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How to install Classified HMI LCD Display in any vehicle?

How to install Classified HMI LCD Display in any vehicle?

Classified HMI LCD display is the most interested car interior device today. With outstanding features and modern design, this is considered a new trend that everyone should customize for their beloved car. However, not everyone knows how to use the monitor properly.

Understanding that, the following article we will show you how to use the LCD display in your car properly and effectively, make full use of entertainment features, listen to calls, etc. that you should not ignore.

Classified HMI LCD Display

How to use LCD display in car?

Jwslcd screen has many outstanding typical features, but how to use LCD display in car correctly, not everyone knows well. Each feature will have different uses, for example as follows:

Use classified HMI LCD display with remote positioning feature

Remote positioning is a basic feature on the LCD display, this feature helps owners to locate the exact location of their beloved driver anywhere via phone. Compared to other screen lines, Jwslcd is evaluated and commented as more prominent. However, the usage is quite simple.

  • First, if you want to use the remote identification feature, you need to set up the Find My Car" application on your smartphone. This is an application that helps users to completely track the location of the vehicle regardless of the time limit, how far away.
  • After that, just go to the settings according to the instructions of the application and you can completely use it.

In addition to determining the location remotely, classified HMI LCD display also allows users to check the schedule of movement and movement in 1 year.

How to use the LCD display with voice control?

Voice control is the most loved and used feature on LCD displays, especially important for Jwslcd. This feature is considered to be extremely useful, helping the driver to ensure safe transfer without manual manipulation many times.

With the push of a button, through your voice, you can control and fine-tune the screen to your liking. Using this feature is also quite simple. Specifically, through the button integrated on the steering wheel, the user will read a simple and brief command for the screen to recognize and execute.

Some commonly used commands of classified HMI LCD display such as: Open map command, open YouTube, open tire pressure.

Classified HMI LCD Display 2022

How to use LCD display in car with directions feature?

Jwslcd is a screen company that integrates the most types of navigation maps, up to 3 types. All of them are highly accurate, specific and fast apps.

How to use the LCD display in the car with the navigation feature is also quite simple. To use the vanguard select the type of map you want to use then read aloud the command area to example. At that time, the screen will give specific details of the road, including the turns and corners on the road.

How to use the classified HMI LCD display with connecting the cameras?

Camera is the superior safety system of LCD display. Through the screen, the user can easily observe the obstacles in front, behind and on both sides of the vehicle easily. The types of cameras that are often integrated on Jwslcd screens can be mentioned as: forward camera, reverse camera screen, dash cam screen.

How to use the car LCD display with the camera?

Open the application on the screen and then read the command: "Open the front camera / long journey camera / reverse camera / rear camera". At that time, the screen will operate according to the required user commands.

Use car screen with entertainment feature

With just a classified HMI LCD display on the car, you can completely bring an extremely unique and brilliant international entertainment to the viewers. Including: Watching movies, listening to music, surfing the web… at high speed.

How to use as well as the above applications, go through the command to control and tweak the screen. Here are a few basic commands to use the fun feature as follows:

  • Commands to watch movies, watch YouTube: "Open video + movie name"
  • Watch TV go "Watch + channel name".
  • See the weather forecast, say “Weather + city name”.
  • Listen to the radio: "Listen to the radio".

Use the classified HMI LCD display with the phone feature

Executing the command for you to use this feature. Specifically, as follows:

  • Call the touch phone number: “Call + name in the smartphone directory or smart phone number on the touch phone”
  • Call directly on the sim: “Call + phone number” “.

Use car screen with 4g connection feature

Android car screen with 4G sim card allows users to use WIFI network from the screen. This is extremely useful in case of moving away from the whole family

Use the car screen to check the condition of the car tires

With the screen line of the jwslcd brand name, classified HMI LCD display also has the feature of checking the condition of extremely high-performance tires. How to use it with the command "Open tire pressure" then on the screen will display all the technical parameters of the actual tire.

Car LCD display settings and Installing

Besides how to use the screen properly, the setup method is also being taken care of by many people. Not when the overall assembly, the applications are already integrated on the screen. There are many apps that you need to set up yourself. Specifically, how to set up the car LCD display as follows:

Voice control mode setting

To set up voice control and tweaking on the car screen, you first need to download the Google launcher application in CH-Play.

After successfully downloading, the classified HMI LCD display will be automatically displayed on the home screen. The last step is to read the command "OK, Google", so you have successfully set up the fine-tuning policy and voice control on the car screen.

Install other apps on the car screen

The LCD display is viewed as a clever smartphone that can help integrate many useful applications. In addition to voice control and tweaking, there are many other applications such as: Entertainment, watching movies online.

Setting up of classified HMI LCD display is quite simple, just query the CH-Play to download the applications you want. dream. Finally, follow the instructions of the system network.

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