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6 Most Advanced Features of Mustang Passenger Lcd Display

6 Most Advanced Features of Mustang Passenger Lcd Display


One feature that will certainly change the entire in-car experience is the Android operating system in the mustang passenger lcd display. Technology that was previously only available for smartphones can now be used in your car.

You can install in your car a central with Android system and Play Store to download and use applications.

This way, it is no longer necessary to mirror the screen to use mustang passenger lcd display on the car screen.  You can upload YouTube videos for the kids or maps with Waze to get to your destination. See everything straight from multimedia.

Specific Whips (Wires and Connectors)

When installing the control unit, this item will make all the difference. More clearly, harnesses are the wires and connectors necessary for the multimedia center to be installed perfectly in the car.

A mustang passenger lcd display can be installed by splicing wires or, in this case, by connectors that only need to be plugged into the car's original inputs. With specific harnesses, installation is much more practical and without cutting wires. Installation harnesses are made for each car specifically.

It is worth investing a little more in a multimedia center with harnesses for your car. Moreover, modern lcd touch screens in automotive allow you many options. We can say it is the home of entertainment right in front of you.

Mustang Passenger Lcd Display

Specific Frame Makes a Lot of Difference

And finally, to finish your car's dashboard, a frame of its own also makes a lot of difference. The car looks the same as the original dashboard, however with much more interesting features. Therefore, we can say that JWSLCD has the best mustang passenger lcd display for your car.

JWSLCD multimedia centers have the highest technology and quality. Check out!

What do you find in a JWSLCD Multimedia Center?

Choose the type of center that best suits you. There are several types and sizes that you can already check.

MP5 Mustang Passenger Lcd Display

This center is perfect for those looking for a full-featured center at a more affordable cost. Multimedia has USB input, Bluetooth, Cable smartphone mirroring, AM/FM radio, Camera input, USB input. The central can play files via Bluetooth, music and videos from the flash drive and much more. It is important to remember that it has an input for Digital TV.

Discover JWSLCD Automotive Digital TV

This entertainment center can also be known as the rear screen and headrest screen. Perfect for those with children, this unit has an android system, also a capacitive touch screen and a slim format, giving an excellent finish inside the car.

It can be used for integration with another central or independently for greater passenger comfort. It has USB and HDMI input, 10.8-inch screen, smartphone mirroring and headphone output.

This center draws a lot of attention wherever it goes and ensures more entertainment for passengers in the back seats of the vehicle.


Universal Android Mustang Passenger Lcd Display

Due to its immense ability to adapt to the most varied types of cars, it carries the term “universal”. This multimedia center has an android system to download and install your favorite apps, smartphone mirroring and AM/FM radio.

It also has 2 USB inputs, camera input and Digital TV input.

The central has a body with reduced depth, which ensures that it can be installed in cars with less space, such as some Fiat and Jeep models.

Specific multimedia centers

The specific multimedia centers have all the practicalities of a complete android system for your car, such as installing apps with YouTube, Spotify, Waze and much more. This mustang passenger lcd display is as complete as a universal one, mentioned above, but it has a very important differential.
Mustang Passenger Lcd Display 2022

The specific multimedia center comes with specific frame and harnesses, plug and play to keep the originality of the vehicle intact. Installation is more practical and faster with a specific switchboard, in addition to maintaining the characteristics of the original panel.

Can I install any multimedia in my car?

Not necessarily. Just as there are different types of screens, there are also different sizes. But don't worry, the 7-inch screen fits perfectly in almost every car. And this is not the only solution. JWSLCD has a wide range of specific mustang passenger lcd display with plug and play harnesses to maintain the originality of your car.

In addition to specific multimedia, JWSLCD has universal multimedia. The best products for your car to have the functions you want with the guarantee and credibility of a serious brand recognized nationally and worldwide.

Don't want to change your Original multimedia center?

Do not worry. There is another type of solution for those who want to keep the factory multimedia center. The device allows you to integrate all the features of an Android mustang passenger lcd display, such as downloading and using streaming apps such as GloboPlay, YouTube, Amazon Prime and much more.

Why Choose A JWSLCD Mustang Passenger Lcd Display?

JWSLCD is a national company that develops innovative, competitive and highest quality technological solutions. There are more than 10 years in the market producing authentic technology tested and approved throughout Brazil.

A company certified ISO 9001:2015 by the certifying body IQA (Institute of Automotive Quality). JWSLCD has a wide portfolio of automotive solutions to deliver you more safety, entertainment and performance and leave your car without limits.

In addition to the quality of its products and a high level of satisfaction, JWSLCD has the best technical assistance and specialized technical support to answer all questions about installation, application or usability of the mustang passenger lcd display.


Now you know. When choosing a multimedia center for your car, choose a product that will allow you to use updated resources that are compatible with your reality.

Optimize the time you spend in the car with much more practicality and comfort. Install a JWSLCD mustang passenger lcd display. It will bring to you the most amazing experience you ever tried. Furthermore, you can buy it at best price.

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