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Medical Grade Touch Screen Monitor Application 2022

Medical Grade Touch Screen MonitorMedical Grade Touch Screen Monitor Application 2022


Medical Grade touch screen monitor are widely common in the medical environment. It helps doctors and nurses provide the best care for patients when they need it most. Touch screens are common for the purpose of helping patients reduce stress, creating a stable mental state.

Help healthcare professionals work with simple, effective, yet precise patient care. Join us to learn more about touch screen solutions for the medical industry through the article below!

The development of science and technology has created many outstanding achievements. It includes interactive touch screen devices. Products are becoming more and more popular and common by many people. So, do you know what a touch screen is and how it works? Find out more details with us in the article below!

What is the correct understanding of Medical Grade touch screen monitor?

Before learning about the concept of interactive touch screen. Let's clarify what a touch screen is.

A touch screen is an input device, usually located on the top layer of the electronic display of an information processing system. With this device, users will perform gestures touching the screen with a stylus. One or more fingers to provide input and control the information processing system.

To put it simply, this is a type of screen that supports users to control the device through operations with a stylus or by hand.

What is an interactive touch screen?

Medical Grade touch screen monitor is a kind of smart electronic screen. The product allows users to use dots, touch and interact directly on the surface to control without the need for a keyboard - mouse or another device. It's like your friend using a smartphone or a tablet.

Interactive screen devices are now widely common and applied in many different fields such as technology, consumption, learning, healthcare, construction....

What is the basic structure of an interactive touch screen?

The interactive screen is an integrated block consisting of the following parts:

  • The display screen is like a regular TV, using image display technology such as LCD, LED, OLED...
  • A tempered glass panel designs outside the screen panelof Medical Grade touch screen monitor with the function of protecting the panel when the user touches it.
  • The interactive set integrates on the surface of tempered glass. It depends on the type of screen will use different integrated technologies. The most popular can be mentioned: Capacitive, Camera Sensor, IR…

The Mini PC, Android kit optionally integrate, which means that users cannot use it, but directly connect it to a PC or laptop.

Location of Medical Grade touch screen

At the patient reception department: Patients will be given a serial number from the Medical Grade touch screen monitor automatically according to the subject and specialty to examine. And then coordinated into the clinics by automatic software. Patients will receive order cards to enter the clinics, on which the patient will know the waiting time for their turn.
Medical Grade Touch Screen Monitor 2022

In the patient room: Patients can use the touch-screen device installed by the bedside to order a meal. Call a nurse or change a TV channel without moving from the bed.

At the door of the clinic: Patients can rate their satisfaction with doctors through the touch screen to improve hospital quality.

At the hospital entrance area: The touch screen has a map display function. It makes it simple for patients as well as visitors to determine their location and easily find their medical examination area. me.

Solutions using Medical Grade touch screen monitor for the medical industry


In clinics and large hospitals often install interactive touch screens. So that patients can log in personal information, report symptoms, provide insurance and billing information right on the touch device.

One of the benefits of using touch screen technology in healthcare is that it simplifies the process of registering patient information. This will save time for patients as well as staff. Instead, hospital staff will have more time to act and help more urgent cases.

Touch screen simplifies medical registration

Often, medical staff have to manually enter data, copy patient information from handwritten forms into a computer so that the patient's medical records can store. This is quite time consuming for medical staff. But with electronic registration, the patient can use the Medical Grade touch screen monitor to enter data on the screen.

This solution makes it possible for patient information to save directly into the hospital's electronic medical record system. Help medical staff save time to do other tasks. Moreover, patient information will spell-check by touch devices to avoid errors like handwriting.

Provide the necessary information to the patient

Another benefit of touch screen is that doctors can provide health information and advice to all patients at once. For example, during flu season, healthcare professionals can inform patients about flu shots that are available in the hospital and remind them to wash their hands frequently at the same time. via the touch screen.

The touch screen provides the necessary information to the patient

An important role of Medical Grade touch screen monitor in the medical industry for doctors when receiving patient records is that they must ensure confidentiality of information and health conditions that patients provide.

Therefore, touch screen devices protect customers' personal health data by eliminating peripheral devices such as keyboards and mice, thus avoiding the situation of attacking by those who want to hack the system. electronic filing system.

In addition, registration records can be set up in a variety of ways to maximize patient privacy during the registration process. Some hospitals even add an extra layer of security to their sensors. Another setting is a privacy filter to prevent people standing nearby from peeping on the screen.

Touch screen monitor: assess patient satisfaction

Medical Grade touch screen monitor places in front of each clinic. The levels include very satisfied, satisfied, normal, unsatisfied, very unsatisfied. After the evaluation, the results will transfer directly to the server. Survey results will aggregate every month so that the board of directors can reward or remind doctors in medical examination and treatment.

The patient's assessment will help doctors self-adjust to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment. Patient experience and satisfaction is one of the most important factors in hospital quality.

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