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Would a 5-Inch LCD Panel for My Phone Be Enough?

Is A 5-Inch LCD Panel Perfect for My Smartphone?

Are you looking to replace or upgrade your existing smartphone? If yes, then you must be confused between the different screen sizes such available out there. The screen size is just as important as other attributes of the smartphone such as its price, operating system, etc. That’s why we have come up with this comprehensive guide for you. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the 5-inch LCD panel and its pros and cons. In the end, you will be able to decide for yourself. So, let’s get started!

5-inch LCD panel

Why the Screen Size Is Important?

The screen size is one of the most important considerations of a smartphone. That’s because it can play a decisive role in the selection of the mobile phone device.

The reason that the smartphone screen size is important is that there are so many different screen sizes such as a 5-inch LCD panel available out there. Suitable screen size plays a major role in increasing the efficiency of the screen. No matter whether you are planning to buy an Apple or Android product, both platforms have tons of different sizes.

While a lot of people do not understand the importance of a larger screen, it is just as important as any other aspect of the smartphone. That’s because mobile phones these days are perceived a lot differently than what they used to be in the past. We only used them to place and receive calls in the beginning. However, they are now an integral part of our daily activity. They can now do a lot more than placing and receiving calls.

For this reason, they have almost replaced our desktops. So, it will not be wrong to say that the screen size of mobile phones has definitely come a long way!

Advantages of a 5-Inch LCD Panel

The reason that we prefer a large screen size such as a 5-inch LCD panel is that a large screen size makes the smartphone more efficient and functional. In addition to this, there are many other benefits of using this screen size. Let’s take a look at some of these advantages below.

1.      More Screen to Enjoy Multimedia Content

When you opt for a 5-inch LCD panel for your smartphone, you get more screen space to enjoy the different multimedia content available out there. Thus, it is without a doubt, one of the biggest advantages of having a large mobile screen. Not only this, but you can easily play all the latest games on your smartphone device as well. This would not have been possible if you had opted for a screen size smaller than a 5-inch screen.

2.      Better Handling of Different Applications

When you have a large screen size, you can handle different mobile applications better as compared to the small screen size. A great example of this is MS Office. When you use the app on a large screen, you will easily be able to edit documents on a big screen.

That’s because the more space you will have, the more comfortable you will be on working on the documents. On the other hand, a small screen size would not allow you to see the details clearly. This will add more to your misery.

3.      Ideal for Users Who Do Not See the Small Screen Well

If you are looking for a smartphone to gift to the elders such as your parents or grandparents, then a 5-inch LCD panel is the perfect option out there. That’s because they will not be comfortable using a small screen size due to their weak eyesight.

They will have to stretch the phone all the time or pick up their glasses to use the smartphone. However, this will not be the case with the 5-inch screen size.

4.      Easier to Type

When you own a smartphone of bigger screen size, you will easily be able to type more quickly and comfortably. Not only this, but it will increase your efficiency of working as well. That’s the reason that we recommend a large screen size with eyes closed!

Disadvantages of a 5.5-Inch LCD Panel

Just like every coin has two sides, there are some disadvantages associated with using a 5.5-inch LCD panel as well. Want to know some of them? Keep reading then!

1.      The Battery May Drain Faster

According to some experts, the bigger the screen size, the more battery you spend. Normally the producers make it corresponding so that if a client gets a terminal enormous, you will have more mAh of battery that lasts longer the battery relatively. Be that as it may, it generally finishes previously. This relies upon the use and how we have our gadgets enhanced.

2.      More Expensive Than a Smaller Screen Size

There is no denying the fact that the 5-inch LCD panel is a bit more expensive than other screen sizes available out there. Not only this, but in case the screen shatters, the replacement cost of these screens is a lot higher as well.

However, this is not entirely true for all the cases as the cost depends upon the quality as well. So, make sure that you can afford the screen size before opting for it.

3.      More Difficult to Handle With a Single Hand

If you have smaller hands, then handling a large screen may somewhat become an uphill struggle for you. You might notice that you drop the smartphone more often or have difficulty in using it with a single hand. So, in this case, you will have to use the device with both hands.

5-inch LCD panelFinal Words

In a nutshell, the 5-inch LCD panel for a smartphone has a definite edge over smartphones with smaller screen sizes. However, you must consider all the pros and cons in detail before deciding whether you should go for it or not. If you are looking for more information, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can!



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