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How can children operate 4 inch LCD touch panel easily?

4 inch LCD touch panel
Comfort and entertainment are indispensable items in a car these days. Have you ever heard of 4 inch LCD touch panel? Do you know how to choose the best model for your car? Where to install the headrest?

We've already talked here on the Blog about what are the advantages of having an unlocked multimedia and how to unlock MyLink. If you have your multimedia unlocked, it's time to take advantage of all it has to offer and equip your car with more automotive accessories.

In this post we've separated everything you need to know about 4 inch LCD touch panel.

How does the 4 inch LCD touch panel work?

Multimedia is in the front of the car and often those in the back seats do not have much visibility of what is going on on the screen. However, by placing this headboard, all things change.

There are several models and you can choose according to your needs and that of your family.

If you have the same taste for movies, TV shows and music, you can buy the headrest that plays the content that is on the multimedia that is on the panel.

How can children operate 4 inch LCD touch panel easily?

However, if you have small children and want to be reassured during the trip, an independent bedside is recommended. But what does it mean?

It means that 4 inch LCD touch panel can play different content at the same time:

  • DVD input
  • AV output
  • USB, and SD card

Each person can choose the content they want to watch and play individually, as well as input for headphones.

Therefore, when buying this accessory, it is worth paying attention to the specifications of each one to make the right choice.

About the headboard design, you can rest assured about it. As there are several models, you can choose to remove and place another one with the screen that is the same shade. The upholstery of your seat or just adapt the screen to the headboard you already have.

What is the advantage of buying a 4 inch LCD touch panel?

Practicality, safety, entertainment and comfort

Installation is simple and quick if done by a qualified professional, so you don't need to be afraid of the device not working properly.


Your travels and routes will be smoother because there will be no need to entertain your children along the way, as this product does this by itself.

In addition to keeping each person correctly seated in their seat with a seatbelt, since if the 4 inch LCD touch panel was only on the panel's multimedia, they would have to bend over to watch the content at all times.

Everything you need to know about 4 inch LCD touch panel

The car multimedia center was something seen as a luxury item a few years ago. However, currently with the advancement of technologies, most vehicles are being manufactured already with this equipment.


The features that this type of 4 inch LCD touch panel can provide are diverse, from driving assistance to as a resource for in-car entertainment.

All these news can generate many doubts in drivers. How to use all these features? What is each feature for? Let's help clear up some of these doubts by introducing a little more about the world of automotive technology.

What is car media center?

The multimedia center means the joining of different media within a single equipment, that is, the convergence of different media in a single place.

Usually LCD touch panel are present items such as: Bluetooth, TV and DVD, parking sensor and rear camera, among other features.

Advantages of Connectivity in Cars

New technologies came to make our routine easier and the automotive world was not left out of it.

Nowadays, you can find everything you need inside your car. You can listen to music directly from your cell phone, carry it in the car, receive and answer calls. Similarly, it makes beacons much easier with the help of sensors. Finally, the driving experience became more pleasant and easier with all these features.

In addition, the car multimedia center is a high cost benefit for drivers. After all, instead of purchasing several devices, with this feature you can find it all in a single device.

The resources present in the multimedia center

We list below the main features present in an automotive multimedia kit. Look:

Reverse camera

This feature comes into operation the moment the driver engages the reverse gear. At that moment, a preview screen will appear in the media center. The camera will increase the driver's area of ​​visibility, which will aid in the perception of obstacles at the rear of the vehicle.

4 inch LCD touch panel 2021

Parking Sensor with 4 inch LCD touch panel

This feature consists of the perception of obstacles close to the vehicle through infrared sensors.

When the vehicle dangerously approaches other cars or obstacles, an audible alert will be issued to warn the driver of the proximity, thus ensuring greater driving safety.


It is a voice and speakerphone command that indicates your direction. It is especially useful for people who need to work with their car, such as taxi drivers, for example.

Therefore, GPS helps the driver to find the best way to his destination, being a great resource to escape traffic.

Mobile integration with 4 inch LCD touch panel

Almost every car 4 inch LCD touch panel has the capability of integrating the cell phone with the car via Bluetooth, allowing the driver to receive calls in the car, through speakerphone.

In addition, you can also listen to music from your cell phone and in some cases even use applications that are compatible with the car multimedia center.

Care for those who want to install the media center

If your vehicle does not have this equipment and you want to purchase it, some precautions are necessary. First of all, contact your dealer to make sure this will not void your warranty.


Not every vehicle supports the installation of 4 inch LCD touch panel. You should get informed beforehand. Appliances that are not installed correctly can change the electrical load on the system, affecting other equipment in the vehicle.

Therefore, when making any changes to the car, it is very important to look for trained professionals who will be able to guide you correctly.

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