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Best 3.5 inch lcd display module factories China 2022

Best 3.5 inch lcd display module factories

Firstly, 3.5 inch lcd display module factories is a flexible communication method that offers solutions for the most diverse communication needs. It can use to inform your collaborators, your customers, your users.

It is also to underline the uniqueness of your company, with highly visible, engaging and seductive messages. Secondly, we offer next generation passive and interactive tools to support your communication to you the words and images.

Interactive monitors and digital signage

The name may sound new but it is now impossible not to come across this new form of communications. That we enjoy great success and is so rapidly spread that it becomes a constant presence in everyday life.

As well as, 3.5 inch lcd display module factories comes in different forms and the common elements. Further, it is a dynamic communication system of great impact created through displays, able to transmit.

It is depending on the software uses, to receive information and advertising. Further, it becomes an indispensable tool for the dissemination of messages on products and services of private companies or public bodies.

Terminals can be reprogrammed quickly remotely

Moreover, it has static images, slideshows, and videos with or without audio, interactive itineraries, web. It is up to entertainment and information programs comparable to those of a television channel. 3.5 inch lcd display module factories systems allow you to manage a wide range of content over the air or via LAN.

This technology is so flexible that very different audiovisual content can be easily made available, in real time or in a programmed way. Eventually, it comes with a remote device, making it possible to transform and reprogram messages in a few moments according to individual needs.

In addition, a nice advantage in terms of efficiency and costs, since the investment in this type of device, on balance, allows for agile and versatile communication, with tools that are mostly mobile or easily repositionable and adaptable to different contexts.

3.5 inch lcd display module factories

A large number of areas of application

Thanks to its peculiar characteristics, 3.5 inch lcd display module factories lends itself to a varied number of uses. Here are some examples. Institutional communication for public bodies and companies

Useful dynamic information such as updates on traffic, weather, waiting times, flights, trains, buses, subways, etc. Often, also use as a vehicle for advertising communication Ongoing offers such as discounts and promotions in shops and malls.

Moreover, it has Interesting topics with interactive navigation such as the “making of” of food and non-food products, ideal for co-marketing operations

Shopping ideas: New products, new collections, new temptations “Stories”, original contents create to communicate a brand or entertain the public by increasing the time spent in commercial spaces. Exhibitions and museums where they can provide route information and insights

Interconnected and interactive terminals

In practice, 3.5 inch lcd display module factories is a network managed by a central server, which remotely sends multimedia contents to all terminals.  Eventually, this network can be small, even compose of a single device, or very large.

The terminals connect via a digital player which plays the contents received from the server. The digital panels use can be of different sizes and suitable for different uses: from the small information island in the exhibition area to the large outdoor walls.

The central server receives the contents from a terminal which manages the entire programming. Visual Content Management software allows remote control of all contents.

Speaking of hardware: screens

We no longer speak of screens but of digital panels on which the terminals reproduce the multimedia contents received from the central server. We know this well and offer you the possibility to choose between wide ranges of possibilities. It integrates with the functions suitable for your objectives:

  • high brightness LCD displays
  • maxi LCD screens
  • wall or ceiling
  • interactive and multimedia totems
  • tables multi-touch interactive displays
  • multimedia showcases
  • video walls, glasses-free 3D monitors and even interactive floors

We can give you the best solution for indoor and outdoor 3.5 inch lcd display module factories systems.

Software solutions for digital content management

Subsequently, there are many Visual Content Management solutions available. The most advance allows to simultaneously managing the multimedia contents of all the devices install, which can even be thousands, from a remote location.

These solutions make it possible to timely synchronize multiple monitors and fine-tune content playlists, organize according to different display priorities. Nowadays this software are also able to create greater audience engagement, for example by displaying on the screen, in real time, the contents related to the social pages of the store and inviting customers to interact.
3.5 inch lcd display module factories 2022

The single devices can support different applications and the most advanced have real operating systems that make them comparable to a computer.

An ever greater interactivity thanks to QR Codes

The customer who wants to know more about a certain product can scan a barcode, a QR code or an RFID tag on the product and view a series of information on the display or on their device. But today 3.5 inch lcd display module factories is also an effective means of couponing.

Just scan the QR code on the display to download a discount coupon or gift on your smartphone. These are just some of the many applications that characterize lcd display module as something that goes far beyond signage. Imagine what it could do for you.


Are you interested in a 3.5 inch lcd display module factories solution?

Technology today is more accessible than ever. A monitor and the right contents are enough to create a pole of attraction in your store. An interactive totem can enrich the impact of an exhibition stand; two monitors side by side can enhance the appeal of a shop window. A video wall can enhance the qualities of your brand.

What are interactive displays or monitors, how do they work and what are these tools for? In this article we will try to answer these questions as clearly as possible. We are providing you with useful information relating to these devices and their main applications.


After the advent of smart phones and tablets, the interactive touch screen monitor is now available on the market. Interactive monitors are a kind of multimedia whiteboard that can be uses in various sectors.

Interactive monitors now uses in schools and in the most diverse work and business contexts. Lastly, 3.5 inch lcd display module factories have high definition monitors, equip with an Android operating system capable of integrating Windows and Apple systems.

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