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Why Upgrade You Simple 12.1 inch LCD Display to Color Graphic Display    

Upgrading your 12.1 inch LCD Display to Color Graphic Display

The industry dealing with technology and its advancements are progressing rapidly. This progressiveness has led technological industries like LCD to a more automated system. In fact, automation is the key to a better future. It helps in easing the performance of our daily tasks.This is why important to upgrade your simple LCDs like a 12.1 inch LCD display to a more colorful graphic display.

The earlier version of 12.1 inch LCD display was simple and monochromatic. But as of now, we need to understand that technology is progressing a 12.1 inch LCD display should play its part in up-gradation.

The LCD displays are usually electronic in nature and require simple operations so that the users can operate them easily. Although, the basic functionality of any LCD relies on the binary system so we need to work on elevating it towards betterment.

12.1 inch LCD display

The Steps to upgrade your 12.1 inch LCD display

The display screen of any LCD plays a very important part. It is a window to the internal world of technology and advancement. The earlier versions of LCDs used to depict black and white colors only. So, instead of using monochromatic displays that are simple, you need to invest in a 12.1 inch LCD display that has the availability of color graphics.

Nowadays, manufacturers are working with multiple progressive technologies that allow them to incorporate colorful graphics in LCD screens. Moreover, if you already own a simple 12.1 inch LCD display then you don't need to worry. Manufacturers are working on a system that helps in upgrading the simple versions. This eliminates the reason to invest in a new LCD altogether.

Furthermore, one needs to comprehend that the color graphic enhanced LCDs are way better and advanced. The use of advanced color graphics is not just to improve the picture quality. Rather, it is much more than just a better picture display. The simple way to go about promoting your previous LCD to an advanced version is to upgrade its modules. LCDs that are custom-built have the capacity to enable these upgrades.

The following are some types of LCD displaying modules. It is feasible to makes changes by understanding the types of modules available.

Types of LCD Displaying Modules for 12.1 inch LCD Display

There are four major types of LCD displaying modules. These are readily available in the market for immediate use. They include the TFT LCD display, touch panel display, monochrome LCD display, and custom LCD displays.

The thin film transistor for TFT is a displaying module that can depict up to 16 million colors at a time. This is the most advanced form of LCD displays that showcases an amazing amount of quality and picture. Along with anti-glare qualities, it has the most economical price in the market. Moreover, it is customizable when regarding resolution, dimension, and other addable technologies.

Next up are the touch panel displays. As the name suggests, these displaying panels are touch-able. They have long, durable, and water-resistant displays. You can often locate them in the medical vicinities because it is sensitive to touch even when you are wearing gloves. Since it is a sensory device; it allows interaction between the display and the user much like a capacitive and resistive touch.

The monochrome LCD display modules are only able to represent or interact in numeric, signs, and illustrations.  They are colorless and are majorly practice in industries and retailing. This is because in industrial applications colored formats can be distracting. The display should give a crisp, direct, and readable layout. Moreover, these monochromatic displays are affordable and can accommodate all types of working conditions due to their small size.

Lastly, we have custom LCD displays. They are LCDs that are customizable which means that you can add and subtract as many features to them as your requirement. Customizable LCDs can work in all types of environments because they are designed with specified specifications.

Why Upgrade your 12.1 inch LCD Display?

In this day and age, technology-appropriate gadgets are as important as any other necessity in life. Everyone wants tech-savvy and state-of-the-art devices whether it is LCDs or mobile phones. There is no one particular reason why someone wants to upgrade their 12.1 inch LCD display. It can simply be a matter of personal choice or a work requirement.

Anyways, it is always smarter to keep on learning new technologies and integrating them with your systems. Therefore, prior to settling only an LCD module, it is better to weigh the pros and cons. In researchers’ opinions, it is always better to get a custom LCD displaying module. This way, whenever the need arises you can upgrade your LCD model at any time.

Some of the reasons for taking a leap forward in the technology of LCD displays are to increase its compatibility, eradicating memory shortage, enhancing features, and add on more options. Upgrading an LCD can increase its compatibility with other up-to-date systems. This allows procuring different outcomes without any hindrance.

An upgrade in LCD color graphics means elevating the memory storage too. Monochrome LCDs tend to have limited RAMs. After adding color graphic options, the RAM needs up-gradation as well. This means there is more space to store and access in real-time. The overall color quality improves which gives an exceptional picture quality. Jwslcd is providing all the necessary upgrades that you might require for your 12.1.ich LCD display at the most economical prices.

12.1 inch LCD display


Whether you are working from your home or working in an industrial sector, it is always better to work with the latest devices and gadgets. The availability of upgrading LCD displays is a great way of converting your simple display screen to the latest color graphic mode. It lets you experience the world of graphics optimally. This even increases the performance level of your LCD by manifolds. Therefore, it is better to make the change that enhances the LCD and gives you a better experience visually and practically.


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