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How to Find the Best 10.1 inch LCD Supplier?

Find the Best 10.1 inch LCD Supplier?

Before we get down to finding 10.1 inch LCD supplier, let us focus on the technology. Geek-style monitors for an embedded computer unit consist of TFT 10.1” LCDs. A TFT LCD is a thin film transistor liquid crystal display. This technology improves image quality, such as contrast and addressability. 10.1” LCDs are known for their ultra-thin size, high resolution, and supports for various video formats.

These LCDs have compatibility with Raspberry Pi B+/2, B, and A+. They also support personal computers and Beagle. In this article, you will learn how to find the best 10.1 inch LCD supplier to buy the best unit.

10.1 inch LCD Supplier

Tips to Find the Best 10.1 Inch LCD Supplier

Various manufacturers are suppliers of 10.1 inch LCD are available on the market. Therefore, it is important to find the most reliable 10.1 inch LCD supplier to make sure you get the best product. Keep in mind that several online suppliers sell low-quality LCDs, so you need to avoid them. The question is how you would identify the best supplier as there are so many. Here are some important tips that can help you find a reliable supplier.

1. A Local Store or Supplier

If you need only one LCD, then you can easily buy it from a local supplier or store. Things become complicated when you need LCDs or LEDs in large quantities for commercial purposes. If you need multiple units, then we recommend you to look for a wholesale 10.1 inch LCD supplier. In that case, make sure that the supplier offers a broad range of LCDs with different features. Also, make sure that the supplier offers secure and safe delivery of the unit at your location.

2. Do Online Research

When looking for LCDs in bulk quantity, you can search online for the best LCD suppliers nearby. Several wholesale suppliers and manufacturers are available online to answer your queries. By doing a little research online, you can find a reputable supplier around. You can read customer testimonials and reviews about different manufacturers and suppliers. It will help you identify the best available LCD supplier selling 10.1 inch LCDs.

3. Complete Solutions

A reputable or reliable LCD supplier should offer a complete solution for LCD requirements. Inquire about the available solutions that you may need along with the LCD. For instance, you may require some accessories related to the 10 inch LCD in the future. If you know that the supplier offers a complete solution for your LCD unit, you will not have to go anyplace else when required. Therefore, look for a 10.1 inch LCD supplier that offers a complete solution for your LCD unit.

4. Customer Support

Every credible and highly reputed LCD supplier should have exceptional customer support services for the customers. It means that you don’t have to wait for hours or call their support again and again for a query. Highly reputable LCD suppliers pay special attention to deal with their customers. They must guide you in a friendly way about whatever issue you need to inquire about.

To know the customer support standards of a supplier, you should call them. See if they respond quickly or make you wait for hours. Professional suppliers take your calls immediately and appropriately help you.

5. What Types of Industries They Serve

Different industries have different LCD requirements. For example, military and aerospace industries require higher quality standards with geographical manufacturing restrictions. Other industries, like automotive, consumer, and industrial markets have specific requirements. Thus, you must inquire about the industries that the 10.1 inch LCD supplier serves. Ideally, a highly reputable supplier serves multiple industries with a complete range of LCDs and solutions.

6.  Do Not Fall for Traps

Budget is a key player in buying any product or service. Usually, people want to buy LCD units at the most affordable rate which is their right. You will find some suppliers with claims of being highly cheap in terms of pricing. You need to understand the difference between being competitive and being cheap. Keep in mind that you can never find high-quality LCDs at cheap rates. Instead, you should look for competitive prices.

You can shortlist a few reliable suppliers and see their rates for the same LCD unit. This is how you can identify the most reliable supplier with competitive rates. Remember that buying a cheap price LCD means low-quality results and premature failure of the device.

7. Ask for Recommendations

One of the straightforward ways to find a reliable 10.1 inch LCD supplier is to ask for recommendations. Look around and try to remember people you know who recently bought 10. Inch LCD(s). You can ask your friends, colleagues, and neighbors if they know a reliable LCD supplier. If anyone of them knows one, it will save your time and help you buy the best unit from a reliable supplier.

8. Can the LCD Unit Handle any Change?

We see fast upgrades in the gadgets world, whether it is an LCD or any other electronics item. Such upgrades are important to keep the device compatible and running with the latest ever-changing technology. Reliable display vendors keep this in mind when manufacturing LCDs. Before you buy your 10.1 inch LCD from a supplier, ask them if the unit is capable of handling future changes. Never invest in an outdated LCD unit because it would be a piece of scrap in the future.

We hope that you can find a reliable 10 inch LCD supplier by following the above tips. There are many manufacturers and suppliers like Jinweishi Photoelectric Technology Co., LTD that you can trust. If you need one or a couple of LCDs, you can also consider online stores like Amazon and eBay.

10.1 inch LCD supplier

Take Away on 10.1 inch LCD supplier

There are multiple uses of a 10.1 inch LCD in different industries, such as automotive, industrial, and consumer markets. Since there are many manufacturers and suppliers, you need to do a little research to find the most reliable source to buy your LCD(s).  It can be a local store or supplier or a wholesale supplier from where you can buy LCDs in bulk quantity.

Make sure that the supplier has a good overall reputation and offers a complete range of 10.1 inch LCD solutions for different markets. Never buy a low-quality LCD unit as it will probably experience a premature failure, making it a costly investment in the long run.

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