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10 Ways to Reinvent Your Medical LCD Display Panel
10 Ways to Reinvent Your Medical LCD Display Panel

10 Ways to Reinvent Your Medical LCD Display Panel


The medical field is being strongly influenced by the electronic market, including medical equipment, assistive devices, etc. The application of medical LCD display panel or technology has changed the entire medical field. Help improve work efficiency, solve difficult problems, save costs, and improve brand value.

Medical LCD Display Panel

Disease diagnoses and logistics services become more accurate

Using medical LED screens, hospitals make treatment no longer limited by space and time. Disease diagnoses are more accurate, logistics services performed faster. This brings better results in the treatment process.


  • 1 Medical LED display, hospital
    • 1 The role of hospital and clinic LED screens
      • 1.1 Introduction of medical facilities
      • 1.2 Notice board
      • 1.3 Presentation capabilities
    • 2 Quotation of LED screens for hospitals and medical facilities
      • 2.1 Basic Specifications
      • 2.2 Characteristics
      • 2.3 Medical LED display quotation

What is the use of medical LCD display panel in hospital?

LED screens used in medicine are developing strongly and widely. Not only used in advertising, but also applied in many hospital activities, medical examination support, consultation, ...

Hospital, clinic LED display divided into indoor and outdoor. Highlights are high brightness, diverse colors, rich functions, high protection, smooth images, high flexibility, etc.

Role of hospital, clinic LED screen

Moreover, the value of LED screens is huge. It has great impact on the activities of the hospital or medical examination facility. This we can see when the number is constantly increasing in many different fields.

Introduction of medical LCD display panel in medical facilities

Information related to hospitals and doctors working in medical facilities are indispensable. The screen helps to convey the fastest and most accurate information to the viewer. Since then, customers have more trust and attachment to the hospital.

  • Information about medical facilities.
  • Introduction of functions and tasks of faculties and fields of activity.
  • Display summary of medical information, the doctor is working.
  • Introduction to hospital chart.
  • Introduction to the medical examination and treatment process.

Medical LCD display: bulletin board

The bulletin board is a necessary supporting medical LCD display panel to support the working process. Notice boards have many types such as:

  • Used to warn or warn of restricted areas.
  • Slideshow, display the company's slogan, mission, motto and working principles.
  • Dissemination of information about theories or codes of conduct in the medical industry, hospitals, clinics.
  • Disseminate knowledge related to medical examination and treatment, methods of disease prevention, etc.
  • Indirect communication tool between the doctor and the patient. Sometimes they also act as internal information boards between departments, between superiors and subordinates, etc.

Presentation ability in the field of brand introduction

Medical LCD display panel are used in meeting rooms, halls, hospital events. In addition, they are also used in the field of advertising, brand introduction.

The LED screen also plays the role of disease diagnosis, assisting in the process of monitoring, commanding, monitoring the patient's health

Medical LCD Display Panel 2022

Quote hospital LED screen, medical facility

The demand for LED screens has increased in recent years. The demand for information related to LED screens is also increasing. Especially the hospital LED screen price, below we would like to introduce the information related to the medical LCD display panel price.

How to fix 3 main causes of medical center android freeze screen?

In the process of using the medical center android screen, there are many cases when using it, it suddenly freezes without understanding why. Moreover, situations like these often make us very uncomfortable. The causes of this phenomenon are also quite diverse, but we will summarize the following 3 main reasons

The reason why medical center android screen freezes

  • Cause 1: - Related to the technical factor is that the components inside the screen after a period of use are degraded, causing jerking, freezing
  • Cause 2: - Maybe your monitor is running many applications at the same time. The software running in the background will cause the medical LCD display panelto be overloaded, leading to the android screen being frozen, frozen.
  • Cause 3: - When you can't operate the screen, the cause is water absorption due to being poured in or when cleaning the interior of the medical center, the staff unintentionally leaked chemicals and water inside.

How to fix frozen medical center android screen?

Option 1: You should turn off all running applications and reset the screen. Moreover, this is the most basic and easiest way. When too many applications run in the background, the android screen is very easy to freeze. So, let's shut down all running applications and watch medical LCD display panel.

If you still see a frozen state, try turning off the power and turning on the screen again or we use a toothpick to poke the hole with the word “RST” on the screen. After reopening and the situation still does not improve, please move to method 2

Option 2: If the freezing situation continues, then I recommend that you bring it to the center where you installed the medical center android screen to be checked by the technicians there. If it's a manufacturer's fault, you'll get a replacement if medical LCD display panel still under warranty. If there is any damage, they will also fix it for you.

You absolutely do not try to dig deeper, because you will most likely damage the screen more severely. Moreover, to increase the convenience for customers in installing LCD display screens, customers can usually choose two options to install LCD display panel as follows:

Correct process of installing medical LCD display panel

Here is the standard LCD display installation process that everyone needs to refer to:

Prepare the LCD display and related installation items

First, the first thing the technician will need to do is to prepare the medical LCD display panel and maintain - the zin jack in accordance with the customer's medical center model. In addition, the installation technician will prepare the relevant items to serve the smooth and easy installation.

Remove the display screen of the medical center

After fully and medical center fully preparing the items as well as the screen, the technician will proceed to remove the zin screen of the e from the taplo face.


Moreover, the above are the 3 main reasons leading to the medical center android screen being frozen. If you have any suggestions, please comment below. Thank you!!

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