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How to Design Digital Signage Content for Your 12.3 Inch LCD Display  

Guidelines for Designing Digital Signage Content for a 12.3 inch LCD display

Designing appropriate digital signage can be very tricky. This is especially important when you are doing it on a small screen size like a 12.3 inch LCD display. Some businesses opt for a 12.3 inch LCD display for the purpose of digital signage.

The reasons for choosing different screen sizes for digital signage can vary from one business to another. It totally depends on the preferences and requirements of each business. There are many factors that affect the choices one makes while choosing a tool for electronic signage. Some of them depend on the size, resolution, and nature of the application.

12.3 inch LCD display

Similarly, the design of the content you need to display on the LCD like 12.3 inch LCD display also carries great significance. You need to follow some guidelines in order to design impactful content. These guidelines will be helpful in designing the materials.

Important Rules for Designing Content for a 12.3 inch LCD display

There are many things to consider when designing content for a 12.3 inch LCD display. We are sure of the fact that you might have encountered some poor and problematic digital Signage content around you.

This is why businesses need to focus on some important rules for designing their content. Otherwise, this may result in the loss of a potential audience which can be damaging to the business. The designing of content is very delicate at some times. There are a number of obstacles that businesses can face while making their content.

Moreover, it is also important to get your LCDs for digital signage from renowned brands that cater with high quality. One of the reliable merchants for getting your LCDs is www.jwslcd.com. Their high-grade LCD quality enhances the content depiction greatly.

If you are new to quality content making, then you can pick up tips and tricks best for doing the task in this article. There are prototype templates available to give a kick-start for content creation. For more rewarding results you can hire designers as well that can do a brilliant job of it.

The following is a starter pack for designing templates for digital signage. You need to keep several things in mind when doing it like following screen dimension, font size, style, and a lot more.

The Screen Ratio of a 12.3 inch an LCD display for Digital Signage

Designing a template for an LCD screen is similar to the content making for the web. Due to the size of a 12.3 inch LCD display, it is very important to keep in mind the ratio of the screen. This is especially crucial when you are deciding on a portrait or a landscape ratio. The design may vary accordingly.

Normally, the aspect ratios are 16:9, 9:16, 4:3, and more. Sometimes it is better to design a generic size template and then make changes once you get to know the LCD size. This adds a touch of customizability to the content.

The Display Resolution of a 12.3 inch LCD display for Digital Signage

The next critical part is to consider the display resolution when showcasing content on an LCD. By taking care of the display resolution we mean displaying the number of pixels on the screen. A large amount of pixels means better picture quality. And better picture quality means better digital signage.

An HD or high-definition resolution will attract more audience especially when you are in the business of offering goods and services. There are some set standards for resolutions for varying screen types.  The typical display resolution for a 12.3 inch LCD is 960 by 540 pixels in high quality.

The Image File Sizing of a 12.3 inch LCD display for Digital Signage

After taking care of the aspect ratio, you need to carefully accommodate the file size of images and the content you are building. Generally using a file size not greater than 3 MB size is ideal for Digital Signage. It is small enough to feature all the contents and big enough that it presents good quality visuals. This is actually an ideal size for maintaining a constant supply of good content.

Designing Layouts of a 12.3 inch LCD display for Digital Signage

Designing layouts for Digital Signage purposes is the most critical step because it involves a lot of considerations. There are several elements that you need to contemplate because it serves as the interface of the entire design. This is the part where the user will interact with the screen so it needs to be catchy and attractive.

There should be enough space within the boundaries of the screen. Make sure that your text or images do not start from the exact borders of the screen. The next point is the placement of the content according to the natural line movement of the eye. Moving on to the text rules, the 3x5 rule should always be your go-to. This means that there should be three lines with five words in each line.

Then you should sort the information in a hierarchal way. This ensures that the most important part of the content is on the top, the second important information right after it, and so on. Make sure the text is not boring and length because it might bore and distract the audience. Use clear fonts with an adequate size that is readable.


When you are in a mainstream business related to electronic media, being up-to-date can be a great boon. Even if you are new to digital signage, you can always refer to designers who work in this field. Using LCDs for digital signage is a common way of marketing.

Good strategic digital signage can guarantee to leave an impact on the audience. Moreover, there are some rules and guidelines that people must follow for creating impactful signage using LCD display screens. You must follow them to the T because even a slight amount of deviation can lead to poor quality of digital signage.


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