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How to Buy the Best Smart Home LCD Display TV?

How to Buy the Best Smart Home LCD Display TV?

When looking for a television, you will have a variety of options to choose from. There are options, like smart home LCD display, HDR, 4K, OLED, and LED, etc. The television market gets technology updates too often. Because of the immense variety in types of television or screens, it might get a little confusing to choose the right type of LCD screen.

smart home LCD display

Therefore, if you are finding it a little hard to choose the best display, this guide is your great helping hand. You should read this guide till the end to make an informed decision about the type of smart LCD you want to buy.

Things to Know Before Buying SMART HOME LCD DISPLAY

There are a few imperative things and factors you must know before you buy a smart home LCD display. First of all, you need to know what type of display you need for your television. It is the basic thing that determines the quality of the display you will experience.

Apart from that, other necessary factors include screen resolution, screen size, display refresh rate, sound, and the price of the display. It is also important to know the connectivity options available on the display. For example, some LCDs come with wireless connectivity and many won’t.

Difference Between OLED, QLED, and LED

The screen is the most important aspect of every television. Various panel technologies are available with different characteristics. You can choose from a broad range of technologies, like standard LCD or plasma.

There are so many new screens available on the market to buy. Here is the basic information that you must know about different screen technologies before buying your smart home LCD display:

Motion Blur Perfect Great Good
Black Level Perfect Good Good
Color Volume Good Great Good
Viewing Angle Great Poor Poor
Luminosity Good Great Great
Image Retention Poor Great Great
Grey Uniformity Good Average Average


LEDs are a great option in terms of price and availability. Now, let’s take a quick look at the most popular display technologies for a better understanding.

OLED Screens

OLED screens are one of the most popular screen technologies available on the market. However, OLED (organic-light-emitting-diode) is a highly expensive television technology at the moment. This technology uses individual light-emitting organic pixels when electric current moves through it. OLED televisions are known for great black levels.


If we talk about the most popular television screen technology these days, then it is LCD-LED. Or, it is simply marketed as LED. It has a similar liquid crystal screen display, but it comes with LED backlighting. It makes the television slimmer with smaller borders.

This smart home LCD display also offers a much brighter and better viewing angle. The best part is that LEDs are known as the most energy-efficient display screens that help you save a lot of money. It is one of the basic reasons behind the immense popularity of LED TVs.

Quantum Dot

Quantum Dot is also known as QLED. It is the latest screen technology in the market that relies on quantum dots for producing colored light. There is a special layer that improves the colors and brightness of the television.

These screens perform better than standard LCD-LED screens in many aspects. Quantum Dot is an uncommon, relatively new, and expensive display technology.

Samsung is the most premier manufacturer of Quantum Dot TV screens in the market. Since the technology is uncommon and expensive, so it is only available on high-end televisions. However, the price of QLED screens is still a little lower than OLED TVs.

Screen Size

Whether you wish to purchase a high-performance or basic television, the most vital factor you need to consider will be the size of the screen. How many people you have in your home can help you choose an appropriate screen size.

It also depends on the place where you will use your TV. Therefore, choose a smart home LCD display that is right according to space and family members in the house. Another key factor is your budget. Remember that larger screens are expensive than smaller screens.

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution describes how many pixels are there to complete the screen picture. More pixels mean finer details and sharper pictures. Keep in mind that higher resolution is necessary if you want to experience greater picture results. Full HD remains an industry standard for a long that is still known as a high-quality resolution across the world.

Several manufacturers are now offering TVs with Ultra HD resolution, also known as 4K screens. With 4K resolution, even smaller objects have greater detail. The latest advancement in screen resolution technology is 8K that offers extremely higher resolution. 4K and 8K resolution sets are much expensive than standard Full HD TVs.

Refresh Rate

A higher refresh rate (RR) is ideal in the world of smart home LCD display technology. 60 Hertz is a standard refresh rate. However, this rate is not sufficient for scenes with quickly moving objects as it would blur the image on the screen.

120 Hertz is the most optimal refresh rate that is necessary for some high-end games. Therefore, it is essential to buy an LED-LCD that has a higher refresh rate.

Connectivity Options

When searching for the right television, it is critical to take a look at how many HDMI inputs are available in the set. You can use such ports in numerous ways.

For example, you can use them to add a soundbar, a gaming console, and a chrome cast, etc. If you want to buy a 4k HD TV, make sure that the set offers HDMI 2.0 support so it can accommodate Ultra HD connections in the future.

smart home LCD display

Final Words

Buying a smart home LCD display requires you to consider a lot of important factors. Of course, your budget is a basic factor in deciding about the type and resolution to buy.

However, there are some common concerns, such as connectivity options, refresh rate, screen size, and screen technology. You must learn about these factors and choose your TV accordingly to buy the best available LCD-LED for your home.

To know more about smart home LCD technologies available, you can talk to us anytime.

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