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10.1 Inch LCD Display: An Overview  

A Guide for 10.1 inch LCD display

A 10.1 inch LCD display is a liquid crystal display that consists of a shrill layer transistor that covers each and every pixel. Nowadays, 10.1 inch LCD display is becoming quite famous due to its durable qualities. It owes its popularity to many different features.  Some of them include its high level of illumination, slim structure, inexpensive cost, working under different temperature ranges, and eco-friendly power intake.

10.1 inch LCD display

A 10.1 inch LCD display has the capacity to showcase very crisp picture images which is why it is becoming a part of several applications.  You can easily spot them in smartphones, TVs, video games, navigator systems, and many promotional purposes. Moreover, it possesses anti-glare qualities that are weather-resistant as well. The customizable option in LCD screen displays provided by several vendors is making it more acclaimed.

How to Choose the Right kind of 10.1 inch LCD display?

As mentioned above, many manufacturers are offering that quite a few customizable options in LCD screen displays.  They are providing several sources whether it's in the size, resolution, type, and much more.  The list of customization goes on and on.

Furthermore, the reason that there are so many options can become an overwhelming task to choose the right kind of LCD display that suits your requirements.  The following are some customizable options that one needs to consider when choosing the right kind of 10.1 inch LCD display. Additionally, it also shows some important benchmarks that an LCD display must exceed to be deemed as the right choice.

Some of these benchmarks include choosing the right type of screen, size, and backlighting options.  All these points help us in determining the perfect kind of screen display that suits our specifications.

Choosing the Right Type of LCD Screen Display

The most common type of liquid crystal display screen includes three types which are as follows.  They include the Twisted Nematic (TN), Multi-domain Vertical Alignment (MVA), and in-plane switching (IPS).

Now, all these types of screen displays work with different kinds of applications.  All of them are not suitable for all kinds of applications.  In order to use a certain display type, it needs to follow some basic requirements of each display.

For example, a twisted nematic screen display is most favorable for small applications whereas multi-domain vertical alignment screen displays are most suitable for applications that require extensive contact. Opting for an accurate screen display totally depends on your requirements. For this very purpose, you can have a one-to-one meeting with your manufacturer and explain your needs.  This way they will be able to guide you better and show you a fitting solution for your problem.

Choosing the Right Size of LCD Screen Display

Since the manufacturing community is coming up with several customizable options, size is one of their most selling features.  They are manufacturing multiple variations in size that can be a part of any residential, industrial, or manufacturing usage.  You can easily use them for options that vary from mobile phones to LCD TV screens, or even promotional purposes.

Moreover, the size of LCD screens is making more people indulge in the facility of using multiple size options for different handheld gadgets.  Its range varies from 1.5 to 21 inches.  And this is not it; you can even customize these LCD screen displays into much bigger sizes that befit your requirements. The 10.1 inch LCD display is gaining much acceptance due to its moderate size and qualities. They are quite prevalent in small and medium-size applications.

Choosing the Right Backlight Option for LCD Screen Display

In order for the LCD screen display to work properly and show crisp yet bright images, the backlight matters a lot.  Nowadays, the most popular option for backlight option is an LED. An LED is a light-emitting diode that has the tendency to produce very sharp images without creating glare. It is sure to be a perfect backlight option for small, medium, and large LCD screen displays.

There are some other options available as well.  For this purpose, you can contact your manufacturers and describe your needs.  This way they can guide you better and help you choose the right kind of backlight for your LCD.

The list of choosing the right LCD screen display options goes on and on.  There are several variations when it comes to the resolution and interface options. Hence, the option of customizing your LCD screen saves the day.  After all, the idea behind installing an LCD is to be able to experience quality pictures with your required specifications.

The 10.1 inch LCD display

Many prominent manufacturers like www.jwslcd.com are the very epitome of providing quality services when it comes to LCD screen displays. They have several LCD options to choose from. Their 10.1 inch LCD display is one of their prevailing products.

It is a high resolution of 1024 × 600 dots and has a viewing capacity at 360-degree angles. The interface is RGB and the brightness level equals 400 cd/m². This model has a very active color matrix and a thin film transistor. The 10.1-inch widescreen has pixels divided into red, green, and blue dots.  Their vertical placement enables the user to apply it in multiple applications in different fields including automobiles, home gadgets, industrial as well as commercial displays.

10.1 inch LCD display


Attractive and bright LCD screen displays are becoming a norm in our society.  The only reason they are prevailing is because of their customizable options in different sizes for different applications.

They have successfully become a part of our daily lives whether it is our mobile phones, TVs, or as promotional displays.  Since it has become a prevailing part of our daily lives, it is important to understand and differentiate between several options available in the form of its features. An LCD manufacturer can easily guide you about choosing the right type of screen, size, and backlight options that fall in line with your application.


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