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JWS 7 inch smart lcd Best Screen for Car in 2022

What is car lcd screen?

7 inch smart lcd screen is a car entertainment product that helps relax and relieve fatigue effectively when driving long distances.

7 inch smart lcd

JWS 7 inch smart lcd Best Screen for Car in 2022

Especially when you install an Android car screen at JWS, you will get finest results. Please refer to the list of the best Android car smart lcds in 2020 below for a more detailed comparison of which car screens are best today.

1. Android Jws 7 inch smart lcd

Belonging to the high-end segment, Jws monitors have extremely high-class and modern sound and image quality. The outside is designed with 2.5D aluminum alloy tempered glass with many heat dissipation grooves. The 7 inch smart lcd has nice design with wide-angle IPS screen technology for high image quality.

In terms of configuration, Jws car Android smart lcd is equipped with a terrible processor that allows applications to run multitasking smoothly and stably.

2. Android Jws smart lcd

Although it has just appeared in the Vietnamese market, the Android Jws smart lcd has captured a lot of attention from users compared to its predecessors..

3. Android OLED smart lcd

This is one of the best lcds to install in car. The OLED car Android smart lcd is also one of the most interested car screens because it fully meets the entertainment needs of the car. The screen is designed with anti-scratch and anti-glare 2.5D curved glass, with the powerful configuration of the A53 chip. Sound quality output 50W*4.

Currently, the price 7 inch smart lcd is also quite affordable for users, so this is definitely the best Android DVD choice to install in cars.

Currently, OLED is the best Android car screen brand today and the price is also reasonable to meet all the needs of customers.

4. Android Jws 7 inch smart lcd

Generally, Jws Android smart lcd possesses a powerful configuration with 8-core processor chip, the latest Android 10 operating system today, supports controlling all features by extremely intelligent voice. Jws screens are available in 9 inch and 10 inch sizes, suitable for installation on many vehicles.

Jws android screen simple design suitable for all car models

Especially, in addition to possessing powerful configuration, Jws car Android screen also has a built-in high-quality 360-degree camera cum 4-side action camera to help record clear day and night images.

  • Turn on which side, the screen will show the angle of rotation on that side
  • Display 2 sides of the car when priority is turned on
  • Wide-angle camera displays clearly
  • When reversing, the screen displays the steering line to help reverse easily and accurately
  • Realistic video of Android Jws screen with integrated 360-degree camera

So how much does this Android Jws screen cost?

Currently, the cost of 7 inch smart lcd depends on the number of units you order. If you get bulk order, you will be enjoying very fair price.

Jws smart lcd owns a design quite similar to the previous generation car smart lcds, but inside the Jws car Android screen is an extremely smart device similar to a smartphone or a smartphone. It is easy to use on Android tablet.

Powerful configuration helps manipulating multiple tasks at the same time. The display quality is clear, true, and the sound system is perfect and lively.

What features 7 inch smart lcd provide?

Cars are not just a means of transportation. The utilities and features on cars are also of great interest, especially car screens. In addition to functions such as navigation and connection to cameras, the car screen also supports many multimedia entertainment applications. Have you tried connecting the phone to the smart screen on the "love car" or not?

7 inch smart lcd 2022

In today's article, we would like to share with you how to connect your phone to the car screen using the Android Auto application. Surely the information below will be very useful and interesting. Please follow the article.

How to connect the phone to the car screen using the Android Auto application

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is an application that runs on the Android operating system. Through this application, we can pair the phone with the car screen easily. Android Auto was developed to help make driving safer. Helps us keep the steering wheel and focus on the road when participating in traffic.

Android Auto has the effect of transferring the phone's features to the car's 7 inch smart lcd. The interface of the system is very easy to use, large icons and menus are arranged very clearly. When you have connected your phone to the car screen with Android Auto, you will have a very interesting experience.


The first can be mentioned is the Google Maps navigation system. The application will assist you to drive conveniently and safely with step-by-step directions on the routes. Roads with traffic jams and obstacles also warn Google Maps in advance. Next are the multimedia entertainment features, voice control, …

Is it easy to operate 7 inch smart lcd?

It's so wonderful, isn't it? How to connect the car screen to the smartphone via Android Auto? We will reveal it shortly.

Android Auto is an application that connects phones and 7 inch smart lcd.

To make this connection function, the first thing you need to do is download the Android Auto application to your phone. In the process of searching for this application on Google Play CH, you will see many different versions. Please choose the Android Auto version that best suits your smartphone.

Then you make the connection with these simple steps:

Step 1:

  • Turn on wifi, 3G or 4G connection.
  • Set the gear lever to Park mode.
  • Start phone and car. Then connect the phone to the car via the USB port (or via Bluetooth).

Step 2:

After connecting the phone to the car via USB (or Bluetooth), many notifications will appear. Please read the instructions and follow to grant Android Auto app permissions on your phone.

Step 3:

Select the Android Auto app on the car screen. Then execute the prompts displayed on the main screen.

So, just by performing the above three-step process, you've connected your smartphone to your car's display via the Android Auto app. It's that simple, isn't it?

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