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Automotive LCD display: What is Trending in the Market?

Automotive LCD Display

Over the past few years, the demand for vehicular transport has multiplied. The new cars are visual proof of the evolution and advancement of the human race. The interior and exterior both have undergone a tremendous amount of change. We now see cars that have an Automotive LCD Display.

Automotive LCD Display

Elements of comfort and aesthetic have been incorporated into the design and manufacture of modern cars. Each element is well thought and well planned.

In such crucial decisions, how could the manufacturers forget the most important interior component? The automotive LCD display is perhaps the most important element of the cockpit. The latest automotive LCD display incorporates the latest ICT technology.

The LCD displays are designed to reliable in various automotive environments. They must adequately perform assistance in-car navigation, instrument panel, rear seat monitoring as well as GPS connectivity. Being an essential element of the cockpit, significant research goes into the designing and manufacturing of automotive LCD displays. The development of unmanned driving and new energy vehicles has further accelerated the development of automotive LCD displays.

The New Generation of Automotive Displays

It has been over 30 years now since a new wave hit the automotive display market. The winds of change are currently blowing. These winds have been accelerated by the growing digitization. Currently, a few demands in terms of automotive displays have recurrently surfaced in the market.

The following features are presently in high demand for automotive LCD displays.

1.      A Large, High-Resolution Display

As with mobile devices, automotive LCD displays are also growing increasingly larger. However, this change in size must not come at the expense of resolution. Consumers are demanding a large display that extends entirely behind the steering wheel. This display is not only large but holds all the necessary elements in one place.

This merged and extending design gives an overall aesthetically pleasing look.

2. Touchscreen Panel

The age of digitization has been characterized with comfort and ease. Every command is literally a click away. A touchscreen automotive LCD display is the dream of every automobile owner. It not only adds to convenience but also saves time and effort. In an automotive environment where every decision needs to be made at lightning pace, a touchscreen panel adds heaps to convenience.

3. Visual Stimulus

Too many users are now dependent on voice commands. Every action of theirs is dependent on giving voice commands to devices. Alexa and Siri execute their tasks for them. Naturally, they would be inclined to giving voice commands while driving. This is why there is an increasing demand for interactive voice-based automotive display systems.

4. Multiple Displays

The consumer of today does not believe in compromising. There is an increasing demand for placing multiple displays in an automobile. Side panels, central panels as well as rear panels are high in demand. This makes visualization easier and better for all passengers. This makes the ride a joyous one for everyone.

5. Augmented Reality

Thanks to the rise of VR gaming, consumers now increasingly demand augmented reality screens. Now, this is some top-notch technological leap. The combination of reality with virtual content makes it dreamy. There are endless possibilities to what can be done by the mere incorporation of augmented reality.

6. Respond to audio and video calls

There has been an increasing demand for automotive displays to be compatible with calls. The ability to respond to audio and video calls makes automotive displays extremely beneficial.

7. Mechanical Stability

The mechanical stability of the automotive display is a no-brainer. This is extremely necessary if one wants to ensure the driver’s safety and security.

8. Electronic Mirrors

As complicated as it sounds, it is extremely simple. Consumers demand the rearview and side-view mirrors be replaced with cameras. The cameras mirror the image and display it on the automotive screen. Now if you are wondering what benefit it would bring, let me tell you. This would allow better angulations and in turn, increased safety.

JWS LCD for Automotive LCD Display

Very few electronic companies keep up with the growing demands and changing market trends. This is why they fail to build a good customer base. Eventually, such companies lose credibility in the market.  JWS LCD however is no different.

JWS LCD truly believes that the customer is the king. As a company, JWS LCD directs all its energies in ensuring customer satisfaction.

JWS LCD is a relatively new name in the automotive LCD display industry. Yet, the services and products are at par with any established brand name. JWS LCD keeps up with market trends. The company is continuously on a quest to fulfill customer demands. At the same time, they are evolving to adapt to the growing demands. This is primarily why they have earned the trust of customers.

Consumers have increasingly switched to the automotive LCD screens provided by JSW LCD. All this is evident in the growth and establishment of JWS LCD as a company. They have also adequately won the customer’s trust as evident by the shift in market trends.

Automotive LCD Display


The automotive LCD displays quite literally build the character of the interior of your vehicle. An appealing automotive LCD display automatically increases the appeal of your vehicle. Nobody wants a retro-looking gas gauge and speedometer for their cars anymore. It is the age of innovation and digitization.

You have to incorporate a lot in the automotive LCD displays now. Temperature, safety indicators, and navigation information have already become the mainstay of automotive displays. However, with the winds of change the automotive display now also needs to act as a makeshift smartphone. The ability to respond to audio and video calls using automotive displays is now a must.

To keep up with modern standards is extremely vital in present times. The inability to do so makes your vehicle seem outdated and old-fashioned. At the same time, it also deprives you of the ability to enjoy the great boons of technological advancement.

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