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Security LCD Display: Essential Things to Look for in a Security Display

Security LCD Display: What You Need To Know

Screen technology is getting better every day and we now have so many video surveillance displays in the market. Several people are looking for the best security LCD display to monitor their homes and commercial facilities.

Many people still don’t understand the importance of security displays. Instead, they pair normal LCDs with their CCTV cameras in different environments. However, a security display is different than normal LCDs in many ways. There are various reasons why one should opt for security displays.

Factors like budget, scale, and location are often important dictators in choosing a security display solution. However, qualities, like efficiency, longevity, and reliability remain critical in making an informed buying decision.

What is a Security LCD Display?

A security LCD display or monitor is also called a CCTC or surveillance monitor. It is the screen on which you can see live or recorded events coming through security systems of cameras in line with NVR or DVR devices.

The flexible connectivity, long-run reliability, and high performance of security displays help you fulfill diverse surveillance environment requirements.

You can find security displays in the control rooms of shopping malls, offices, and homes, etc. The screen technology behind these displays differs from one display to another.

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What to Look for in a Security LCD Display?

Nowadays, security and surveillance system displays are not only available in control rooms they also serve various security purposes from critical to general surveillance.

Therefore, the right security display should have the features to accommodate different security surveillance needs. It means that you should look for a security LCD display that should prove ideal according to different circumstances. In short, it must ensure greater performance standards for an array of applications.

Let’s go through different traits of a high-quality security display that you should look for in your security display.

1. Unparalleled Video Quality

The most important thing to look at when buying a security display should be the video quality. The level of security you implement depends heavily on the quality of images in the surveillance video.

You need to focus on more image quality factors to ensure the most optimal on-screen images apart from security cameras performance. What it means is that you must look for a highly professional security display in particular.

More than the display of video, the security displays are critical to achieving the best possible quality of the image when the high resolution of the monitor matches camera megapixels.

It is essential to find a professional security display with super-resolution and night mode, etc. It is vital that the security display fully show the actual footage of the security camera. Moreover, the security LCD display should also be able to enhance the quality of the image naturally.

Night Mode: This feature dims the LCD backlight levels when the environment is dark and keeps the actual viewing clear with greater visibility for dependable navigation.

Super Resolution: Enhance and upscale screen images to ensure better details in the layered texture vertically and horizontally.

CCTV Mode: It is an important feature of a modern-day security display. The display should fine-tune the security solutions of the user quickly. The monitor must provide the best security solutions in terms of backlight, saturation, sharpness, black level, super-resolution, noise reduction, and GAMMA, etc.

2. Multiple Display Connectivity

It can be costly and difficult to replace the current surveillance system under certain conditions. Therefore, it is a great idea to choose a surveillance display that offers multiple display inputs.

It will allow installers and system integrators to configure surveillance solutions better without additional switch equipment. Make sure that the security LCD display offers connectivity support for 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SDI, HDMI, DVI, S-Video, VGA, BNC, and composite video connectors. It will bring greater user convenience.

Strong Protection

Surveillance displays work 24/7 without any interruption in high-traffic areas. To withstand this massive stress, the design of the surveillance system display needs to be highly robust.

Therefore, you must ensure that the casing and overall design of the display are durable and resist harsh environments. It must be resistant to water, dust, scratching, and high-velocity impact in harsh environments.

24/7 Operation

Given the requirement of 24/7 working for an extended time, the security display system must be composed of top-notch technology and materials.

It is essential to ensure efficiency, performance, and reliability in the long run. You can look at the product warranty that should also give you an idea about the robustness of the security display.

Anti-Burn-In Feature

The anti-burn-in feature is a must for all LCDs that work round-the-clock, without any break. Since a security LCD display broadcasts security footage and images without any interruption, the extended use may cause ghost images in the LCD.

Keep in mind that extended display use can result in display panel discoloration that causes permanent ghost images (burn-in effect). To cater to this issue in LCDs, manufacturers use anti-burn-in technology. Therefore, you must look for a security display that comes with this feature.


Budget plays a key role in decision-making when purchasing anything. Sometimes, some people pay more focus on low price displays than high-quality. It is a big mistake that they make because it is never a good idea to compromise over security just to save money.

Remember that low-price security displays never present clear on-screen images and may also break down anytime. Therefore, you should always invest in a highly reliable security display.


Security display systems have become a necessity for every commercial and even domestic place. It is important to look for a highly reliable and robust security LCD display that should offer clear and detailed footage of the actual scene.

When looking for a security display, pay attention to special features, like anti-burn and multiple display connectivity. Moreover, the security display should also feature night mode, CCTV mode, and super-resolution for clear images. Various brands are manufacturing high-end security displays and you can find the best one by doing a little online research.

If you still have any queries about the security surveillance display system, you can contact us anytime. We are always happy to assist.

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