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The Advantages and Disadvantages of a TFT 4.3 Inch LCD Panel


As time goes by, new in advanced technologies are being invented, people's living standards are changing as well. The time of the telephone is far gone, for the last decade people are using cell phones, smartphones, tablets, computers. One thing that's common in all of these appliances, as well as television, is the screen panel. There are many different types of screens that are used in smartphones, computers, and television, etc. One of the most popular screens Skype Used in these devices is the LCD screen. LCD stands for liquid crystal display. One of the popular advanced LCD panels is the TFT panel. The TFT 4.3 inch LCD panel is a very common and well known screen type.

So what is the TFT 4.3 Inch LCD Panel? This article is all about the TFT 4.3 Inch LCD Panel, and its advantages and disadvantages.

4.3 inch LCD panel

What is a TFT LCD Panel?

TFT LCD panel stands for the thin-film transistor LCD panel. As the name tells there is a thin film transistor are attached to each and every pixel in the device. The thin film transistor controls each of these pixels. TFT has a very good reaction time of about 80 milliseconds. Its viewing angle is also wide, up to 130-degrees. The thin-film transistors are activated when the electrical current makes contact with the pixels. this produces a very good image quality on the screen.

The components that make up the TFT LCD display panel are the fluorescent tube, a polarizing plate, light guide plate, filter plate, Glass substrate, an alignment film, liquid crystal material, thin mode transistor.

Features of the TFT LCD Panel

Below we have some important features of the TFT 4.3 Inch LCD Panel.

Amazing Color Display.

The TFT 4.3 inch LCD panel has amazing color contrast, clarity, and brightness. This means that you will have a beautiful display and create image quality and color. All of these features can be adjusted according to the user’s desire and comfort.

Extended Half-Life.

compared to the LED display, the TFT 4.3 inch LCD panels have a greater half-life. The TFT displays come in a variety of sizes including the TFT 4.3-inch LCD panels.

TFT LCD panels have two types; resistive or capacitive touch panels.

The TFT 4.3 inch LCD display comes in two types, they either come in the resistive or the capacitive touch panels. Resistive panels are more affordable compared to capacitive panels. Get positive panels to come in more advanced smartphones and devices.

TFT LCD panels offer great aspect ratio control

The TFT LCD panel offers a very good quality image with clarity.

No monitor ghosting on the TFT LCD panels

Ghosting is when an object or person appears blurry in a video. You obviously don’t want that; in the TFT LCD panel this does not happens. You get clearer video.

TFT 4.3 inch LCD panels are incredibly versatile

Many different interfaces can work with this screen type in many different devices.

Advantages and disadvantages if the TFT 4.3 inch LCD panels.


Minimal energy consumption

Compared to previous screen types that came before the TFT 4.3 inch LCD panels, the TFT LCD panels consume less energy. this is obviously very important because less energy consumption is a very desired feature that everyone wants in their devices

Sharp visibility

The TFT LCD panels have very sharp and clear image quality with no geometrical distortion. As mentioned in the features above, the TFT 4.3 inch LCD panels have great aspect ratio control. They have very good and crisp image quality.

Excellent physical design

This point refers to the fact that these panels are very thin and lightweight. Easy to carry, and very great design.

Fast and accurate response time

Their reaction time is pretty fast, 80 milliseconds, as mentioned above. This is very quick, compared to other previous screens, a very desired trait.

Minimizes eye strain

This is because you can keep it anywhere you feel comfortable with. You can also change its positions during long work hours, to avoid restraining in the eyes and neck.


Little more expensive

Higher in price compared to some others

Restricted utility like

It is ineffective for outdoor use.

Need built-in LEDs in the backlighting structure

This is because they don't produce their own light. Therefore, they depend on backlighting for brightness.

What to look for when buying a TFT LCD panel?

Are you looking to buy a TFT LCD panel? If yes, then here are some of the factors that you should consider when buying a TFT 4.3 inch LCD panel for whatever application.

Battery life

The first and most important factor to consider is the battery life of your TFT LCD panel. you should choose one according to the amount of time you are going to use it for, the duration of your application. choose one that has a long battery life because that will maintain longer usage.

Touch-type and accuracy.

Second, comes the type of touch and the degree of accuracy of your touch screen. this will depend on how you are going to use your device, and what you are going to use it for. Resistive touch is a more affordable option that you can go with. however, if you are going to use your device in outdoor areas more frequently.

Then you should go for the capacitive touch screen as this type of screen is much more accurate. We recommend capacitive touch if you are using the device for work purposes like industrial use, as it is much more accurate.

Response times

As mentioned above multiple times TFT displays have faster and accurate responses. this is also a feature that you should look for as well.

4.3 inch LCD panel

Image clarity

There are different types of TFT LCD displays. Some use layers while other use infrared. The latter is a better option. This is very crucial if you are going to use it in outdoor areas.

Take Away

When it comes to the quality of the LCD display, nothing can compete with JWS LCD products.


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