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5 Benefits of the 10.4-inch LCD Touch Panel

The benefits of 10.4-inch LCD touch panel

10.4-inch LCD touch panel very common for drivers to encounter blind spots at the two rear corners of the vehicle. At the same time, the A-axis of the windshield is also one of the factors that reduce the driver's visibility, requiring a remedial solution. The mirror screen that connects the car cameras is the optimal solution to that situation.
10.4-inch LCD Touch Panel

With the connection of all kinds of cameras such as 360 camera, forward camera, reverse camera ... The driver will have panoramic images around to improve visibility, drive to ensure safety when participating in traffic. In addition, the 10.4-inch LCD touch panel has many other outstanding benefits such as:

Other outstanding benefits of 10.4-inch LCD touch panel such as

Versatile design, combining rearview mirror, camera, and navigation devices. As a result, blind spots are eliminated.

TFT LCD technology:

Helps the images extracted from the camera to be expressed most sharply and clearly.

Used by Android operating system and touch technology: Making it easier to manipulate and use. At the same time, it allows connecting to Wifi, giving you many interesting experiences on your driving journey.

Simple, elegant design. In addition, the installation is easy.

Screen assembly position: Usually located in the rearview mirror, making it easy for the driver to observe everything around.

The screen has TFT LCD technology to observe the images extracted from the camera

Notes when choosing 10.4-inch LCD touch panel

“Delicious piece of cake” will have many opponents. That means that the market will include many manufacturers and distributors with a variety of models of the 10.4-inch LCD touch panel for cars. Not every unit guarantees the quality of each standard mirror screen, so you need to keep a few things in mind to make your selection more accurate.

Car mirror screen resolution

This is the most important feature of the mirror screen. This feature ensures the driver's observation of everything around him. The screen has a high resolution of course the image quality will be much better, clear, and sharp.  Besides, please note that installing or upgrading memory increases storage capacity.

Car mirror screen size

You can place the mirror screen in many positions. However, usually, the screen will be placed right in the rearview mirror. So, before choosing for yourself a satisfactory mirror screen, please measure the size of the mirror position you want and you will find that this size will be in harmony with your car.

Ease of use

Surrounding observations will be made while driving. It is a very important factor while driving. Therefore, the supporting factor for observation is also focused, more specifically, the operations need to be easy and fast. avoiding the case of the size of the mirror. The size is unsightly to the car.

What causes the 10.4-inch LCD touch panel not to turn on?

Thus, the above article has partly helped you to better understand the 10.4-inch LCD touch panel as well as the notes when choosing the car mirror screen so that it is most suitable and satisfactory. What causes the car screen not to turn on and how to fix the problem? The following article will share information.

Currently, almost all car owners equip their beloved car with a good umbrella screen to be able to satisfy all their needs. However, in the process of using, there are times when we will encounter some small problems, most of which are problems with the car screen not turning on.

What is a car monitor?

Things to know about the problem and how to fix the car 10.4-inch LCD touch panel that won't turn on What causes the car screen not to turn on to best understand and fix common car display problems, you need to understand the following issues in detail. As a device designed specifically for cars, the car screen will have special functions.

Features and advantages of 10.4-inch LCD touch panel

Most car owners now install car screens because of the following advantages:

Expressing class and elegance Each car has its style and class. However, if you do not equip the driver with a specialized screen, compared to other cars, it will lack luxury and class.

  • The picture is not large enough
  • The car screen is white when starting
  • Effective means of entertainment

A navigation map and can be connected to dash cams

Is a screen with integrated directions map and can be connected to dash cams, 360 cameras, etc. to get a very safe route? Not only is the 10.4-inch LCD touch panel just for listening to the radio or connecting to the music speaker, but the car screen now also integrates the Wi-Fi connection and sim slot to be able to connect to the network anytime.

Can call, text

Through the car screen, the driver can control by voice to be able to make simple calls, calls, and messages without affecting the control of the car. The above features show that car screens not only help satisfy entertainment needs but also help drivers have an accurate and safe journey.

Don't miss important notes when using the Android Car Monitor

What are the common car screen errors?

The car screen is a device that optimizes the needs of car users, but sometimes you will encounter some problems that make the car screen not up such as: When starting or starting to use a certain function of the screen, white patches appear
10.4-inch LCD Touch Panel 2021

  • When I start the DVD player, the screen goes black
  • When using DVD, the screen goes black
  • The picture is not large enough
  • Car screen goes black while in use
  • How to fix the car 4-inch LCD touch paneldoes not turn on

You should fix them in the following way

I repeat the screen, check if the jacks are solid or not or there is a copper wire leak problem? If the jacks are tight but the display still won't turn on, remove the monitor and try to connect the cable to the console and the TFL panel, and the display. With this problem, we need to check the whole system to see if there is a short circuit.

Conclusion 10.4-inch LCD touch panel

If you are using it but the screen is black, you need to check if your usage is correct because you may have opened many functions at the same time or pressed too many keys. If so, you should reset the screen by resetting If the above steps have been completed and the 10.4-inch LCD touch panel is still black but the FM functions are still available.

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