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Tips to Operate a 5 Inch LCD Display in Cold Environment    

How to Operate a 5 Inch LCD Display in Cold Environment

The liquid crystal display screens that we know today are not what they used to be. The availability of LCD display screens in different sizes is another form of achievement that is huge. The 5 inch LCD display is an acknowledgment of the amount of progress that LCD technology has made.

Moreover, many industrial and operational sectors are investing in LCDs, like a 5 inch LCD display, to facilitate interfacing abilities. Over the years there has been significant improvement in LCD technology. While on the other hand there has been a substantial decrease in the prices of LCDs.

5 inch LCD display

That’s why many industries have invested in using LCD display screens in their daily lives. Although the 5 inch LCD display is relatively small in size, it has a long list of applications. This article elaborates on one such application that involves its use in a cold environment.

Operating a 5 Inch LCD Display in Cold Environment

It is very common to locate an LCD in your vicinity. The reason for the common availability of LCD is because of its economic prices. Apart from the long list of qualities of an LCD, it has some drawbacks to its name. One of its major flaws is its incapability to work in cold environments. This has been an underlying issue in all the models of LCDs that are available in the market.

When under cold conditions, the pixels of an LCD start to dilate. This poor behavior at the LCD’s end makes it unsuitable under frigid conditions. It is important to come up with a viable measure to lower the effects of coldness on the LCD.

Otherwise, this can create deterioration in the picture quality. In some cases, the LCD may behave abnormally with slow resolution and lowly color broadcasting. And in the worst-case scenario, the cold environment can completely damage the pixels. All these symptoms can be very damaging thus it is important to come up with a counter plan that diminishes the influence of low temperature on the LCD.

The succeeding points are a few ways to safeguard your 5 inch LCD displays in cold surroundings for optimal results.

Choosing a 5 inch LCD display with a Low-Temperature Rating

The layer of TFT also referred to as Thin-Film-Transistor, is the pixel encasing within the LCD display. Each pixel makes use of crystals in the form of liquid at a normal room temperature. Due to the decrease in surrounding temperature, the liquid within can become sticky which compromises the pixilation. The point at which the screen display starts to deteriorate is zero degrees and below.

LCDs are sure to experience lethargic screen response when in colder weather conditions. The degradation in screen display does not only limit to LCD screens but also has its effect on mobile phones, laptops, and similar devices. It is necessary to take remedial steps otherwise the weather can take its toll on your device and even lead it to extreme damages.

Hence, the right way to go about installing the 5 inch LCD display in your cold surroundings is to purchase one that has a low-temperature rating. In order to do this, you have to review the data regarding LCD specifications provided by the manufacturer. This data can help you in understanding the operating and storing temperature range for each LCD.

One such company that provides complete guidance in the working temperature ranges for different LCDs is www.jwslcd.com. It is a beneficial move that can save the repair and maintenance costs that may arise in the future due to frigid temperatures.

Installing a Low-profile Heater at the Back of 5 inch LCD display

The previous solution shows us that it is better to invest in an LCD that has a low-temperature rating. Unfortunately, there is a very little number of manufacturers who are making such kinds of LCD displays. Now, this makes us move on to the next possible solution.

For systems that require the LCD to operate at minus degree temperatures, there is another way to utilize them. This solution requires installing a low-profile heater at the back of a 5 inch LCD display. This heater has a layer of customizable options that usually consists of steel and insulating materials.

The polyimide heater encases an external battery that runs at 120 volts of power. After attaching this to the back of an LCD, it automatically keeps the crystal inside the LCD display at a regular temperature. Now, these low-profile heaters run at moderate temperatures so that they help to regulate the crystal display. It is warm enough to ensure the safety of the LCD itself without affecting the physical attributes of the LCD.

Incorporating temperature Sensors with a 5 inch LCD display

The next important step that you can take in preventing the deterioration of a 5 inch LCD display is to make use of temperature sensors. LCD displays are not sensitive enough to detect the extremity of external temperature. Hence, there is a need for an elaborate system that attaches to these LCDs.

This is a new way of incorporating temperature sensors with 5 inch LCD displays. It helps in keeping a check on the thermostat and surrounding temperature.  As soon as the temperature goes below the standard setting, the sensors go off. It allows the user to take instant steps and change the thermostat settings as per requirement.


Whether we are able to comprehend their importance or not, LCD display screens are here to stay. These past years they have been our constant companion whether it is in the industrial sector or residential areas. Many researchers and technicians are working on technologies that further improve the quality and performance of LCD screens. There are limitations as to what an LCD can do, but manufacturers keep coming up with remedial solutions for these problems. Therefore, it is a great invention after making some technical and structural changes it may even outperform its previous versions.


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