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5 Incredibly Useful China Industrial LCD Display Tips for Businesses

China industrial LCD display on industries are one of the most effective communication tools for businesses that are aiming to reach viewers from close range.

China Industrial LCD Display

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JwsLCD is leading LCD display manufacturing company in China with market leading service quality. We would like to share with businesses some important information about advertising with effective forms and experience.

Article table of contents

  • Introduction to LCD display on industries
  • Some forms of LCD screen advertising on popular means of transport
  • LCD screen advertising on taxis
  • Industrial LCD display on car
  • LCD display on the bus
  • Industrial LCD display on trains
  • In-flight advertising LCD screen
  • Media advantages of LCD screen advertising on industries
  • Buy LCD display screen today with JwsLCD

Introduction to China industrial LCD display on industries

Currently, more and more industries have been installing LCD screen systems to serve the purpose of promoting the brands of businesses. This is a very developed form of digital advertising in recent years. Many industries are buying china industrial LCD display.


LCD screen advertising on industries

Industrial LCD display will install inside the vehicle so that it is suitable for the eyes of the passengers, ensuring neither too close nor too far. The number of screens will depend on the type of vehicle, such as cars, taxis, buses, trains.

Usually, there are only 1-2 screens installed in the center of the vehicle (hanging from the ceiling) or on the plane, there will be more, behind each seat is a separate China industrial LCD display.

Just like regular LCD advertising screens, LCD screens on industries have no different operating specifications (except for a smaller size to match the installation location). During the time that the vehicle is moving, the screen will alternately play advertising TVC clips with a duration of 15 - 30 seconds or experience games and applications to be able to interact directly with passengers.

Some forms of LCD screen advertising on popular means of transport

Through actual statistics, Unique Integrated Outdoor Advertising would like to send to your business the means of transport that have installed industrial LCD display as follows:

Industrial LCD display on car

China industrial LCD display on cars often installed on industries participating in technology service apps to transport passengers after booking a car on the app. Passengers sitting in the car can watch promotional videos or interact directly with the screen using applications provide by the brand.

LCD display on moving vehicles

On some bus lines, LCD display are now installed, usually hanging from the ceiling, right behind the driver's seat. The screen has a fixed position in the aisle so that passengers, whether sitting on the sides or standing, can see it.

Industrial LCD display on trains

Some recently upgraded and remodeled trains have also allowed to install China industrial LCD display systems for each car. Which can install at the beginning - end of each car or right in the middle of the area. travel (using a ceiling-dropping screen) so that passengers can see in the most convenient way.

In-flight advertising LCD screen

The number of LCD screens on each plane will correspond to the number of seats in the cabin. After each seat is installed a screen only use to serve a single passenger. Moreover, the LCD advertising screen on the plane will become an extremely effective source of entertainment for viewers during the flight for hours, even days.

Media advantages of China industrial LCD display on industries

If the forms of advertising usually directed to outside traffic users so as to not limit the number of approaches. Advertising on LCD screens will target potential customers who are currently using them. means of transport to move.

Although the number of passengers will certainly be less. Moreover, they will have more time and space to observe and receive advertising information during the journey.

On average, each person will have to spend at least 15 minutes to hours to get to the place they want. The longer the time, the easier to feel bored.

The LCD screen with lively and attractive content

At these times, the China industrial LCD display plays advertising clips with lively and attractive content. It will surely attract the entire attention of passengers present at that time, reaching viewers many times and printing. deep in their memory.

Installation of apps and games with exciting gifts

In addition to showing clips, brands can also install apps and games to directly interact with customers along with small gifts such as vouchers, sampling, etc. Which are easy to implement. Moreover, experience participants will feel extremely interesting and greatly increase their reliability. Because they can learn about the products and services that the company is providing.
China Industrial LCD Display 2022

The installed industrial China industrial LCD display are all types of high-quality digital screens. It integrated with the latest technologies, helping to produce extremely sharp images and sounds, bright colors, lively. The cost to book this type of advertising is also very suitable for the budget of the business. And each means of transport will have a different quote.

How to broadcast advertising on industrial LCD display

The mobile advertising LED screen integrated with intelligent control technology. So just copy the data into the memory to be able to broadcast the brand's communication TVCs.

And more special is that the industrial LCD display only plays the brand's advertisement and repeats it during the time of traveling on the street. Moreover, the communication content easily engraved in the mind of the people on goes road. China industrial LCD display can also create more TVCs to convey more images and messages.

In addition, some industrial

Application of industrial LCD display in advertising and communication

With many of its outstanding advantages, mobile industrial LCD display can easily apply to many different activities. Such as: brand promotion, new product/service launch, push programs. promotions, and serving for promotional campaigns.

Moreover, due to being moved on large and crowded roads, with extremely unique display effects. Industrial China industrial LCD display ads will naturally make an impression on all traffic participants. on the roads it traverses. Thereby, businesses will create direct impressions deep in the minds of viewers.

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