Exceptional optical clarity

The projected capacitive touch panels are made of glass, with almost 100% optical clarity, making them ideal for incorporating touch interaction into demanding medical applications require a POS Touch Screen Monitor price with outstanding contrast, resolution, brightness and sharpness.

  • Extremely durable

Because the top layer is glass, the capacitive touch screen is super durable. It won't deform over time or shrink when exposed to heat, and the glass can be cleaned without damaging the touchscreen or reducing its optical clarity.

When assembled into a sealed enclosure, the capacitive touch screen can function properly even after being completely immersed in liquid, sprayed with corrosive chemicals, etc. As long as the top layer of glass remains intact. intact, the touch screen will continue to function.

  • Always touch with gloves

Capacitive touch screens do not require conductive contacts. This means that a user's finger can be covered with a glove or any other non-conductive material and still be detected by the touchscreen controller.

Capacitive touchscreens will also work with styluses that can be capacitively paired with the touchscreen. Stylus for capacitive touch screens can be made from a metal rod coated with rubber or plastic.

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