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Should I buy 7 inch automotive lcd for my car?

7 inch automotive lcdShould I buy 7 inch automotive lcd for my car?

Are you in need of installing a car 7 inch automotive lcd but only need an old android screen? Are you wondering how to test effectively? In this article, I will share with you how to check your old android screen with just 3 steps

There are many car owners who are still wondering whether to replace the car screen with an android car screen. It is no coincidence that the car android screen is as popular as it is today. Both types of screens mentioned above have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a deep dive into this issue.

1. Check the smoothness of the touch of 7 inch automotive lcd

After a period of using the car android screen, there will be a certain delay when you manipulate the touch on the screen.

This problem is easy to recognize because as long as you do all the operations such as selecting any application, switching pages, filling in text, etc. If the response from the touch is too slow, you should not choose that screen or else angry at people

The delayed sensor will lose the driver's concentration when driving because many times, the sensor must be pressed many times before the sensor will recognize it.

2. Is the configuration of the car android screen too outdated?

Currently, the minimum configuration of the 7 inch automotive lcd to be able to use it temporarily is 2GB RAM. With this configuration, you can use the car android screen at a temporary level. As for the current picture and sound quality, the screen needs 3GB of RAM to operate as smoothly as possible.

Usually after a period of use, the screen has started to appear lag, if you use too low a profile, that problem becomes even worse. You should consider it carefully or else you will only lose money without bringing any benefits.

How to view the configuration of the car android screen is very simple:

– You go to the settings (usually there will be a gear icon) then select “About” then the detailed parameters of the screen will be displayed. . You should pay attention to the RAM and ROM indexes because these two indicators determine the smoothness of the car android screen quite a lot.

3. Do the support features on the car android screen still work well?

The most basic and useful feature of 7 inch automotive lcd is navigation support

– Checking this feature is very simple, you just need to go to the available software on the screen such as google maps, … Then try giving the command by voice or by hand typing to see if the navigation software is still responsive and effective.


Check the bluetooth connection feature with the phone

– Try connecting your phone to the android screen to see if it works? If possible, try actions such as making phone calls, playing music from your phone... Just checking a few applications is enough. This connection makes it easy to listen to incoming phone calls while driving without having to use the phone.

Everything is recorded through the microphone of the car android screen. This is very convenient because the driver will not lose focus on answering the phone, but unfortunate things will happen.

Entertainment is also a part not to be missed

– The most popular entertainment application on 7 inch automotive lcd is Youtube. First we need to check whether the image and sound displayed on the screen is sharp? If ok then move on to the next step

  • The image and sound are sharp on the car android screen
  • Finally, you will test the voice command feature
  • Try the voice command feature on the car android screen after 2 years of use

Advantages and disadvantages of car android screen


  • Exquisite design, modern design, diverse models with most of today's cars
  • Easy integration with front, rear, tire pressure sensors and 360-degree cameras cars
  • The above systems help drivers drive safer observe blind spots outside the vehicle easily, warn of obstacles when participating in traffic or when stopping and parking...
  • Voice control and on the steering wheel to help drivers focus more on driving

There are features such as surfing the web, reading newspapers, watching videos on Youtube, giving directions. Some screen manufacturers now favorably give us the copyright of navigation software. This is extremely important for drivers who often have to work long distances.

Car 7 inch automotive lcd can become very convenient wifi transmitters



– Because of the great demand, it means that a lot of poor quality products will be offered for sale. Therefore, you should choose reputable places to buy car android screens

- The price is quite high if you want to own a good car android screen but in return the accompanying features are extremely useful.

7 inch automotive lcd 2022

3. Should I install the 7 inch automotive lcd or not?

It can be said that with the above useful features, owning a 7 inch automotive lcd not only creates an entertainment space to relieve stress in the car, but also helps drivers focus more on driving instead of having to manipulate manually on the screen. This makes driving a lot more enjoyable and safer

And if you really don't want to touch the original car, you can still use the normal car screen.

Above is my analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of android screen and zin screen. Each type of thing has its own advantages and disadvantages to suit the needs of each person. We hope that through this review, you will make the right decision for you

  1. Conclusion

If you really want to buy an old android screen, you should pay attention to check all the things I have shared above. Since it is an electronic device that is still used, it is easy to encounter many problems.

My advice is that for electronics, you should buy new, cheap 7 inch automotive lcd is already able to own one with good configuration. Don't buy cheap old curtains for the sake of cheapness, leading to "lost money"

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