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How many types of 13.3 inch LCD touch panels are there?

13.3 inch LCD touch panels
There are many brands of car 13.3 inch LCD touch panel on the market, but they are basically distinguished in three main models:

Car DVD screen running android operating system

Assorted DVD screen t pig vehicles are often built under the car, have the advantage of the plug connector is used natively is not connected or cut herring, every feature under the car retained the original under the car from the back sensors to the reverse camera.

But the disadvantage of this type of car monitor is that the sound quality and touch are not really excellent, and the features are not many.

Outdated car 13.3 inch LCD touch panel model

Car DVD screen shared with Japanese audio brands such as Pioneer, Sony, JVC, etc. has excellent sound quality. The outstanding advantage of this type of screen is extremely good sound quality, realistic images, and multi-touch.

But the disadvantage of 13.3 inch LCD touch panel is that there are very few features such as no phone connection, no GPS map, when installing, you have to use extra face care. At the same time, the price of these types of screens is quite expensive, about $250.

13.3 inch LCD touch panel give very good sound quality but few features

The android car DVD screen is a new innovation that appeared recently. Because of the latter, the android screen has overcome many significant disadvantages of the two types of screens mentioned above while having all the original features.

According to the car, it has just added the latest technology applications, GPS navigation but still has very good sound quality, and the price is still very affordable, only from 7-15 million.

The 13.3 inch LCD touch panel has a lot of useful features

The preeminent features of the android screen:

All the customers who have installed android screens at DPRO have given many reasons to use this product. However, all admit one thing is that it has the most advanced and convenient features that the original car DVD players or car monitors cannot have.

Feeling interesting, driving is still safe but still enjoying moments of entertainment, that's what customers get when using 13.3 inch LCD touch panel. In addition, this product has many features:

1. 4G connection to watch videos, listen to music, watch TV fully

This car 13.3 inch LCD touch panel is like a magnified smartphone for your car. Imagine with an android car screen, at rush hour, walking on a traffic jam every day, you can turn on youtube to listen to your favorite music, or take advantage of your downtime listening to an audiobook, all will dissolve the inhibition of vehicles, the road is jammed outside.

That's right, this screen will help you entertain and study effectively with just a 4G sim connection.

2. Install a lot of apps, especially directions apps

On the Android car screen, it is possible to install a lot of applications from CH Play such as Facebook, zalo, youtube, vtv go, zing mp3, ... And especially, the car screen can install all the applications.

The most popular navigation applications today such as:

  • google map
  • navitel with navigation functions
  • speed warnings
  • lane departure warnings

These are extremely useful applications for service drivers, newbies driving or traveling long distances.

3. 13.3 inch LCD touch panel Can connect all kinds of dash cams

Take full advantage of the 13.3 inch LCD touch panel to integrate the dashcam, reverse camera, 360-degree camera.


This is an extremely useful feature when the driver can observe all the outside corners of the road. The clear resolution combined with the large display size on the screen will help the driver easily observe obstacles to avoid collisions and collisions when reversing or driving in narrow roads.

4. Connect bluetooth to your phone to make calls

When traveling on the road, manipulating the phone is one of the problems that are always potentially dangerous. Now, with 13.3 inch LCD touch panel bluetooth connection to your phone, listening and calling operations will be completely without having to hold the phone.

This is a function that is especially useful for service drivers and those who frequently deal with work while driving.

5. Easy connection with the button on the steering wheel for easy screen control

For cars with built-in control buttons on the steering wheel, the android screen can be easily connected to this button combination utility.

Simple operations such as increasing or decreasing the volume, stopping playing music, listening to calling can all be done through the buttons on the steering wheel conveniently. This is a feature that car owners are very interested in.

The android screen connects very easily with the steering wheel key

6. Command, advanced control by voice via AI virtual assistant

Here is the difference of Android car screen from DVD player and 13.3 inch LCD touch panel. You just need to voice command what you want next.
13.3 inch LCD touch panels 2021

AI will completely do the rest for you. From calling, playing videos, playing music, listening to phone calls or even searching for information on Google when suddenly having a question, it is so magical! AI virtual assistant is the key point for you to decide to equip an Android car screen.

13.3 inch LCD touch panel for Gotech cars

JWS is a highly appreciated Android display brand in Vietnam. Gotech is a distributor of smart high-tech electronics for cars. It includes an Android LCD touch panel, program camera, 360 camera, etc.

The JWS screen has a good quality as well as a reasonable price. With a luxurious, separate design and can be installed on many different car models.

Android screen for OLED car

The OLED brand car screen line is also chosen by many Vietnamese users. The special advantage of this screen line is that it is quite durable and stable, with a warranty policy of up to 18 months. OLED also has many product lines such as: OLED C2, OLED Pro S400, OLED Pro S500, OLED Pro S600 Karaoke

With high stability, sharp screen, extremely complete multimedia solution, the oled screen brings the whole experience of comfort, entertainment, and convenience when driving.

The price of 13.3 inch LCD touch panel ranges from $250-350 depending on the product line.

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