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The TFT 7 inch LCD Display Screen Specification

Use of the TFT Technology in a 7 Inch LCD Display Screen

A TFT based 7 inch LCD display screen is an adaption of Liquid Crystal Display employing Thin Film Transistor technology.  The TFT boosts the operative features of LCD displays such as contrasting and addressability using individual transistors. As TFT in LCD controls the individual pixels, the response time of the LCD screen increases.  An example of transmissive LCD using TFT is Jinweishi’s 7 inch TFT LCD TN 800×480 RGB 50PIN with Long FPC. The type of LCDs using TFT technology display various tones with improved viewing angle and brightness. Usually, TFT LCD screens are available with a capacitive or resistive touchscreen panel. Their display mode is highly transmissive and has more than one interface.

7 inch LCD display

A TFT LCD screen displays sharper visuals than a CRT monitor because of no flickering and distortion. It is due to the fact that every pixel in the TFT LCD screen remains active and leads to casting a clear picture. The high-quality image causes less eyestrain and headaches that are usually attributed to low-quality images. The high-quality 7 inch TFT is a preferential choice for medical practitioners who want an accurate diagnosis of diseases.

Convenience with TFT 7 inch LCD Display Screen

TFT LCDs have transistors and capacitors tailored to enhance energy efficiency and user experience. The dominating features of such display screens comply with the standards of RoHS and REACH. The display screens are relatively small and have their applications in cars’ GPS systems, security monitoring, and medical equipment, etc. Besides, they have extensive usage in various industrial applications.

The TFT technology improves the colors of display screens besides comprehensively maintaining energy efficiency. They are convenient and flexible and are available in diverse forms. The users can easily maintain them for a longer period of time. With varied options of graphic display resolutions, these display screens offer better customization according to work requirements.

The 7 inch LCD display screens are fully functional with remote controls and contain speakers for the audio experience. Many of them use backlights to support their mechanical buttons. The cutting-edge TFT LCD display screen can withstand a temperature range from -20oC to 70oC on average.

Before being put onto the market, the display screens are subject to various reliability tests. These include temperature operation tests, humidity tests, mechanical shock tests, vibration tests, etc.

Notable Features of a TFT 7 inch LCD Display Screen

Exceptional resolution

The display quality of these screens ranges from monochrome character graphics to exceptional high resolution and clear brightness. Moreover, the colour fidelity, contrast, and excellent response speed of LCD display screens are more user-friendly. The ubiquity of visual technology in medical science invigorates manufacturers to provide higher resolution solutions. The 7 inch TFT LCD serves the purpose exceptionally well.

Environmental protection

The quality of the screen doesn’t harm the user’s health, neither affected by the external environment.

Stable and fast response time

TFT displays deliver a fabulously quick, consistent, and stable response time to enhance the user’s experience.

IPS Viewing angle 

The display technology parlance of a 7 inch TFT LCD s uses IPS. The advantage of this viewing angle feature is that it enables to the viewer to view the screen comfortably. IPS maintains an acceptable visual performance of the display screen.

Improvised representation of color

The TFT LCD display creates sharp images because its pixels function perpendicularly. Electrodes help to activate the pixels. As a result, the images are pristine and look original and the user experiences a better images within the screen.

Colour clarity

The TFT LCD display screen delivers an amazing and clear color display due to better crystal oriental arrangement.

Energy Consumption

The TFT technology does not let the battery of the display screen drain faster. It maintains enough energy for the display screen to function optimally.

Technical specifications of a TFT 7 Inch LCD Display

Generally, the following aspects become part of a TFT based 7” LCD display screen.

LCD Panel

Size 17 inch TFT LCD


Display Area 154.08 x 85.92 mm


Interface                 24 Bit RGB



Brightness 400 cd/m2 typ.


Contrast Ratio 1000:1 (typ.)


Display Color 16.7M dithering


View Angle +/- 850


Aspect Ratio 16:9


 Display resolution

Optimum Mode 1280 x 800 at 60 Hz


Maximum Mode 1280 x 800 at 60 Hz
Connector 1 x USB (type C) connector

Power Information

Power Supply 12V DC
Power Consumption D 10W
Standard Usage 110-240V

 Environmental conditions

Operating Temperature -20/ +70oC
Storage Temperature -30/ +80oC

Example of TFT 7 Inch LCD Display Screen

JWS are the top Asian TFT LCD module manufacturers. The general specifications of their 7 inch TFT LCD model IPS 1024×600 MIPI are as under:

Item Specification Unit
Screen Size 7 Inches Diagonal
Number of Pixel 1024 (H) x 3 (RGB) x 600 pixels


Display area 1542144 (H) x 8592 (V) mm


Outline dimension 64.80 X 100.0 X 350(Typ) mm
Display Mode normally black


Pixel arrangement RGB vertical stripe


Pⅸel pitch 0.15 (H) x 0.15 (V) Mm
Surface treatment anti-glare, Hard C (3H)
Backlite LED-side-light type
Surface treatment anti-glare, Hard C (3H)

JWS’s LCD display screen has a better video quality display because of its fast response. The colours of the screen change quickly.

7 inch LCD display


The industry standard TFT 7 inch LCD display is a high-quality module with more than one interface for better results. The screen is available in varied display resolutions and provides a greater scope of customization. These products have multiple uses in numerous applications, such as home appliances, industrial controls, and medical equipment, etc.

The view angle superbly serves the purpose to enjoy the display from different sides in a comfortable manner. Their screen surface is usually anti-glare and they are environmental-friendly. Their power supply stands them out in competition with their competitors.  The operating temperatures of these screens can withstand temperatures ranging from -20℃~+70℃. The screens demonstrate a fast response, thereby providing better video displays.

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