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10 Inch LCD Display: Reasons They Are Popular

The 10 inch LCD display technology is common in mobiles, tablets, and infotainment devices

Today, in the world of technology, there is a high demand for electronic products that carry a 10 inch LCD display unit. The reason behind its vast use is its mobility along with high brightness. Various touch screen and display devices as mobile phones, tablets, iPad, and many infotainment units carry these displays.

With the development of technology and innovation, these display units witness a lot of changes and variations. However, the most common and popular of these units were TFT touchscreen displays. These display units eventually use a thin film transistor technology that helps to optimize the image quality using liquid crystal displays (LCD).

10 inch LCD display

The 10 inch display units are nonetheless available in a variety of configurations and features. Consequently, due to a variety of options, features, and characteristics, the 10 inch LCD displays are most common. For more information, uses and applications click here

Features Of 10 Inch LCD Display

As we have discussed that the 10 inch LCD display units are widely in use in several devices. This includes home appliances as well as automotive and industrial sectors. Hence, to discuss the defining characteristics of the 10 inch display panels below is the list of features:

TFT Technology

The thin film transistor is better famous as TFT that helps in optimizing the display of these displays. The TFT display carries an active matric technology. In this matrix technology, an amorphous silicon transistor is used to helps control each pixel on a glass panel.

The matrix technology thereby enables each pixel to carry a charge to bits of help optimizing the image quality. These pixels however are available in compact sizes.

Hence, the power consumption of each pixel remains the lowest. Consequently, the image quality appears to be sharp, and clear. For this reason, hence, the TFT 10 inch LCD display units are 50 % more reliable than OLED and other technologies.

Display Resolution of TFT

The TFT 10 inch LCD display units can deliver the image quality of 1920 x 720. The promises the clearest picture and video quality.

Operating Temperatures:

The TFT 10 inch display LCD units are able to carry out operations under variant temperatures. The range of temperature starts from -20 to 70 degrees Celsius. Eventually making these devices or displays work in a variety of temperatures. The displays thereby work perfectly fine even for the areas which are subject to high temperatures.

Aspect Ratio:

The 10 inch LCD display carries an aspect ratio of 8:3. This feature allows the display units to accommodate the additional elements of display in various applications or software. The additional elements however depend upon the type of the application. This feature nevertheless is ideal for using these displays in compact and high-tech devices.


The LCD display units carry the LVDs interface technology. This technology helps in transmitting the high-speed data in gigabits thereby utilizing the low power. The LVD however is an abbreviation of Low Voltage Differential Signaling. The technology, in addition to these features, is also helpful in the reduction of noise.

Future Friendly Touch Screen Technology

The 10 inch LCD display technology offers a TFT touch screen. This touch screen feature thereby is a capacitive touch system. to enable it to work, we need to have a glass screen above this touch panel. Below the screen, there is a complete web or matrix of capacitive elements. The capacitive elements usually are conductive materials prone to carry a charge and hence instructions. The most common elements are carbon, silver, copper, etc. all those capacitive touch screens that carry a projected capacitive touch appear eventually as reliable, durable and they consequently assure brilliant color quality.

Superb Brightness

Brightness is one of the most attractive features that make the 10 inch LCD display famous in the market. These display units can carry a brightness of 750 nits. The nits are the unit of brightness. To understand nits, it is equivalent to the brightness of 1 candela per square meter. To describe the brightness of modern devices such as CRT monitors and LCD display panels the nit unit is famous. Hence, the brightness of the 750 nits eventually is much brighter than its earlier counterparts.

Advantages Of 10 Inch LCD Display Units

As we have discussed that an LCD is a matrix of capacitors and transistors. These elements are thereby in an active state. This situation however is very much different from that of the passive matrix technology. By this, it means that in the latter case, every single pixel must stay in a passive state when there is no circuit. Using this technology in LCD displays, a user gets the following advantages:

Compactness Of the Size of The Pixels

The default size of the pixels in the TFT LCD displays happens to be small and compact in size. The size of these pixels eventually is much smaller than that of the other display units. In this way, the 10 inch LCD display units are more suitable for the devices in modern days which are compact and small. It is because most of the touch screen devices and screens carry 10 inch display units.

Less Power Supply Consumption

In regards to the compact size of the TFT pixels, hence, the amount of power consumption by each pixel eventually remains low. This thereby not only saves the amount of energy but also makes the display units more reliable and durable. The small 10 inch display units carry less power than large screens. The feature, therefore, helps in reducing the carbon footprints along with the reduction of energy consumption.

More Half-Life Than OLEDs

The 10 inch TFT display units carry a longer half-life than other display technologies. By half-life, it means the measurement of time in hours. Half-life depicts the retention of 50% of the brightness of the device when after its use for the first time. For this reason, hence, the half-life of TFT display units is more than that of other technologies as OLEDs. Keeping in mind these features, the 10 inch display LCDs come in various specifications.

10 inch LCD display

Versatile Compatibility

These touch panels as capacitive touch screens are famous in smart devices as mobile phones and iPad etc. The capacitive technology helps in improving the compatibility and functionality of modern smart devices such as zooming and scrolling.

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