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10.1 Inch LCD Panel: Small Screen Marketing is Smart Screen Marketing


Small screen marketing is indeed smart screen marketing! But, what do we mean by small screen marketing? Small screen marketing means mobile marketing. Recent researches and stats have shown that more people use mobile’s and tablets, instead of computers or laptops. Screens up to the 10.1 inch LCD panel are mostly used by people.  This means that more people are likely to encounter advertisements on small screens, like the mobile screen, or screens up to 10.1 inch LCD panel. So what is small screen marketing or mobile marketing?

What is small screen marketing?

As the name suggests, it is marketing your business in a way that appeals to mobile Users or other small screen users (10.1 inch LCD panel). Small screen marketing or mobile marketing allows the businesses to provide their targeted audience with personalized, dine sensitive, location-sensitive information on the small smartphone.

This way the targeted audience receives the right amount of information they need, whenever they need it, even if they are on the go. This is the era of mobile phones. If your company is not doing any mobile marketing or small-screen marketing, then you are way too behind. Starting from 2013 the mobile users have grown a lot even more than computer slash desktop users.

Mobile or small screen marketing includes ads that are displayed on a smartphone, tablets, or other 10.1 inch LCD panel screens. Mobile or small screen marketing has advertisements that have their own unique formats, customization, and styles that are specially designed for small screen display.

These advertisements may differ from each other as there are many different social media platforms, many different websites, and many different mobile applications. All of these have their own unique mobile format, therefore, the ads might differ as well.

Why do you need small screen marketing?

Mobile marketing is very crucial at this time that we are living in. This is the time of the internet. Almost everyone is on the internet. Smartphones and other small 10.1 inch LCD panel screen devices are more common than desktops nowadays.

Almost 60% of the people are always glued to their smartphones or tablets if you go out and look. This concludes how important these small-screen devices are. Therefore, if you are not implementing small screen marketing, then you really are way behind, you are missing out!

Most of the time that people spend on their smartphones or tablets is on applications, including game applications. On tablets like the small 10.1 inch LCD panel screens, more people use search engines and browsers.

As mentioned above, from 2013 the Smartphone searches have increased drastically, and now smartphones and tablets are the highest most used devices. All this tells us that small screen devices are going nowhere! And these small-screen devices should not be ignored. Implementing small-screen marketing is very crucial in today’s world.

Types of small screen marketing

When it comes to small-screen devices like smartphones and tablets or other 10.1 inch LCD panel screen devices, there are many different ways you can do it.

Small screen marketing. this means that there are many different types of small-screen marketing options. If you are interested in knowing them, then we advise you to read them on.

Mobile search ads

These are the ads that are based on your Google searches, these ads are built for small screen marketing.

App-based marketing

This type of small-screen marketing involves mobile applications. As mentioned above, more than 70% of the mobile usage time of small-screen users has been spent on apps. Therefore, it’s only natural that you should want to advertise on these apps.

Advertising on apps does not mean that you have to create an app of your own and then do advertising. You just need to put up your advertisements on a third-party app, that is already there and people already use heavily. There are many services that can help you advertise what you want on third-party mobile apps.

In-game marketing

Have you ever played games? If you have, then you will know that there are some games where you can see small advertisements displayed on the top or bottom of the screen, while you are playing the game. this type of advertisement is in-game advertisements that are very good for marketing. as mentioned above, a lot of the small screen users spend their time on games. therefore, it is only natural that you put up ads on gaming applications that are very popular.

Location-based marketing

This type of marketing style is one where the ads appear on user’s smartphones or tablets, according to their location. This means if the user is in a specific location, then relative to that specific location, the ads will be displayed for him or her.

QR code marketing

If you don’t know what QR codes are, then google it. Basically, the QR codes are meant to be scanned by the users. When the users scan these codes, they are automatically taken to the advertiser’s website or any webpage that was attached to the QR code. QR codes are very mysterious.

This is because the QR code does not display any information about what type of advertisement or web page is attached to it. Therefore, the only way users can know about them is by scanning these codes.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing, as the name suggests, is done through text messages. This type of advertising requires getting the targeted user’s phone number so that the advertiser can send them advertisements and offers through texts.

We hope this article helped you understand the importance of small screen marketing. Now you know why small screen marketing is smart screen marketing. If you are still not using small screen marketing for your business, then you might be left behind by others, so implement in mobile marketing!

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