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Replacing the 3.97 Inch LCD Display on Your Phone

Steps to Replace a  3.97 Inch LCD Display on Your Phone

Replacing a cracked or malfunctioning 3.97 Inch LCD Display is a simple process that can save you money. All it takes are some tools and instructions to replace the glass yourself, which means no waiting for repairs either! New screens can be purchased from cell phone providers, so you no longer have to worry about the hassle.

By replacing a cracked or defective screen on your own with these new parts it is possible at home as long as you have access and all of the right tools in order for this process to go smoothly.

3.97 Inch LCD Display

Why Do People Need to Replace the 3.97 Inch LCD Display on Their Phone?

Have you ever dropped your phone and shattered the screen? It can be expensive to repair, but even more annoying. If this has happened before or if it is just something that always worries you when carrying around a $1000+ device then there are some easy steps for preventing damage in the future.

Replacing your 3.97 Inch LCD Display can be a tedious task if you don’t have the right equipment or knowledge of how to do it yourself. Replacing the screen on your phone is something that many people are interested in doing because they prefer having their screens replaced versus paying extra money for getting them fixed at an Apple store.

The process itself isn't too difficult but there are certain steps that need to be followed before taking apart any part of the device so as not to damage anything else inside. If done correctly and with patience then anyone should end up replacing their own iPhone's display successfully (and without creating more problems).

Step 1

We recommend to power off your cell phone completely by holding down the power button for four or five seconds. Turn the device over and remove any backplate covering it, then slide out its battery using a fingernail underneath of it.

Step 2

If you have a GSM phone, getting your SIM card out is easy. First, locate the metal cover on top of your SIM card and pull it back to reveal the actual chip underneath that gives access to all of its information including contacts or personal data. Then remove it from where ever you see fit!

Step 3

At the bottom of your phone, near where you remove the battery is a plastic RF grommet. Grab it with tweezers and pull it up to detach from the inside of your device.

Step 4

Twisting the tweezers around to pull up on this latch, you manage to detach the bottom plastic antenna cover. Now that it's off of your phone and set aside, you can see where its connection was made: a small gold connector between two terminals is exposed now - place something metallic against those connectors (the battery!) and hope for fireworks!

Step 5

The next step in repairing your cell phone is to take off the metal plate that covers it. You can do this by using a Torx screwdriver and unscrewing all of the screws along its edges, then taking it out entirely so you can get access to what lies beneath.

Step 6

You should lift up and then off the phone. The plastic cover is on top of the LCD screen, so you can see it better when you turn over your phone to look at its bottom side! Gently wiggle a flat head screwdriver in between the seam from underneath until there's enough room for one edge to slip under both sides of the catch. Once you complete it, just continue lifting upwards with gradual force while sliding outwards along each locked corner! Finally flip back over once unlock all four corners into place by running against them - be very gentle here since they're still attaching but only barely now.

Step 7

The technician began the process by inserting a set of tweezers into his toolkit and then located the latch on my phone. Once he unlocked it with one hand, he slowly pulled off the screen from its original position. Working carefully to disconnect all cables between both screens, I could tell that nothing is damaged in this procedure as soon as I saw how smooth everything was going so far! He took out a replacement screen for me which looked identical to mine before placing it back inside my phone and reconnecting all necessary cords once more.

Finds side latch using tweezers; separates cable running from LCD display; replaces new 3.97 Inch LCD Display onto the device without damaging any components.

Step 8

Set the plastic cover back onto the phone and flip it over, putting all of your screws in. Push a small rubber grommet into its place on one end of your SIM card tray to keep dust from entering through that hole you just made when you opened up this little guy. Then slide out the battery compartment and carefully push in or replace/insert whichever batteries you need for use with this device before powering it on again.


The screen on your iPhone is one of the most important parts of the device. You use it every day to browse the internet, check emails, and more. If you’ve noticed some lines or dead pixels appearing on your 3.97 Inch LCD display, don't worry! It's not a sign that something is wrong with your phone--it happens to all displays eventually as they age over time. Luckily for us, there are tons of companies out there who specialize in replacing screens just like this one so we can get our iPhones looking perfect again without having to buy a new phone altogether!



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