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Tips for buying a 15.6-inch LCD touch panel in 2021

Introduction of the 15.6-inch LCD touch panel

The 15.6-inch LCD touch panel is one of the products that is attracting attention in the market today. Science and technology are increasingly advanced, along with which more and more convenient and smart technology products are born. Typically, for car users, screen accessories are almost becoming a sought.

To better understand those benefits, is it worth your money? Let's find out through the article below! The 10-inch car screen is a 10-inch technology device arranged to the right of the steering wheel position, to help the driver easily monitor the screen when needed with utility features.
15.6-inch LCD touch panel

Reasons to use 15.6-inch LCD touch panel

These features are the reason why you should install 15.6-inch LCD touch panel right away. Details of the features are listed in the next section. Description of 10-inch car monitor, here are some practical functions to answer the question of why to use a 10-inch car monitor.

Clear, sharp images

This feature is extremely useful for drivers, especially those who are nearsighted, who are slightly older. When at a close distance from the eyes to the car screen, the driver can see exactly what appears on the screen. For example, when you view google maps through the screen, you will anticipate the

Common mistakes and how to fix car touch screens

Connect multiple cameras

The 15.6-inch LCD touch panel connects to many types of cameras such as 360-degree cameras, dash cams, reverse cameras ... Thanks to that, your observation will be accurate, comprehensive, and timely to take appropriate actions. the reason while driving.

At the same time, with the advantage of 10-inch size, the car screen will be quite large, giving you a panoramic view of the surroundings, avoiding car collisions. What are the common errors you will encounter when using the touch screen and what are the solutions?

Everything by voice through the virtual assistant

You can both feel comfortable and make the most of your downtime. This feature is considered the most important and core feature in deciding to own a car screen. You can easily search for everything by voice through the virtual assistant, Google Assistant.

Install a lot of apps in 15.6-inch LCD touch panel

One of the super convenient 15.6-inch LCD touch panel applications that any driver must use cannot fail to mention Google Maps. The preloaded application helps you to find your way faster. In addition, depending on your own needs, you can download many other utility applications.

Connect Bluetooth to your phone to make calls

While riding in traffic, it is extremely dangerous to drive while holding a cell phone. However, with the 10-inch android car touch screen, you can completely connect Bluetooth with your phone. As a result, your calls and calls will be easier and safer.

This feature is extremely advantageous.

  • 10-inch large screen
  • You will hear calls easily by connecting Bluetooth to your phone
  • Prestigious 10-inch car screen installation address
  • Currently, on the market, there are quite a few units that provide car screens.
  • However, finding an address you are willing to trust is not easy.

4G connection, viewing arbitrary applications

This 15.6-inch LCD touch panel is no different from your magnified smartphone. You can fully connect to 4G with a 4G sim and watch your favorite apps. This works best during peak hours. At this point, you will use this function to open YouTube to listen to music or watch your favorite shows.
15.6-inch LCD touch panel 2021

One of the processing and manufacturing units according to Japanese technology. Fully integrated with the most advanced technology for car screens. We are confident to bring you the best products. You can rest assured when choosing Esson. The staff will advise you on how to choose the right car.

Applications with the ability to have high storage capacity.

The above are practical benefits that show why if you don't own a 10-inch car monitor, it's time for you to think again. Hope the above information is useful to you. Touch screen and assist in the installation of your car. To view more information about 15.6-inch LCD touch panel, please refer to the company website.

15.6-inch LCD touch panel Stable operation

With most Android screen product lines integrated with 360-degree camera, always have high configuration used with Android 10.0 operating system, with high-performance CPU to help handle other accompanying applications with the ability to high storage capacity.

No need for extra connectors in 15.6-inch LCD touch panel

When you install an android screen with a 360-degree camera, the image will always be transmitted directly to the screen with high quality, stability, and faster than other products, helping users to observe effectively. Usually, products that use 360-degree cameras are installed separately from Android screens.



need to be connected through image acquisition processing boxes, so the image is transmitted from 4 camera eyes to the screen or is slower than normal. often with low accuracy. Does the android screen integrate with a 360 camera What are the advantages of 15.6-inch LCD touch panel?

Features of the android screen with built-in 360-degree camera

  1. Android screen integrated with the 360-degree camera is a product line that fully supports the most basic and necessary features for users. Depending on the product, there will be differences in features and specifications.
  2. Support entertainment facilities for users: watching movies, listening to music, reading newspapers, ...
  3. Integrated various types of maps such as Google Maps,
  4. User-friendly touch screen
  5. DSP audio processing with the best quality
  6. 360-degree camera for a panoramic view

A 15.6-inch LCD panel is one of the indispensable utility accessories for your car. With the development of society, cars are gradually taking over, becoming the means of choice for many people. At the same time, the car interior industry was born and brought to the market many car accessories such as car mirror screens, car headrest screens,...

15.6-inch LCD touch panel is convenient every time you drive

This is a type of technology device known for its ability to help drivers improve visibility. The mirror screen will display the image on the mirror through the built-in cameras. Thanks to that, the mirror screen gradually becomes an effective assistant of the driver on all roads, ensuring the safety of everyone in the car.

The 15.6-inch LCD touch panel is usually installed in many different positions depending on your wishes such as left mirror surface, right mirror, or maybe a rearview mirror. When the screen is turned on, the image will be extracted through the camera.

Conclusion 15.6-inch LCD touch panel

15.6-inch LCD touch panel and its accompanying controller-based firmware have been made available by a wide array of after-market system integrators, and not by display, chip, or motherboard manufacturers. Display manufacturers and chip manufacturers have acknowledged the trend toward acceptance.

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