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Features of Low Cost TFT 4.3 Inch LCD Display

Your Comprehensive Guide on 4.3 Inch LCD Display

A TFT 4.3 Inch LCD display is one of the variants of LCD technology. For those of you who do not know, these displays are active-matrix LCDs. This is what helps them improve their picture quality, contrast, and color as compared to the other LCDs available out there. Moreover, you can even use thin-film transistors along with the capacitors as well.

4.3 inch LCD display

This will improve the overall image quality in many different electronic devices. Want to know more features of these low-cost LCD displays? Keep reading then. You will find everything you need to know below.


Before we dive into the features of the 4.3 inch LCD display, you should first know what the technology actually is. Also known as a thin-film transistor, the TFT is one of the major variants of LCD technology.

You can use these thin transistors along with the capacitor to improve the overall image quality of the electronic devices. Owing to their many advantages, the manufacturers use these thin displays in several different specifications. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that the TFT of a 4.3 inch LCD display is among the most popular displays of LCDs.

Working of the 4.3 Inch LCD Display

As we mentioned above, the TFT is a subset of LCD technology. It is also known as an active matrix display. The images that it produces are responsive and offer a wider angle as compared to the passive matrix display. On the other hand, the passive matrix displays use a grid of both horizontal and vertical wires to display an image on the screen.

In the case of a 4.3 inch LCD display, the manufacturers alter the charge of both the wires for changing a pixel at the intersection. The response time of the passive matrix technology is much slower than that of the active matrix. Moreover, the image quality that the passive matrix produces is also pixilated and blurred.

In comparison, the active matrix offers more advantages and fine image quality. That’s why its use is more common than the passive matrix in the making of the 4.3 inch LCD display.

The manufacturers arrange the pixels on the TFT screen in a row-column configuration. Additionally, they attach the pixels to a glass panel that has an amorphous silicon transistor. As a result, the pixels get a new charge and the image quality remains consistent even after you refresh the screen to load a new image.


A 4.3 inch LCD display possesses many distinctive features that set it apart from other LCD technologies out there. Let’s take a look at some of these features below.

·         Resolution

The resolution indicates the number of pixels that are available per unit or the pixel density available per unit. In the case of a 4.3 inch LCD display, the resolution measures around 480 x 272.

·         Display Mode

The display mode refers to the maximum number of colors and the image resolution available. The display mode of a TFT 4.3 inch LCD display is usually white. But, there is some transmittance present as well.

·         Interface

The presentation interface assists people with trading data with programming. For example, you need to control tone, brilliance, and different boundaries as there are numerous interface alternatives. This presentation has an RGB interface and a TFT-LCD show type.

·         Response Time

The response time indicates the time in which you get a response over your command. The touch screens offer a faster response time than the ones with typing commands. The response time of a 4.3 inch LCD display is around 15ms.

·         Active Area

The majority of the 4.3 inch TFT LCD technologies offer an active area of 95.04 x 53.86 mm to the users. On the other hand, the pixel pitch is 0.198 x 0.198 mm.

·         Operating Temperature Range

Most shows are intended to work precisely in brutal conditions and climates. These showcases normally have a working temperature going from - 20 to +70 degrees Celsius.

·         Storage Temperature Range

The storage temperature of the 4.3 inch LCD display ranges from -30 to +80 degrees Celsius approximately.

·         Extreme Brightness

The display of these screens has different color hues. The contrast ratio is around 500:1.


An extraordinary aspect regarding a 4.3 inch LCD display is that it doesn't transmit any emanation from the screen. They are not harmed or influenced by the abatement or expansion noticeable all around pressure too.

Considering the screen size, these LCDs are lighter in weight as well. That is the reason you can without much of a stretch use them on PC screens, TV, and in emergency clinics. You will get the best goal and the shadings will look more practical also. They burn-through significantly less force and less warmth than the CRTs. Therefore, you will set aside a ton on your power bill.

Furthermore, when contrasted with plasmas, the LCDs offer better execution of screen size. They won't disillusion you regardless of whether you mount them in a higher area. In addition, their life expectancy is additionally more. As they are slight and minimal, they take 40% less work area space when contrasted with CRTs and plasmas.

The brilliance scope of the display is additionally more extensive. Their pinnacle force is very high. This is the thing that empowers them to deliver exceptionally brilliant pictures. That is the reason they are exceptionally appropriate for splendidly lit conditions.

4.3 inch LCD display

Final Words

A TFT 4.3 inch LCD display is great! It is not only of low cost but offers many other advantages to the users. That’s why these screens are becoming more popular these days. So, if you are also impressed by the extraordinary features of the TFT LCD display, go place your order now!

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